The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 39: Hueco Mundo Is Ours

    The white hollow mask, the bone armor covering his whole body, the bone claws, the tail was waving, and the mighty atmosphere around him.

    Hueco Mundo at this moment fell into an extremely gloomy and extremely depressing atmosphere.


Grimmjow’s forehead was sweating and shaking.

    the pressure made everyone present feel numb.

    Ulquiorra felt extreme threat at this moment, his green eyes shrank, he withdrew a step back, leaned forward as if accumulating strength.

    “Let the king of hell release his power and fight with you.”

    “You are foolish!”

Cold proud dominant words, accompanying by wind and rain, making everyone trembled.

    Qin Yi waved Hades diagonally at the ground, and the place under his strike immediately turned into a dark hole.

    “Such power!”

    “such majesty!”

    “He is a real king!”

    Baraggan clenched his fists, was a little nervous.

    Suddenly, a flash of black and red lightning sparkled, and Qin Yi suddenly disappeared in everyone’s eyes.

    They quickly shifted their gaze, and instantly they saw Qin Yi appear above Ulquiorra’s head.

His body was smooth, holding his sword in one hand, and then swinging it down.

    The latter reacted extremely sensitively, swung his bone spear in his hand fiercely at this moment, blocking the attack coming from above his head.

    Arrancars’ pupils shrank, watching the blow extremely nervously.


    The sword collided with the spear, which was beyond everyone’s expectation, Ulquiorra’s weapon was directly cut off.



 An explosion sounded, Ulquiorra was directly hit and flew out, rolling out for nearly hundreds of meters before stopping.   

  But after he stopped, he rushed extremely quickly, without any hesitation he pointed.

    ” Cero Oscuras!”  


    “High-Speed Regeneration!”

     His body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and four or five black beams rushed out in front of him and went straight to Qin Yi. 

   And the latter with a hideous look in his bloody vertical pupils, making it even more fierce.


    White steam got out of his nose like a beast.

   He held Hades high to the top of his head and then swung abruptly toward the extremely fast coming Cero.

“Swish!” After three waves, the black Cero was directly hit and exploded.

     Qin Yi leaped over the flames without saying a word. After a few steps, he already came to Ulquiorra and slashed hard.     

The latter’s face was calm, he blocked his face with his hands and black light flashed on his claws. 

   Above his five fingers, at this moment, a Cero Oscuras broke out.

    Smart play! Knowing that with his physical body, he could no longer resist the fierce slash of the opponent’s Zanpakuto, he used the powerful Cero Oscuras as a barrier, and he could even attack in reverse.   

  Qin Yi’s strikes came with an unstoppable force and hit the sharp claws severely.


    Hades shuddered, and five black and red flames appeared on it, slowly expanded and began to spread.

    But just before it fully bloomed, Qin Yi’s tail bone suddenly protruded out, a twist, and wrapped Ulquiorra’s neck directly.

    The latter’s face was calm, and Qin Yi’s tail pulled him in front of five black-red flames that swelled to the size of a ball.

    Then, almost instantaneously.

    “Boom!” There was a loud explosion, and Ulquiorra and Qin Yi were covered up.

    The wind swept through, a sandstorm blew, and the sky in the void seemed to be darker.

    “Too, too fierce!”

     “Is that the overall state of the boss? Horrible!”

Arrancars whispered in a very tense tone.

They used to respect to Qin Yi, but on the whole, but they were acting casual and less awed. They were more grateful to him for enhancing their power and helping them break through their limits.

    But the battle at this moment made them aware of the power of this master!

    that master was even more Hollow than them! He is the real Hollow King!

    The smoke dissipated, and the bodies of Qin Yi and Ulquiorra appeared in front of everyone.

  Qin Yi tail bone bound Ulquiorra’s neck and waving him in the air. At this moment, he has stepped into Vasto Lorde’s state!

He was hit by five Cero Oscuras at point-blank range. Even he was hurt badly, and he was dying.

    On the other hand, Qin Yi still harmless, and even his ferocious dragon robe did not affect.

    “Is this your limit? Ulquiorra!”

    “It’s still too weak!”

    Qin Yi’s indifferent voice made the air tremble.

    Ulquiorra gasped and did not answer.

    He knew he was defeated, and the man in front of him was too terrifying, even if he could not perceive negative emotions such as fear, he still felt awe.

    that is the primitive simple sense of awe from the weak to the strong and the strength.

    “You can be stronger!”

    Qin Yi said, letting his tail loose.

    “Surrender! Ulquiorra!” The latter did not hesitate to submit to anything, which seemed meaningful to him.

    Nodding, Ulquiorra swore allegiance.

    Qin Yi put Hades on Ulquiorra’s shoulder.

“In the name of Hades, I give you the power to break boundaries!”

After a few short words, black and red lights quickly covered Ulquiorra.

    After a while, he was even more violent, and an aura of terror rose up, shocking Hueco Mundo, and even Baraggan at this moment was shocked and retreated.

“How could that be?”

    Ulquiorra, who had been paralyzed before, stood up. He already had a humanoid body with a  Zanpakuto on his waist. His eyes were indifferent.

    But his power has entered the realm of Vasto Lorde!

    “My lord!” Ulquiorra said to Qin Yi expressionlessly.

    Qin Yi with the King of Hell transformation seemed to be a little unstable at this moment, his eyes were bloodthirsty, and he shot cruelty and excitement.

“I am more interested in your strength now.”

    ” My lord should get out of this current state as soon as possible.”

    “You can’t control it!”

    Ulquiorra looked at Qin Yi directly, said lightly.

    Qin Yi was stunned, realizing that he was about to be corroded by the evil thoughts of Hades, and even his forehead had two bumps.

    These were small horns, indicating that he will be further evolved!

    “all right!”

    Qin Yi rushed toward the rest of the Arrancars. The violent gloom and unknown aura immediately made the Arrancars nervous.

    After three steps, Qin Yi’s Hollow mask suddenly shattered, and the Dragon-Devil robe on his body also turned into light and dissipated in everyone’s eyes.

    “So, now.”

    “Occupy Las Noches!”

    “Hueco Mundo is ours!”