The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 43: For Utopia!

    Paul squinted his eyes: “From my glimpse of the world, this matter is not that easy!

    “The entire Hueco Mundo has been ruled by that king! “

“There are many masters under him. Even if you send a group of three people to go there, it will be dangerous.”

Kenpachi Chengdui squinted his eyes slightly when he heard such words, and he said.

    “is that matter? I like to give it a try! This great kingdom is the result of my crazy experiments again and again! “

    ” And! It’s your honor to die for the Utopia, isn’t it? “

    His tone was cold, showing a ruthlessness and indifference to his subordinates’ lives.

    “It is our mission to dedicate ourselves to our king and Utopia!” “

    What’s even stranger is that all of them all bend down slightly at this moment, and said in a serious tone.

    “Very good! “

    Kenpachi Chengdui nodded in satisfaction, and his eyes showed fierce expression. ” Gorosen, Alodalia, Sunbuck, the three of you go to Hueco Mundo!”

“Kill him, and if you can’t!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui licked his lips, showing a smirk.

    ” Just die there!”

   “Roger! “

The three immediately bent and said in unison.

“I believe in you, but this time the enemy is extraordinary, so I am ready to lose you.”

        Kenpachi Chengdui said one last sentence.

    Then, he waved his hand.


    Among the three, one carried a huge two-handed sword behind his back, one carried a sword around his waist, and one wore a star robe with a short staff hidden in his sleeve, which seemed to be something like a magic wand.

After that Kenpachi Chengdui tore open a crack leading to Hueco Mundo, the three of them stepped in without hesitation.

    “Paul, go home and prepare for war!”   

  “When I discuss the procedures Aizen, we will implement the annexation plan!”   

  His eyes squinted, and he smirked. Kenpachi Chengdui said to Paul again.   

  The latter nodded, with excitement in his eyes. Every time an action is taken against another world, it will be a huge domestic leap. Although every sacrifice is huge, it is nothing compared with the harvest to be obtained.

“The rest of you, follow me to Soul Society, and get acquainted with everything in this world as soon as possible!”   

  Kenpachi Chengdui’s voice was cold, and he went to Soul Society again.

    At the same time, in Las Noches.    

 Qin Yi propped his chin with his right hand and was thinking.

Thinking of facing Soul Society, whether he will ask a part of his domestic military force to come over? At the moment, the combat effectiveness of the state of Qin is not weak. But fighting Soul Society, only relying on the power of Hueco Mundo Arrancars, still seems insufficient.  

   If we want to take the entire world in one fell swoop, we must use the kingdom forces.

    At this moment, Qin Yi’s bloody eyes suddenly flashed.


“An outsider has entered Hueco Mundo!”

      “Such power is different from Shinigami.”

    “It’s that bitch named Chengdui!”

    His eyes changed sharply, and after a wave of his right hand, a silhouette appeared in front of him.

    “My lord.” Ulquiorra appeared instantly, standing straight

    ” some outsiders had entered Hueco Mundo, take some Arrancars, and find them.”

    Qin Yi said lightly.

    “Keep them alive, I want to ask them something!”

    Ulquiorra’s expression didn’t fluctuate, and after a slight nod, he stepped back and disappeared.

In Hueco Mundo desert, Gorosen, Alodalia, Sunbuck have just emerged. They scanned the left and right and when they noticed the harsh weather here, they frowned slightly.

    “it is completely unsuitable for living creatures, and the percentage of oxygen is too low.”

    Gorosen said in a deep voice, wearing a vest and shorts, carrying a giant sword.

“We won’t stay here for long. Either we complete mission successfully or we die here.”

    Sunbuck touched the handle of his sword with his right hand and said with a smile.

    Every time they attack another world, these three are ready to give their lives.

In a world of great power, His Majesty and the strong people will be outposts to find out the details and make good arrangements. Or send an intelligence team to inquire secretly, then step by step, and finally attack. The weaker worlds will be forcibly occupied.

Their bloody road, the road of conquest and iron hoof, marching forward in the swords and blood.

    Life or death depends only on luck and time.

    ” Alodalia, find out where the target is.”

    Gorosen said, his eyes scanned the surrounding vigilantly.


    Alodalia’s sleeves trembled, and a wand with a red gem on the tip emerged.

    “Salodaka, waisdner!”

with strange and inexplicable words, magical shadows emerged in the wand, and then quickly penetrated the void and disappeared.

    Among the three of them, Alodalia is a wizard. Gorosen and Sunbuck are both warriors. she is responsible for long-range strikes and tracking targets. Gorosen and Sunbuck are responsible for assassinations and close combat.

Over the years, they have worked together to accomplish hundreds of tasks.

Gorosen watched Alodalia cast a spell and sighed.

    Sunbuck smiled silently.

They were brothers who have been fighting side by side for many years. No matter what task they carry out, they are all together and have deep feelings.

    After a while, Alodalia’s wand slowly radiated, and her eyes flashed.

    “I found him, as long as we keep moving in this direction, we can find him easily!”

    Alodalia said with her wand pointing forward.

    “Okay! Let’s go now!”

    Gorosen said.

    The three immediately set off, Alodalia cast a spell to make her body surrounded by the hurricane, suspended in the air, and the bodies of Gorosen and Sunbuck bloomed with purple light rushing forward with breakneck speed.

    Hueco Mundo was vast and boundless, most of the terrain is desert, so it is easy to get lost.

    But for the three of them, there was no difficulty.

    “According to the level of our hometown, starlight level 6. In this world of Starlight world level 7, we should be able to deal with most of the combat power!”

    “However, we can’t deal with the high opponents!”

    “a king that can unify the whole Hueco Mundo, I’m afraid it’s already the peak of Starlight level 7. After we find him, we must gather all our strength and fight together to defeat him as quickly as possible.”

    Gorosen Said.

    Although the king’s world in which he lived was only the fifth level civilization of Starlight, the three of them has developed and cultivated their own powers on Starlight level Six worlds.