The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 42: Clash Of Kings

“Who is it?”

Stepping out of the crack, they were stretching out their bodies and smiling.

    “This is his blood!”

    “he is In this world, find him, these guys named Shinigami are useless, We have to rely on our strength.”

    Kenpachi Chengdui disdainfully said.

    “With his blood, we can find him, don’t worry, we will take care of it!” With a headband on his head and a long golden hair, Paul, with his muscles bulging, took the blood sample and smiled.

    “As soon as possible, that guy means more to me than this world!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui said ruthlessly.

All the way through, Kenpachi Chengdui had experienced many hardships in the world. He faced it more and more bravely and had never suffered such a heavy blow.

“My king, what has he done to you? Make you so angry

A man with a huge sword asked curiously.

    “I was almost killed by him!”

Kenpachi Chengdui gritted his teeth.

In a word, the people who came here were all stunned one after another.

They came from a powerful world. They were convinced by the king’s arrogance and madness. They were willing to open up territory for him and fulfill their fate. Naturally, they were very aware of the terrible strength of the king.

they were afraid that the man who can almost kill the king is no less powerful than the king!

“too much pressure, your Majesty!”

    Paul touched his forehead and smiled weirdly.

    “Find him, I have my plan, the power of this world is amazing, after death, I will make you become another creature.”

    “Your power can grow and transform.”

    Kenpachi Chengdui said.

    Such words immediately made Paul and his party curious.

The idea of Kenpachi Chengdui is indeed true, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have a thorough understanding of the world of the Shinigami. What he understood is only the majestic power he gained by giving up his body. Therefore, you can get powerful with your body too, the body is always as important as the soul. This is also the reason why Qin Yi became the king of the underworld, Hades.

It’s true that he gave up his body and became a reaper. He also transforming his subordinates into Reapers. It has to be said that Kenpachi Chengdui was going the wrong way, and he was getting further and further away.

     This is an expected end of not understanding the strange world.  

   Can’t distinguish, what is beneficial, what is harmful! In fact, the power of each world will have more or fewer convergence points. With more world experiences and more resources in hand, these forces are divided into categories to form a unified plan.     

 Although it is extremely difficult, this is what a king should do.  

   Qin Yi never asked his subordinates to give up another power for the sake of one power. What he advocates were to let a hundred flowers blossom, go hand in hand, and be inclusive.  

   He firmly believes that always there is another way, and if he finds it their future will be wider.  

Paul listened to Kenpachi Chengdui, nodded, and smashed the vessel in his hand.

Paul quickly sucked it.

     In the blink of an eye, a bright red light bloomed on his body. Seeing the light, Paul immediately drew a magic wand from his waist.

   “The light guides me to see where your guy is.”

   Muttered, the red light became more and more prosperous, and Paul’s green pupils were red with the reflected light at this moment.

    Everyone around him waited quietly. After about five or six minutes, Paul’s eyes turned green and he smiled.

    “I see, Your Majesty, according to this world’s name, he seems to be in Hueco Mundo!”

    ” Hueco Mundo!”

Kenpachi Chengdui startled.

    “What did he do there?”

    He never believed that guy would go to Hueco Mundo.

    “But, my king, the point is!”

    ” the whole Hueco Mundo has become his territory!”

    “Your goal, this time, is not a good guy to deal with!”

    Paul smiled and his tone became serious.

During his brief exploration, there were many strong people in the desolate Hueco Mundo, and it is filled with a very familiar aura, that was the spread of the power of the king.

    Wherever the power reaches, it is the kingdom of the king. He understands this very well.

    “That guy, he should have ruled Hueco Mundo in such a short time

    Kenpachi Chengdui was in shock.

    During that battle, he realized how interesting this opponent. Even though he entered the world hundreds of years earlier than the opponent, he still felt a strong sense of oppression and majesty.

he didn’t expect that in a short period, it was convenient to do such a big thing.

    “Hueco Mundo is just a place of Hollows activities. What is the use of ruling such a place?”

    Kenpachi Chengdui was even more puzzled. He did not understand Qin Yi’s behavior.

    “As far as I know, your opponent, that king, has assembled a group of powerful opponents, which are not weaker than us or even you!”

    Paul said in a deep tone with his eyes fixed.

    “There are such powerful guys in Hueco Mundo?”

    “No, even if there are, they are a group of crazy, irrational monsters. How can they be commanded and ruled?”

    Kenpachi Chengdui said.

    “This is not right. Those strong men are all very rational. They have humanoid forms, but their essence is not humans! Their attributes seem to be the opposite of your state at the moment!”

    Paul said.


        Kenpachi Chengdui took a breath and said in surprise.

    He finally realized that he seemed to have missed something, and he fell into deeper confusion.

Why? Why did that guy go to Hueco Mundo, that group of monsters even have consciousness and rationality? Why did that guy not focus on Soul Society, but went to Hueco Mundo?

The overall strength of Hueco Mundo is almost the same as that of Soul Society. It is only because the other side is irrational and just a group of beasts. The Shinigamis have not been paying attention to it.

    As soon as Kenpachi Chengdui arrived, he aimed his sights at the Soul Society, and this impression was already deeply engraved in the heart and could not be changed.

    Therefore, it turns out he didn’t understand because he didn’t understand the world at all!

Any king who would come here could not understand, even what they might do would not be as good as Kenpachi Chengdui!

    “Is it possible to sneak to Hueco Mundo and kill that guy?”

  Kenpachi Chengdui took a deep breath, already aware of Qin Yi’s mystery and threat, asked without hesitation.

    “kill him?”

    “Then Gorosen, Alodalia, Sunbuck, the trio, maybe more suitable for such a task!”

    Paul suggested.

    “Okay, send them!”

Kenpachi Chengdui said.

    Squinting his eyes, he sneered again and again.

“He carried out the King way and turned Hueco Mundo into his own territory!”

“But at the same time, his Kingdom is also open to us!”

“I think he’s just looking for death!”

“When he is killed, his world will belong to the only king, me!”