The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 41: Divine Kingdom

The three points of the Divine Kingdom, form stable triangular support at this moment, which completely stabilizes Qin Yi’s kingdom.

In this vast and deep universe, his kingdom, like a chair, has three stable legs, firmly supporting the Kingdom, making it immortal and hard to break.

    There are births, aging, sickness, and death in every realm, but in here after death, the soul will go to the underworld, regenerates, transforms into a Hollow, and cultivates to take shape.

    Qin Yi controls everything, and can even send Hades to manage the underworld. The strong can be reborn again, making the power of the Devine kingdom immortal, and death is no longer a problem.

    At the same time, the creation of the three realms of also shocked Qin Yi, who was sitting on the throne of Las Noches.

“Is this?”

    A look of shock appeared on his face.

    In the king’s mark on his forehead, a purple three-layer tower loomed out at this moment.

    “Is this the Divine kingdom’s Tower” In the

    blink of an eye, he already understood the purpose of this tower.

This is the king’s Artifact!

With the reclamation of King’s world, the leap of civilization, and the enhancement of King’s power. The king can not only obtain all kinds of powerful skills from the inheritance of King’s Secret Treasure Inheritance but also obtain more Artifacts related to the Divine Kingdom!

    This is the most important Artifact of the Divine Kingdom! Each piece will have the power of the divine kingdom, and it will be a powerful combination of thousands of creatures, countless countries, resources, and civilizations!

    “This tower is for suppression!” With a stretch of his right hand, the gold three-floors tower appeared in front of Qin Yi.

    He looked at it attentively and saw that it was divided into three levels, from top to bottom, heaven, Underworld, and mortals realm!

This tower is made by the power of the three realms of the Divine kingdom, heaven, Underworld, and Mortals. Its material is strange, between the visible and the invisible. It can suppress the Divine kingdom, increase the stability and defense of the Kingdom, and can also be used to trap and seal off powerful enemies or kings.

Even at a critical moment, a national crisis, you can still put out a hand to offer a sacrifice, and if the tower is smashed down, there is no need to be afraid of thousands of troops.

  This is the best attack and the secret weapon of the kingdom, to gather the power of the three realms of the Divine kingdom, so it is called the heavy weapon of the kingdom!

Only the king of the divine kingdom can use it. Generally speaking, only in the moonlight level civilization, it can appear. It is a decisive weapon in the kings’ wars.

    Qin Yi could get it right now, it breaks the boundaries, it is amazing.


 “The king’s heavy weapon, The Kingdom’s heavy weapon, take the power of the faith of the people as one’s use, and launch a national blow!” His eyes twinkled, Qin Yi smiled.

Of course, such an attack must not be performed many times. Once it is damaged, it will be the result of the heavy damage to the Divine kingdom, which is very dangerous.    

 But how can Qin Yi not be happy if he has another means to protect his life.

He laughed and stand up from the throne, waved his right hand.

    “This tower will be the first thing to change the fate of the Divine kingdom!”

In the twinkling of an eye, the tower of the Divine Kingdom was blooming with purple and golden light, which was tearing up and appearing from the void.

    After a millisecond, a crack has been drilled in the sky over the state of Qin.

    A purple gold tower with a height of a thousand meters fell from a high altitude and then stood firmly on the ground where the whirlpool had just disappeared.

Its lower boundary is the underworld, the mortal realm in the middle, and the small Heavenly realm above it, perfectly connecting the three realms and forming a line.

    “Om!” A

A circle of thick, majestic, ancient, deep purple gold light, instantly bloomed, spread to all parts of the divine kingdom, enveloping everything in a blink of an eye.

    “Such a sense of security!”

    “There is no war in the country, there is a town tower in it!”

  Suddenly all the people of the Qin Kingdom felt secure and relieved.

    The depression and stubbornness in their heart seemed to loosen at this moment.

    Above the Little Heavenly Realm, Gandalf gazed down at the spire of the sacred tower. He took a deep breath and was shocked.

    “This is the most important weapon in our country!!”

    “After the establishment of the Three Realms, it could be summoned from the void, such an important weapon to hold the fate of a country!”

    He blinked, and could not help but joy.

    “King’s Artifacts have never been seen in this country. Even his father has only a few of them!”

    “Each one is a heavy object that suppresses fate, protects the country, and maintain the stability of the kingdom. It is extremely rare and precious!”

“How wonderful!”

Gandalf was overjoyed and excited.

    He had already seen that this kingdom had the hope of developing into a huge Divine kingdom.

    “Your Majesty, your steps will be faster and faster!”

    In Las Noches, Qin Yi could already feel that Hueco Mundo was completely under his control.

After the king’s way, he let Hueco Mundo his Underworld, all the dead creatures and souls in the Divine Kingdom would be dragged into the underworld.

    “If I could annex the Soul Society.”

    Thinking of this, Qin Yi’s eyes bloomed.

It’s just Hueco Mundo, which has made the Divine kingdom complete temporarily. If we control the Soul Society, the foundation of his kingdom will be completely stable.

In the present world, Kenpachi Chengdui was still searching for Qin Yi.

“Captain, maybe that boy has passed away?”

They had been looking for him for quite a long time, but they still have no trace of the other party, It’s really strange.

    “or maybe he left this world.”

    Kenpachi Chengdui’s eyes narrowed.

    They were stunned, the king can travel between worlds easily, and it is elusive where they go It’s hard to know where they go.

    However, he still didn’t want to give up.

    “Since you are not sure, then I will rely on my own abilities!”

    ” return to Soul Society” His eyes flashed, Kenpachi Chengdui ordered.

    “Yes!” The Reapers suddenly jumped and headed towards Soul Society.

    When all the Reapers are gone, Kenpachi Chengdui smirked, and a trace of disdain emerged from the corner of his mouth.

    “how useless? They can’t even find one man! I have to rely on my kingdom!”

    “Speaking of which, it’s time to start my plan!”

    “This world is a good resource!”

he stretched out his right hand toward the front.

    Dark cracks suddenly opened; figures walked out of it.

    “Your Majesty! what can we do for you?”

    Kenpachi Chengdui sneered.

    ” it’s time for harvest!”

“Besides, I want you to help me find someone!”