The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 33: Grimmjow

Three days later, Qin Yi crossed the desert, his blood-red eyes flashed, and he could see the huge palace from a distance.

Las Noches Palace, he is not far from Las Noches .

Along the way, he crossed countless Gillians, which made him know more about his own strength and his Zanpakuto.

Even after walking here, he came up with a crazy idea.

“Control the entire Hueco Mundo!”

“Let this be hell in my Divine Kingdom!”

compared to the Soul Society, the dead soul can maintain consciousness and can also reincarnate, Hueco Mundo was much simpler. But it, to be precise, can also be regarded as an inseparable part of the entire circle of the Divine Kingdom !

“With my ability at the moment!”

“I could kill Barragan.” His  eyes flashed, Qin Yi grinned, and his eyes flashed with killing intent.

Killing Barragan at this moment, or conquering him, and this vast world will belong to him.

Qin Yi walked quickly.

The destination seemed close, and to him, success seemed to be within reach..

The sky was white, wind was blowing, and sand covered the surface, but Qin Yi didn’t even blink.

Las Noches looked close, but it was still far away.

Three kilometers later, Qin Yi’s suddenly stopped, his blood-red eyes narrowed, and he grinned.

“Come out, I can smell your stinky body from here.”

Qin Yi shouted with a sneer.

“You have some skill to find me, Shinigami!”

With the rustle of trampling on the sand, he said.

“Originally intended to ignore you, but unexpectedly, you have the courage to come out.”

Qin Yi turned around, his blood-red pupils condensed, and he released an extremely fierce aura.

“It’s a big tone, but Shinigami, you’re going to die under my claws soon!” 

What caught Qin Yi’s eyes was an extremely strong Panther-like with tight muscles all over, with very aggressive claws. scars on the face.


Qin Yi narrowed his eyes and grinned. 

He noticed that someone was nearby, but he didn’t know his identity. He was surprised when he saw it at this moment, but his body started raging at this moment. 

He didn’t know if it was because after he evolved into the body of Hades, the wild nature in his body began to release, making him more combative. 

“I didn’t expect that there would be prey like you in Hueco Mundo. It must be delicious!”

Grimmjow was still not an Arrancar at this moment, his body is in the shape of a Panther, and his level is between Gillian and Adjuchas.

“You are such a funny, unruly fellow, it should be fun to make my subordinate!”

Qin Yi grinned and slowly pulled out Hades from his waist. The black and red light all over his body began to flash, and the two-color lines quickly entangled, exuding extremely ominous aura.

“you’re dreaming!” Grimmjow’s eyes were cold, he rushed over Qin Yi.

His body was vigorous, and his speed was magnificent, and he has become a light in the blink of an eye. 


Grimmjow opened his mouth and roared as a Panther.

But Qin Yi just grinned, his blood-red eyes was radiating.

“Deep Wave!” The black light with red outline quickly condensed, and then became a black ball, rushing straight to Grimmjow.

The latter’s pupils shrank, and he quickly dodged the black ball’s attack.

However, when the black ball brushed his ears, it shot out black and red silk threaded in an instant, piercing both of his ears in an instant.


Grimmjow was shocked, followed by the cold wind swishing, his two ears exploded in a flash, blowing his whole body directly into the desert. Thirty meters, aroused all the dust and stopped.

“with your current power, you can’t fight me Grimmjow!”

Grimmjow looked up and saw Qin Yi’s blood-red eyes, making him trembled.

“Hollow aura!”

” are you also a Hollow too?!”

Grimmjow was extremely frightened.

He has never seen a Hollow with a human form. How can this be?


Qin Yi grinned and looked down.

“I hope you call me King of Hell!”

Qin Yi slowly raised his hand, the black light with red outline condensed between his fingers, and quickly turned into a ball.


Grimmjow’s eyes widened, he quickly stood up on the desert.


Almost instantaneously, Cero burst into light and came to his eyes.


Reflexively, Grimmjow opened his mouth and spit out Cero from it, colliding with Qin Yi’s Cero.

“Boom!” a black explosion shot out, and Grimmjow’s body flew far away again.

“Too, too strong!”

Lying in the desert, Grimmjow was shocked.

He had never seen such a powerful opponent, even the guy he couldn’t defeat, was incomparable with that enemy in front of him.

“Our gap is too big, Grimmjow!”

“Provoking me? You probably don’t know that you are provoking the king of this world!” 

“Who are you?”

Grimmjow asked, gritted teeth and turned over, staring at Qin Yi.

“Who am I?”

“Call me Hades!”

Qin Yi said, he waved his Zanpakuto and hit Grimjoo on the neck.

The latter trembled all over, then calmed down.

” I am defeated. Kill me.”

Grimmjow closed his eyes and waited for death.

“It’s not an exaggeration to kill you a thousand times because you dare to offend me.”

“But your clumsy performance made me somewhat satisfied.”

Qin Yi said, and his Zanpakuto trembled slightly. A blood stain was cut on Grimmjow’s neck.

“Surrender to me and be my soldier!”

“I can spare your life and let you break the boundaries between Shinigami and hollows and become a supreme existence!” 

The faint words made Grimmjow tremble and looked at him in shock. .

In Hueco Mundo, we talk about the rules of wild animals, the strong eat the weak, there is no sympathy, let alone forgiveness. Qin Yi’s behavior surprised him. What’s more, the man in front of him even said he could help him break his boundaries.

is it possible?

Slowly stood up, Grimmjow took a deep breath and looked at Qin Yi.

“Become your soldier?”

“well I lost to you, I can follow your orders!”

“But, you said you can help me break the boundaries?”

Qin Yi’s blood-red eyes were sharp.

“I can make you a complete Adjuchas, and let you get the destiny to embark on the road of Vasto Lorde!

Grimmjow’s pupils contracted.

“no need to thank me.”

“I just want to gather an army!”

Then Hades in Qin Yi’s hand released a black-red light and quickly wrapped Grimmjow in it.