The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 32: Sword Control

    Pieces of ice crystals quickly condensed in the air, and an ice dragon emerged from the void and surrounded Qin Yi’s body.

    At this moment, it was the power of Hyōrinmaru Shikai, fully blooming.

    Hades: sword control!

    This special ability can enable him to master most of the abilities of any Zanpakuto. Sword Control is the skill of his sword, and it can perfectly suppress other Zanpakuto.


   The chilling air suddenly burst out, condensing into ice blue lines around Qin Yi’s body, sprinting.

    Qin Yi raised his sword and waved it out.

The ice dragon roared and wandered quickly, driving bursts of cold air, blowing forward.

    “Puff puff puff!” In the blink of an eye, the Hollows ahead were frozen into huge ice sculptures, and then, they turned into shreds.

    Qin Yi strode forward, swinging his Zanpakuti again and again, and the cold air froze the surrounding area.

    ” Guncho Tsurara’ Icicles Birds’!”

    ” Hyōryū Senbi! “Ice Dragon Tail” “

    ” Shinkū no Kōri no Yaiba “Blade of Ice”!”

    He tried many abilities belong to Hyōrinmaru, waving his Hades excitedly, it’s destructive power as strong as the original.

    “Bang bang bang bang!” One after another tremor sounded, and the Gillians began quickly to disintegrate, disappearing one by one.

After walking out of a hundred meters, Qin Yi’s hands trembled, he grinned, and his blood-red pupil flashed again.

    “Next, yes.” He showed a wide mocking smile.

    ” Ikorose “Shoot to kill”, Shinsō!”

    Hades hummed and trembled. At the next moment, it expanded out violently. In an instant, it reached a hundred meters long, It directly pierced the first Hollow in front of it, and five other Gillians pierced.

    “Very good!”     Qin Yi smirked, and Hades retracted.

     ” Scatter, Senbonzakura!” The pink petals whirled and hovered, forming a pink storm and pounced forward. at once, the Gillians were swept away, Crush into powder.

     After striding out a hundred steps, Qin Yi smiled.   

There was something we need to try since we are trying these things.

     ” Getsuga Tenshō!”     This time, Hades began to tremble violently.

Qin Yi’s blood-red eyes flickered, and he realized that it was because his Reiatsu was still low, not enough to bear the ability to use Hades: sword control so many times.  

   “So, that’s the limit?”     Qin Yi muttered; his blood-red eyes suddenly flashed.


     “Om!” The air was blowing, and suddenly Qin Yi’s Reiatsu soared up, and the black light with red outline continued entangling and dancing. At the moment when he reached the limit, Hades played a role, helping him to break through this limit.

   white Hollow bones covered his jaw, then quickly wrapped half of his face, making him look a bit hideous and terrifying at this moment.

  With a faint smile, Qin Yi waved Hades.  

   The white light flashed suddenly, quickly forming a crescent shape in front of him.

    ” Getsuga Tenshō!”

 With a roar, Qin Yi suddenly waved his Zanpakuto.

    “Huh!” The

    crescent-shaped white slash flew forward, then broke through the Hollows.

    Suddenly, the sky was bright, and the white light covered everything around him, swallowing the remaining Hollows.


    After a while, the light slowly dimmed, and circles of wind and waves swept in all directions, shaking the desert into layers of ripples.

    When everything settled down gone, there were no more Hollows in front of Qin Yi.

    All the Hollows were wiped out after he tried the Zanpakuto for a while.

    His aura slowly calmed down. After Qin Yi took three steps, the white bones covering his face were also shattered.

    Looking forward with blood-red eyes, there was still a desert with no end in sight, looking quiet and dismal. But at this moment, Qin Yi showed a strange smile.

    “How powerful am I?”

    He suddenly asked, he really didn’t know how strong he was.

    Hades is too strong. The integration of body and soul had transformed all the powers in his body. Shinigami’s Reiatsu, Hollow’s ambiguity, and the Starlight power were all condensed into strange energy. This made it a mystery of how powerful he is!

    Slowly raising his head, Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked ahead.

    “How many times can this Zanpakuto take me beyond my limit?”

    In terms of his power before becoming a Shinigami, he was equivalent to the captain level who was able to make a Shikai. But at this moment, as Hades, he was already at a captain level.

    However, after he knew that Hades would push him and break his limits, he didn’t know his level.

    “Every time I reach the limit, I can quickly break the limit and see the broader sky and power.”

    Qin Yi’s blood-red eyes flashed, he was shocked and excited by the ability of the Zanpakuto.

    It’s like a Super Saiyan who encounters life or death situations and enhanced. well, Hades is simpler and easier. It can push him when reaching the limit to a higher level and reach the limit and so on.

    “At the same time, what I have to bear is.” After a pause, the blood-red in Qin Yi’s eyes became darker.

“The madness and brutality that is more and more irresistible!”

Humans are animals by nature. Qin Yi did not know whether there is animality in his genes as a king. But they all possess the instincts of animals, survive, dominate!

    With Hades becomes stronger and more brutal, Qin Yi’s self-consciousness will fade away. In the end, he will even be swallowed by this wildness and become a ferocious monster, only fighting and swallowing!

    The accident that this Zanpakuto got was born to match his identity and possessed extremely powerful abilities. But at the same time, it’s dangerous.

    Even Qin Yi needs to be cautious.

    Entering Hueco Mundo this time was not only to test the sword but also to let him know how far he could master this Zanpakuto.

    Stepping forward, Qin Yi quickly walked in the desert and walked deeper.

    The purpose of his coming here is naturally not to wander around the low-level Hollows, but in Las Noches, the highest-level Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde!