The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 40: Underworld Realm

    Ulquiorra stood beside Qin Yi, and Grimmjow, Coyote, Nelliel, and others stared at Las Noches in front.

    To subdue such a group of Hollows is equivalent to bringing almost the entire Hueco Mundo into the palm.

    Qin Yi’s power, coupled with the means to break the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow, easily grasped Hollows, forming a group headed by him.

    This route is generally the same as that taken by Aizen in Bleach, but at this time, he was a step ahead of him.

    I believe Aizen would be shocked if he had the opportunity to come to Hueco Mundo.

    Qin Yi’s clothes torn apart after his transformation, Qin Yi’s upper body was naked, and Hades was slung on his waist.

his eight pack abs appeared, showing a good figure, and the previous wound has been healed completely.

    “My lord, let’s go!” Arrancars were excited, said to Qin Yi in awe.

    At this moment, Qin Yi was standing at the center, surrounded by them, whether tall or thin, each of them seemed a little restless and powerful.

    “Haha, I hope that Baraggan knows what to do.” Qin Yi’s blood-red eyes appeared calm as the corner of his mouth curled, a smirk bloomed.

    Now that he is in control of the Arrancar legion behind him, no one can stop his determination to conquer Hueco Mundo!

    everyone moved forward quickly.

    The moment they arrived in front of Las Noches, Baraggan with his skeletal appearance with the crown on his head was already standing there.

    “Your power has gained my respect.”

    “I am willing to surrender to you, and ask you to give me the power to be like them and break boundaries!”

    Baraggan actually gave up directly, bent over and lowered his head, and said modestly.

    Qin Yi’s eyes swept away, and he took a close look at Baraggan.

    It can be said that Baraggan is the only one who broke through Vasto Lorde in the entire Hueco Mundo before. He was arrogant, cruel and grim, adored giving orders, and was the ruler of the entire Hueco Mundo. At this moment, this picture of direct submission was beyond Qin Yi’s expectation. 

    But he just thought about it for a moment and understood the other party’s plan.

     “Very well, Baraggan, you know what to do.”

“I originally intended to destroy you directly, but now your performance gives you a chance to live!”

     Qin Yi nodded; his tone was extremely cold.

     The murderous intent was not covered in the slightest to Baraggan, causing his figure to tremble, he lowered his head. 

    Hades lifted, trembling slightly, the black and red light immediately twined Baraggan. After more than ten minutes, he had turned into an old man with an overbearing appearance.

    “Thank you, My Lord!” Baraggan gained a new power, he bowed his head respectfully.  

   Qin Yi nodded slightly and didn’t care much.

     The group of people stepped into Las Noches, Qin Yi sat on the throne with a faint smile on his lips.

     He could feel the power of the king increasing, and these guys in front of him were in his grasp. People who want to resist after being submitted to him can do nothing. Under the rules of the king’s word, obedience is not just an option by this kind of coercive force. This is the suppression of the soul, and it is harsher on Shinigami and Hollow of this world. 

    Qin Yi spoke lightly when he glanced around at all the Arrancars with strange attitudes.

     “seek for the powerful hollows in the entire Hueco Mundo, and order them to come to Las Noches!”     

“I can turn them Arrancar!”

    “And tell them, I am the King of Hell, Hades!”

    With a majestic voice made Arrancars shiver, and then quickly nodded and obeyed.

    He sat on the throne with his right hand around his chin and he was thinking.

    “Hueco Mundo has been put into the palm, so, next!”

    Qin Yi said.

    ” King’s Way!” In an instant, the endless power of the king expanded out of his body, breaking the boundaries of time and space, extending, shuttling, and connecting to the king’s world.

 Above the king’s world, a circle of black and red ripples emerged, and then quickly rotated and turned into an extremely large vortex, attracting everyone’s eyes.

“That’s the power of the king!”

“our King has succeeded. He is still alive.”

“Well, is this the beginning of what Gandalf calls the world annexing?” Ministers were gazing down at the whirlpool above the huge planet and speculating.

    The black and red light was constantly shining and twisted.

There is no doubt that this is the power of darkness, that is hell!

    The whirlpool was circling, circling, and in a crash, a majestic voice sounded.

    “In my name, let the underworld open!” as he said, thunder was striking, shaking the entire king’s world, including the other realms.

The whirlpool of black and red suddenly stirred, and the center of the whirlpool suddenly turned into a black and red rotating channel, twisting and whistling, and hit the land of the king’s world with great speed.

    At this moment, people felt that their world was more powerful, sensed a joyful atmosphere, tears of happiness appeared in their eyes.

“From then on, the cycle of life and death will last forever in our country.”

    “The divine kingdom is immortal, and there will be no leak!”

Qin Yi’s voice spread to all parts of his kingdom, including the world of Naruto, the world of pirates, and his kingdom in the immortal sword world, At this moment, he heard the sound of shock.

    With the rumbling sound, the gale swept across the world, and the black and red vortex quickly disappeared above the earth.

    In the Heavenly Realm, people stood on the edge of the floating island, watching the shocking scene just now, and felt awe for Qin Yi’s power and delighted for the integrity of their world.

Imperial Concubine Palace. Inori stood at the door, looking at the black and red vortex that quickly disappeared that day, a smile appeared on her pretty face.

    She knew that the man she cared about had succeeded.

He will always be him, inside like a funny child,  but outside, he was known to the whole country, the whole world as the supreme emperor!

    No matter what, he will succeed!

    “Qin Yi, I am proud of you!”

    Inori muttered.

    Gandalf stroked his chin and smiled.

He knew that from this moment on, Qin Yi finally embarked on the journey to the Divine Kingdom.

    From then on, the foundation was solid, just add bricks and tiles to build a tall building, that’s enough!