The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 26: I want it all!

    The mask shattered and fell to the ground, It turned into powder and disappeared.

The face under the mask was revealed it is Li Yuanli.

    “my King!”

    He strode forward and came to Qin Yi with panic.

    “Yuanli, do you know him?”

    Urahara Kisuke asked.


    Li Yuanli nodded solemnly, observing Qin Yi’s state at the moment. He was stunned and gloomy.

    “What did he do? How could he be injured like this?” Qin Yi had always been powerful and strong; he had never seen him in such a severely injured appearance.

    Moving his head, Li Yuanli fixed his eyes on Zaraki.

    “He killed Kenpachi Chengdui.”

Zaraki said solemnly.

        All of the guys there were shocked. They naturally knew who Kenpachi Chengdui was, the captain of the 11th division of Gote 13i! his power and craziness are well-known in the entire soul Society, and one of the most powerful captains.

    “Really? Zaraki, are you kidding me?” Urahara Kisuke was stunned.

    If you didn’t meet Changdui personally it’s enough to know that he defeated Zaraki 18 times.

    “I saw it with my own eyes.”

Zaraki glanced at Qin Yi lying on the ground and said in a deep tone.

    “Urahara, he is very strong!” said Zaraki.

     Kisuke Urahara’s expression became serious, and he took a few steps and squatted down in front of Qin Yi to check his injuries.  

   “Mr. Urahara, please be sure to save him!”

     “He, he is my king!”

     The moment he saw Qin Yi, Li Yuanli had already guessed.

When Zaraki finished narrating what’s happened, his heart trembled even more.  

Li Yuanli knows very well that Qin Yi was lying here at the moment because of him.

The message sent before his death, not only did not stop the king but also made him rush into this world regardless of everything.

   The emperor got angry and avenged him with his life!  

   At this moment, Li Yuanli was trembling and tears were twinkling in his eyes.

   Every king is born alone. In this position, they need to think too much, and there are too many to worry about. The more they grow, the lonelier and more indifferent they get, and they rarely entrust their wholeheartedness to other people. Not to mention that a king would avenge his servant after an accident.

     From the moment he sent the message, Li Yuan had already prepared himself to be abandoned, and he did not expect Qin Yi to rush into the world for him.  

   At this moment, Li Yuanli’s heart was shaken, and his sense of identity and belonging to Qin Yi has reached a point that cannot be explained by words.

     “Qin Yi.”    

 “From now on, I, Li Yuanli, will be your eternal Minister!” 

  Li Yuanli’s eyes blurred with tears.

    In his whole life, no one has ever done so for him, Qin Yi is the first!

    Seeing Li Yuanli’s expression, Urahara Kisuke was wondering in his heart but did not ask.

    their acquaintance was a complete coincidence. It happened to find Li Yuanli and he helped him.

    It can be said that Li Yuanli’s greatest ability is to survive, he was too lucky to make it every time.

“Your king’s health is not in good condition”

    After diagnosing for a while, Urahara Kisuke’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“he lost too much blood, ordinary people would have died long ago!”

    “And, look!”

Slowly lifted up Qin Yi’s robes, startling holes appeared in his abdomen, chest, shoulder.

    Kenpachi Zaraki’s pupils shrank, He saw it with his own eyes that Qin Yi got so many wounds, and then killed Kenpachi Chengdui before he passed out.

    “Mr. Urahara, please, save him!”

    Li Yuanli said anxiously.

    “The only way right now is to turn him into a Shinigami just like you!”

    Urahara Kisuke narrowed his eyes and said.


    Li Yuanli was stunned.

    After becoming a Shinigami, strictly speaking, there is no big change, just with the separation of spirit and body, he can easily do many things that he could not do before, and he can even get a Zanpakuto and even a Hollow Mask to improve the combat effectiveness in a short time.

However, this is the only way to keep him alive.

Sure, he has to separate his soul from his body.

    He has no choice!

“Can’t the body of the king be cured?”

Li Yuanli was still hesitating. He felt that it was good for his king to stay in his body.

    “It can be treated, but he has to survive first.”

    “his mortal body cannot maintain much vitality. When the body dies, his soul will also die, but he will really die!”

    Urahara Kisuke said quickly.

    “Ok do it, Transform him into a Shinigami!”

    Li Yuanli hesitated, gritted his teeth, and decided.

    No matter what, the most important thing is to survive first.

“Well, I will draw out his soul first.”

    Urahara said.

    When he moved his hand, he was about to penetrate Qin Yi’s body.

    But at this moment, Qin Yi, who had been lying on the ground with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were sharp and bloodthirsty.

    “I, I can rescue it!”


    Everyone present was shocked, and Li Yuanli was overjoyed.


    Urahara reacted quickly: “your body is about to die, your soul has is about to turn Hollow! “


Qin Yi’s eyes are cold, and his pupils were now crimson. there are white bones around him and gradually covering his soul body.

    His soul was transforming into a Hollow!

    “Then complete the process of turning me a Shinigami!”

    “No! This is too dangerous! If you can’t become a Shinigami, you will become a madly devouring Hollow!”

“What’s more, if you turn into a Hollow, you must be the strongest Hollow!”

    “you might be dangerous!”

    Urahara Kisuke said.

    He could see clearly with his eyes that the bones of this man with strong aura became heavier and heavier, and the vague feeling became deeper and deeper.

    This guy is about to lose control.

    But even so, Qin Yi was still cold-eyed and extremely strong.

    “Tell me the way to transform into a Shinigami!”

    “Whether it is the power of Hollow or the power of Shinigami.”

“I want it all!”