The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 44: Live A Little


The other two nodded.

    On the way, they are also accumulating their energy, gathering their strength, and waiting to release it in one fell swoop when they meet the king.

    However, at this moment, the moment when their voice just fell.

“Swishwww!”  figures suddenly flashed out, forming a triangle.

    “they find us!!”

    Alodalia stopped immediately, and the other two quickly contracted their formation. The three of them back to back, forming a triangle formation, alert.

    “Are these three guys the ones who broke into Hueco Mundo secretly? They don’t look strong!”

    Grimmjow tilted his neck and grinned.

    “our order to capture them alive, you can beat, injure, but you can’t kill!”

    Ulquiorra said coldly.

“Oh, dear, Grimmjow, I don’t quite agree with you. These three guys have terrible strength.”

Coyote Starrk smiled and stared at the three curiously.

    The three guys looked at the guys in front of them with grave eyes, although their bodies were human bodies, each of them had strange holes in some parts of their bodies. They looked very strange. Their auras were strong and unknown, and they were not human at all.

    “let’s finish them.”

    Sunbuck said solemnly.

    The other two nodded, their eyes were sharp.

    they came to another world, they were expecting to be found, they were prepared to deal with it and believed that their own power can solve everything!

    In the next second, the three of them took up their weapons and started to move.

“Ouch, they have balls.”

   “How dare you attack me? Let’s show you how good I am!” 

   Grimmjow was grinning loudly, His figure flickered and disappeared.

Coyote and Ulquiorra also moved at this moment. They were like the wind, instantly, they had appeared before the three of Utopia.

    “So fast!”     Gorosen’s eyes were frozen and his heart throbbed.    

he pulled the handle of the sword behind his back, then pulled it out and waved it forward!

At the same time, after him, Sunbuck pulled his sword and hit forward. Alodalia was saying something. A purple-black light ball appeared on the wand, with lightning-like light flashing.

“Boom!” The three men attacked at almost the same time.

     “Yo ho!! Blocked!”

” Hahahaha, it’s great!”

Grimmjow’s blocked Gorosen’s sword with his bare hand, his expression was extremely crazy, the blade of the sword was cracking between his fingers.

“What a mighty power!”     

Gorosen’s heart was shocked, and the sword was shaking violently.

     After a couple of seconds, he felt that his strength could not resist the opponent, and with a roar, a purple light burst out from his body.

     “the Berserker Rage!!”

the words resounded like thunder, and Gorosen’s sword was rotating, was like the Judgement of Garen in League of Legends, covering 360 degrees around his body.

Grimmjow grinned grimly, and he stretched his hand hard against the big sword that was spinning so fast.

    “Sting!” A series of sparks burst out.

    After that, Grimmjow’s hand injured by the rotating great sword, he retreated, moving around and out of the attack range.

“Haha, it’s a good ability!”

“You make me excited, outsiders!”

    Grimmjow licked the wound on his arm, the cruel bloodthirsty color in his eyes was not concealed.

    Gorosen squinted, then held his sword in both hands, blocking his front, maintained the stance of defense, and roared: “come on!”

    Behind him, Coyote was already brandishing his Zanpakuto against Sunbuck.

    However, his battle is obviously different from Grimmjow’s, his Zanpakuto has already cut three times on Sunbuck’s body in a short time.

    “Although you are very strong, outsiders, you are still some distance away from us who broke the boundaries!”

Coyote said with a smile.

    “Dare to come to Hueco Mundo, you are so brave!”

    “You know, this world is now under the king’s command, right?!” As he said, he swung out his Zanpakuto, with a clang. Sunbuck stepped back, completely unable to match the opponent’s strength.

    “it’s unexpected power! and this is just the strength of a soldier!!”

    Sunbuck held his sword with one hand, feeling the power flowing in his body, he exhaled.

    The initial contact made him realize what Paul meant by the difficulty.

    And at this moment, Chengdui’s order was very clear, try to do it and if they can do it, it is for the best, if not, the country will few pieces.

    This is the king! The ruthless king!

All beings are chess pieces and can be abandoned. However, their different roles determine the time they are abandoned and the degree of King’s hesitation.

But it doesn’t matter!

They are willing to sacrifice, willing to be their pawns.

    “we’ve seen the vastness and the spirit of the world, and witness the prosperity of Utopia!”

    “We die without regrets; we die for Utopia!!”

    Sunbuck’s eyes were extremely bright, and he roared out.

    At this moment, the purple energy burst out from his sword.

    On the other side, Alodalia’s lifted her wand and pointed it to Ulquiorra, who was walking slowly towards her, expressionless.

    “Sandara Wakashi!”

    This is a forbidden curse of the Destruction Lore. It targets being lifespans. It can make the enemy grow old and decline in life in a flash.

    The purple-black ball of light revolved, bursting with extremely fast light, and it hit Ulquiorra in one fell swoop.


    Ulquiorra looked at his chest where he had been hit, only gave a slight pause, and then stared at Alodalia again.

“How could that be?”

    “No effect!!”

    Alodalia looked at Ulquiorra with shocked eyes.

    This spell is one of her most insidious and powerful forbidden spells. How could it not affect him?


    Just as she was shocked, a black light suddenly appeared in front of her, making her raise her head immediately.

    Cero Oscuras!


    Almost instantly, black energy fascinated her eyes, hitting her right chest, and directly penetrated it.

    The black energy, after penetrating her body, continued unabated, and hit the desert behind, exploding a hundred meters of flame.


    Alodalia looked down at the hole in her chest, and was extremely shocked, then fell softly to the ground.

    ” the boss wants them alive, Ulquiorra.”

    “You are always so cruel, so simple.”

“Can’t you enjoy fighting as I do? live a little man!”

    Said Grimmjow, after colliding with Gorosen playfully, lightning burst out, and he was unleashing his power gradually.

    With sweat on his forehead, Gorosen’s face became extremely livid.

    “she won’t die, but you, please hurry up, Grimmjow.”

    “Otherwise, I don’t mind doing it.”

    Ulquiorra said lightly.

Grimmjow sneered, then sneered.

    “My prey doesn’t like being snatched away by others!”

    After speaking, he pulled out his Zanpakuto and shouted.

    “Grind, Pantera!!”