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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 25: Kisuke Urahara

Kenpachi Chengdui didn’t use The Shinigami’s special means, such as Kidō (Ghost Way), Bakudō (Binding Way), and so on special methods.

    At the moment he stepped into the Soul Society, Qin Yi had already figured out the best method to fight him.

  A classic close sword fight!

    Even if it would hurt both sides!

    he gathered all his energy and strength to his physical strength, his strength reached the peak of his life. During the battle, he could not even feel the pain.

Finally, he won, after a short battle, quick decision, to achieve the goal in mind.

  But on the other hand, the deep pain and the exhaustion of his soul he felt for the moment were unmatched, making him feel dizzy.


    “Kenpachi Chengdui ended like this.”

    “I feel even more curious about that mortal, how does he possess such power?”

    “I need to slice him and study him, Captain!” The

    huge Reiatsu got closer and closer, and the words of the captains were clear to Qin Yi.

    he inserted the blade into the ground, and the blood slowly flowed out of his body. The seal of Kenpachi’s Bankai was still affecting him, preventing him from using his true essence to recover.

“There are many questions with the identity of this man. Arrest him and send him to Seireitei, Central 46.”

   Said Yamamoto, along with the sound of a crutch touching the ground.

Qin Yi stood there, his eyes were blurred, and his spirit was even weaker than before, he was about to pass out.

Nearly 40% of his blood flowed out of his body, his face was pale, his head was dizzy, and he even felt the vitality passing away in his body.

    “Is it over here?”

    Qin Yi tried to open his eyes but found that there was still darkness in front of him.

    “Yuanli, have you seen it?”    

 “I, I avenged you!”

The fuzzy footstep sounds and gets closer and closer. Qin Yi was standing on the ground, motionless as if he had lost consciousness.

“Even if this man is dying, he still standing, he has an indescribable spirit.”

    Kyōraku Shunsui said with a smile

“I feel that such a man could become a great weapon in the future.”

Aizen Sōsuke squinted his eyes and said with a grin.

     “He’s dying.”     Kotetsu Isane said.

    “In Soul Society there is always a way to save him, right?”

Ichimaru Gin smiled.   

The other two captains came forward to capture Qin Yi.

     “What about Kenpachi Chengdui? could we help him?”

     Kyōraku Shunsui glanced at the ground and said.

    “His Reiatsu is still there, and his Zanpakuto is not broken. I will put him together, hehe.”

“I’ve long wanted to study him!”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri smiled, staring greedily at the Kenpachi.

    Among the captains, Kenpachi Chengdui was the craziest and one of the strongest. It is a pleasant surprise for the 12th Division, the Technical Development Team to study such a man.

But at this time, the captains were suddenly stunned.

A dark silhouette passed by at breakneck speed, and then before the two captains responded, the silhouette shouldered Qin Yi’s body, turned around and jumped high, and ran away.

    “The former captain of the eleventh division, Zaraki Kenpachi!”

Kuchiki Byakuya coldly said, recognizing him from hundreds of meters away.

The captains did not speak and no one moved.

    Captain Yamamoto frowned; his crutch fell on the ground.

    “what are you waiting for? Go and catch him.”

    “Is that boy crazy? He is helping an outsider mortal!” The captains moved, but they were delayed, they had no interest in arresting Qin Yi.

    Zaraki rushed, moving quickly along the ways of the Soul Society.

    suddenly, a figure leaped on his shoulder.

    “Zaraki, are you crazy? How dare you save this man!”


    Zaraki said when he recognized her.

    “I don’t care, he saved my life.”

    “He owes me a favor.” Zaraki quickly said.

“Come this way, I know a secret passage to the human world.”

    Yachiru lay on Zaraki’s shoulder, pointing her finger.

    “This boy is going to die soon. The vitality of mortals is fragile.”

“If he died, he would easily become a Shinigami!”

    Yachiru smiled and said again.

    “Maybe, maybe not!”

“Don’t forget, he was fighting Kenpachi Chengdui!”

    Zaraki sighed.

“I’ve never seen such a crazy guy before!”

He was rushing.

    “They are here!”

    The captains were keeping up, chasing them quickly.

    “is it still far away?”

    Zaraki glanced at the Shinigami guys behind him and asked.

    “Immediately, turn left at the crossroad ahead and you can get out.”

    Yachiru said.

Zaraki lowered his head and ran wildly.

After a couple of seconds, he jumped out of the 13th Division Barracks to the outskirts of the wild..

    “It’s there!”

    Yachiru quickly pointed to a garden.

    The latter ran across.


    Soon, the three of them came here, Yachiru supported with both hands, and a dark passage appeared immediately.

    Without any hesitation, Zaraki jumped in.

    Half of an hour later, the two emerged from the human world’s sky.

    “Now, they can’t find us!”

    Compared to the Soul Society, it is not so easy to find a Shinigami in this world.

    “Go to Urahara Kisuke, only that guy can save this kid!”

    Yachiru said.

    Zaraki nodded.

    The two rushed to the place where Urahara Kisuke was. After that Chengdui took his place as Kenpachi, Zaraki also experienced a lot and changed a lot. Being in contact with Urahara Kisuke was one of them.

    A few minutes later, they met with Urahara Kisuke.

“Bring this boy back to life.”

    Zaraki and Yachiru entered the house and said directly, leaving Qin Yi still on the ground.

    Opposite him is Kisuke Urahara, wearing sunglasses, a strange gown, and holding a fan.

    “Yoyo, Captain Zaraki, why are you here today?” said with a chuckle, Urahara Kisuke looked down at the ground.

    When he saw Qin Yi unconscious and bloodstained on the ground, he was shocked.

    “What a domineering power, he is even more powerful than that boy!!”

    “This is a king!!”

At the same time, a guy wearing a Shihakushō and got a Hollow mask came into the side door.

    “Mr. Urahara, your training is too difficult, I can maintain just one for the moment.” As he said, the guy with the Hollow mask saw Qin Yi on the ground, and suddenly his whole body was shaken, and his blood-red eyes shrank suddenly.

At this time, the mask on his face broke up instantly.

    “Qin Yi!!!”