The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 27: Hades


    Urahara Kisuke was shocked.

    “You are crazy!”

    “Since you can Hollowficate me later, can’t you let the soul body complete the fusion of a Shinigami and a Hollow from the beginning?”

“I want this powerful state to become permanent!”

Qin Yi’s eyes are red. At the moment, it felt like was a real Hollow!

    Pieces of white bony armor began to cover Qin Yi’s body, first his feet, arms, then his abdomen, and chest. By this time, his chin had turned white.

    At first glance, he was like a skeleton, It was terrifying.

    However, Kisuke Urahara was stunned. After hearing Qin Yi’s words, his mind was on fire.

“What you said is not impossible!”

    “However, the risk to take is too great!”

    “If you can’t make it right, you will die!”

    Qin Yi opened his mouth, and the Hollow mask mouth opened and closed.


Li Yuanli’s pupils shrank. Seeing Qin Yi’s head, his eyes were already hollow’s eyes. He shouted anxiously: “quick, listen to the king!”

    Urahara Kisuke was no longer hesitated, pulled out his Zanpakuto, with sharp eyes, stabbed him out.

    “Good luck!”


    The blade was directly inserted into Qin Yi’s chest, piercing through his physical body and soul body together.

    Immediately afterward, he didn’t hesitate at all. He picked up Qin Yi’s body and ran towards the Study Chamber underneath his shop.

    “You guys come with me!”

    Qin Yi, who was stabbed by the Zanpakuto, began to permeate his body with a red-black luster at this moment; his consciousness seemed to have faded away at this moment.

After a short time, all of them have jumped down to the Study Chamber with Urahara.

    He moved quickly, placed Qin Yi on the ground, and then quickly backed away.  

   Urahara Kisuke quickly set up the formation, made Li Yuanli, Zaraki, and Yachiru participate. The four people worked together to set up a quadrangular pyramid enchantment, covering Qin Yi.

” what will happen next, I don’t know, simply we have to be careful!”

He finished quickly and then stared at Li Yuanli.

     “Your king’s aura is stronger than yours. If he becomes a Hollow, we have big trouble!”

    Li Yuanli was stunned.

“Perhaps He will be the first Vasto Lorde!”

     Urahara Kisuke solemnly said.

    “Vasto Lorde?”

Li Yuanli was puzzled, and even Zaraki and Yachiru were looking over.

    “Hollows are divided into three categories, the lower-level Hollow Gillian, the Intermediate Great Hollow Adjuchas. They are all in the harsh environment of the Hueco Mundo, by swallowing each other, and finally, slowly It grew up.”   

  “But at the top of these three types of Hollow, there is a legend, the Vasto Lorde!”     Urahara Kisuke said in a deep tone, he seemed a little nervous when he talked about the existence of this kind of guy.

   ” Vasto Lorde?”     Zaraki asked in confusion.

“Good! According to legend, all the abilities of Hollow itself are derived from Vasto Lorde. Therefore, if you have fought against them, you will know a skill called Gran Rey Cero”

    “Hueco Mundo already had a king, but what your king will become will be more terrifying!”

    Urahara Kisuke said, and sweat has been exuded from his forehead.

    The four people have already felt a vaguer and more terrifying aura. They were very familiar with this kind of aura, it is Hollow!

    “My King!”

    Li Yuanli’s voice trembled.

If Qin Yi becomes Vasto Lorde, loses consciousness, and becomes a corrupt spirit living on killing each other and devouring souls, then how can he explain to the people of Qin State. such huge guilt to bear!

“What should we do now?”

    Yachiru asked.

    “We have to wait!”

    Urahara Kisuke said in a deep tone.

    The four fell silent, struggling to keep the barrier up.

thirty minutes later, their eyes were frozen, and the sweat on their cheeks flowed down their chins, and they fell into anxiety. Because at this moment, they saw that Qin Yi’s whole body was covered by the white bones.

He stood there quietly, without any action, but the aura of unknown emanating from his whole body made anyone fall into fear.

Hollow! that was a huge Vasto Lorde aura!

    At this moment, Qin Yi seemed to have become a Hollow.

    He stood there without any change in his body shape. He was still in the shape of a human being, except that the surface of his body was covered with a layer of bone armor, and his face was covered with a hideous skull mask. his hands and feet became bone claws, and a long slender bone tail sticks out behind him. Upon the whole bone armor, there were continuous, disordered, weird crimson lines.

    Around him was an aura of a black and red power rippling.


    Suddenly, Qin Yi moved. He opened his mouth slightly, roaring, and the void in front of him distorted, and the quadrangular pyramidal barrier was shaking crazily at this moment.

    “The power of this guy is terrifying!”

    Yachiru shouted.

    The other three were all nervous and sweaty.

    The four people were understanding that after the death of a human being, he will be more powerful than before, alive. if Qin Yi cut off Kenpachi Chengdui to death, how terrifying would he be if he became a hollow?


    Li Yuanli murmured.

    In the enchantment, Qin Yi just growled, and then made no more moves.

    He seemed to be immersed in his inner world and stayed there temporarily.

    The slender tailbone violently flicked, and immediately a cut mark appeared on the ground.

    After a while, Qin Yi’s whole body suddenly shook, and the bones rubbed against each other, making a creaking sound, the four of them were shocked.

    “He’s awake!”

    Urahara Kisuke shouted.

    Then, they saw Qin Yi slowly raised his right hand in the field and slowly shook it.

    “Om!” In the void, a white light bloomed, and his whole body was wrapped in black and red light. A long, slender, twisted sword appeared.

    “That is a Zanpakuto!”

    Li Yuanli shouted.

    The four of them were shocked. At this moment, Qin Yi’s hand appeared with his own Zanpakuto.

    However, he is clearly a Hollow body!

    “That sword!”

    “it’s vague!”

    Urahara Kisuke said.

The white blade has black and red edges. The three colors match to make it look simple but elegant. The handle is even simpler, It is composed of bones and chains, it looks primitive.

    The billowing, strange aura swept outwards, and the airwaves were rippling.

    Suddenly, Qin Yi grasped the Zanpakuto.

Then he opened his mouth and called out the name of the Zanpkuto.


This Zanpakuto is called Hades! the king of the underworld, the king of hell, is the symbol of power, the throne!

    After that, Qin Yi suddenly roared to the sky.

    The metallic voice was deafening and hissing ceaselessly. The four-person enchantment collapsed at this moment, and the billowing waves rolled them out.

    “What a horrible Aura!!”

    ” get ready for battle!!”

    Urahara yelled.

In the field, Qin Yi’s whole body has been surrounded by black and red light. The incomparably majestic Reiatsu and Hollow aura swept around, making the ground tremble, sink, and crack continue to extend around.

What shocked them was that the black and red lines began to twist quickly around Qin Yi.

With the winding of this line, an extremely high-end, domineering, but weird robe was woven

With the whirlwind, Qin Yi, dressed in a strange black and red robe, appeared in front of the four.

The robe is black and red. It is made up of weird lines. Under the cuffs and skirts, there is a ferocious dragon roaring. At the chest, there was a wicked devil with a golden crown on his head and a big mouth, the devil and the dragon were facing each other they seemed like they are fighting.

    Qin Yi took a step, his bones and feet were on the ground, creaking, the unknown and powerful aura swelled again, rolling the surrounding air.

    With a swing of the Zanpakuto in his hand, the void was split.

  the wall of the underground Study Chamber was directly cut open, revealing an extremely deep gap.

    “He, is he a Hollow or a Shinigami?”

    Zaraki asked in horror.

If he was a Hollow, there won’t be a Shihakushō and Zanpakutō. Although Qin Yi’s Shihakushō and soul Zanpakutō were very unique, and even completely different from the regular Shinigami, they do have the atmosphere of the Shinigami.

    “I don’t know.”

    Urahara Kisuke shook his head solemnly while clenching his Zanpakuto.

At this moment, the contradiction between Shinigami’s huge Reiatsu and the inner Hollow appeared in Qin Yi’s body.

If you have to say, it is Qin Yi’s state at the moment, very close to the state of the Hollow mask, but more balanced than the mask. being in the Hollow state is a highly unstable transformation causing mindlessness and aggression. It is totally different from Qin Yi’s state.

    “He is like the king of the Underworld!” Yachiru murmured.

    At this moment, Qin Yi, holding the Zanpakuto, He was really like the king of the underworld.

    The terrifying Reiatsu and the vague Hollow aura were enough to make any Shinigami or Hollow shudder.

    Suddenly, a crack voice sounded.

    The four of them looked up and saw the mask on Qin Yi’s face shattered.

    Immediately afterward, the entire mask was torn apart.

    “It seems.”

    “I succeeded!”

“Through hell, to heaven!”