The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 31: Hyōrinmaru

    In the sky, Kenpachi Chengdui stood still in the air, looking down the entire world below.

    he could not detect the aura of the target at all. This is also the biggest difference between this world and the Soul Society. Here, the Shinigami can hide in the Gigai, cover up his Reiatsu, and want to find someone is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

    “nothing but humans.” At this point, Chengdui’s face became grim.

    Unbelievable! he was more powerful he is a king of a world of seven levels of Starlight. Qin Yi was just from a level 5 Starlight civilization, the top of his world was just Starlight level 6, and he was overturned in the gutter and was defeated!

Anger, agony, shame, made Chengdui suffocated to the extreme.

    Therefore, he would lead the Reapers to this world just after he got fixed, to kill that guy and prove his strength.

    “This time, I will not underestimate you!”

    ” will exert all my strength and kill you!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui roared, Reiatsu spread to the surrounding.

    “spread out, find those guys!” After a couple of seconds, he coldly shouted.

    Suddenly, the Shinigamis beside him were awe-inspiring, their bodies flashed, and they flew out immediately.

    Kenpachi Chengdui’s eyes were fierce, and he glanced around. After a few glances, he grinned again, as if nervous.

    “However, thanks to you!”

    “Let me finally break the damn boundary!”

    “Next time, your fate will be even worse!”

    After that, the face of Kenpachi Chengdui was covered with a hideous Hollow mask in a cracking sound.

    Of course, at the moment, Qin Yi has entered Hueco Mundo.

    The crescent moon was like a hook, and gusts of sand were scattering under the night sky.    

This is a barren land; an endless empty desert, no life, no plant can be seen, such a dull atmosphere and an awe-inspiring aura, everything seemed so lonely and cold.

    Hueco Mundo at night seemed even more gloomy. At this moment, a figure was walking slowly, he didn’t show reaction for the harsh climate here.     

     Qin Yi has been here for three days.

     Contrary to what he thought, he hadn’t seen even a Gillian for the time being, let alone a Vasto Lorde.

     “It seems that it is not easy to test the power of this Zanpakuto!”     Qin Yi seemed helpless, he said softly.

    He didn’t fully understand the power of Hades. Only in his inner world, he fought Hades, he finally won, took possession of it.

     Qin Yi’s power and abilities were very vague.

    clairsentience, breaking the boundaries, and ensuring the immortality of the physical body, these are the additional abilities of Hades, besides, that Zanpakuto may possess the same level of power as Hogyoku.

But he knew nothing about how to use it and what it was like to use it.

    “So, where the hell are Hollows?”

    Qin Yi sighed.

    he didn’t want to wave his Zanpakuto without an aim like an idiot, some prestige for the king.

    Speaking of which, the birth of the King of Hell(Hades) in his hand was even made by The Mortals-slayer as a medium, which also caused Qin Yi to lose the spirit sword refined in the immortal sword.

Continued to walk forward, in this boundless desert, Qin Yi was calm.

    Another night passed, on the second day, Qin Yi had already walked into the Forest of Menos.

Rows of tall stones stand in the desert, straight into the sky, like a forest of stones, forming a beautiful landscape.

    When he strode to the center of the stone forest, Qin Yi stopped, he grinned, and his blood-red eyes flashed with light.

    “Finally, shall we?”

    Lifting his head, Qin Yi saw the scene in front of him.

One by one huge Gillian-class Menos, with more than 100 meters high, entirely black body and a white bony face with a long white nose.

These huge Hollows rushed at the same time, when they found the tiny Qin Yi in the stone forest, they seemed to be a little excited.



    Striding forward, rushing towards Qin Yi.

    “Very well, Hades test has begun!”

    A gloomy light appeared in his blood-red eyes, Qin Yi pulled out the Zanpakuto from his waist.

At this moment, the black and red colors twined around him, and the Zanpakuto began to hum and roar.

    There were really a lot of Hollows before him.

    “Come on!”

    Qin Yi strode forward, moving faster and faster, and finally ran, the billowing aura on his body became more majestic, and he pointed his Zanpakuto diagonally at the desert ground.

    “Kill!” After a brief, he has reached the front of the Hollows.

    he suddenly lifted his Zanpakuto, black and red light entangled, a black light ball fluctuated and appeared trembling on the blade tip.

    “Deep wave!” With a sudden leap, Qin Yi flickered a full 100 meters high and came to the first hollow, with the tip of the blade stabbed out.


    The black light ball rioted, then bloomed, and hit Hollow’s face fiercely, followed by endless black and red lines, which pierced his body in an instant, making his whole body stiff, and followed, It quickly penetrated towards the back.

    “Puff puff puff!” the ball hit them one after another, and all the fifteen moving forward suddenly froze and were all chained by the black and red lines.



    Under Qin Yi’s grin, they burst into powder.

“Good power!”

He quickly stomped in the air, a cyclone burst out, the Zanpakuto radiated black and red light, Qin Yi’s speed increased sharply.

    Almost less than a Millisecond, he has already reached the other Hollow face.


    He held the Zanpakuto high and waved down from the top of the Hollow’s head.


    As if cutting paper, the two-hundred-meter-high Hollow was divided into two halves from head to foot, and finally disappeared in front of Qin Yi with a bang.

    “Then, Hades, let’s try this!”

    Landing in the desert, Qin Yi waved the Zanpakuto and pointed the tip of the blade forward.

    His eyes were blood-red, and a weird smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as if was sure.

    ” Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens! Hyōrinmaru!”

     The terrifying icy aura instantly rose from his back and rushed forward overwhelmingly.