The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 38: Hades Is Here

the wind was blowing, but Ulquiorra was still and emotionless.

    Ulquiorra regenerated his claws, grab his head, and slowly lifted his other hand, and then pointed forward.

    Ulquiorra was charging Cero Oscuras, the cero was black, but it was so dazzling that people couldn’t help squinting their eyes.

    Qin Yi was struggling to get out of Ulquiorra’s claws, five cracks appeared on his mask, and bright red blood marks emerged.

    “you’re really strong!”

    Qin Yi’s muttered.

    Cero Oscuras had reached his eyes almost instantly, Qin Yi hardly blocked it with Hades.


    Ulquiorra looked indifferent he charged Cero, and with the impact, Qin Yi knocked away and fell head over heels in the desert and rolled over and over again..

    “Ulquiorra is too strong !!”

“The boss is not strong enough to fight against Ulquiorra now!”

    “I never expect that cold guy should have such power!”

Arrancars were surprised.

“Pain, emotion, sensation, are gone?”

    “you only need your instinct to fight, to survive, let your instinct lead your body.” a voice came out from the sword like the sound like the Death Metal Growling. Qin Yi, stepping out of the sand, was entangled with a black and red light.

his aura was bigger than before.

    At this moment, Qin Yi’s arms and legs were covered with hollow bone armor, making him look like a skeleton frame.

The brutal, bloodthirsty, fierce, hideous aura was rising, rising, rising, and then at a certain moment, it buzzed.


     White waves rose in the air. Where Qin Yi stood, the wind was blowing, forming a vortex.

 His aura and Reiatsu suddenly soared up at this moment, reaching the limit of Adjuchas!  

“No way! How strong is the boss?”

“He has never shown his power in front of us, but judging from his ability to help us advance, he has no limit!”  

   “it’s our opportunity to know his power!” Arrancars were very excited, staring at Qin Yi,

Qin Yi was slowly raising his head, with a majestic aura.

With a swift swing of the knife, a crescent-shaped black-red light shot out suddenly and rushed towards Ulquiorra.  

   The latter’s expression moved, he stretched out his hands, then collided with the attack.

“Boom!”     In the sound of a violent collision, Ulquiorra began to retreat rapidly in the desert. After withdrawing hundreds of meters, the crescent-shaped light exploded under the grip of his sharp claws.

” come on! How strong is that guy?”  

   “I’m afraid that he’s already stepped into Vasto Lorde class and he is hiding it!”  

   “No wonder that guy is qualified to enter Las Noches!” Arrancars were shocked.    

 They turned their head checking Qin YI and looked towards Qin Yi but they didn’t find him.

    Just then they surprised when they saw him directly above Ulquiorra, holding Hades in his right hand, maintaining the posture of wielding it.

    Excitement and ferocious flashed in his eyes, Qin Yi’s state at the moment like a beast.

    ” Ulquiorra!”

    “you are such an amusement!!”

  He roared like a beast at this moment.

    At the same time, he waved Hades, cutting a black-red crack in the void and swung it down suddenly.

Ulquiorra’s face was calm, raised his hands to block the attack.

    “Boom!” a thunderous shock sounded, directly shaking the ground, the wind was blowing, the clouds above their heads changed, and the weather was extremely gloomy at this moment.

    Qin Yi grinned.

He pulled Hades and flickered at an extremely fast speed, and he swung Hades from the other side again.

    Ulquiorra turned and blocked him as well.

With a great noise, and a large area of sand burst up and splashed hundreds of meters high like seawater, covering the two of them.

    “This battle, made the king stronger!” the Metal Growling voice came out again, Qin Yi’s right hand trembled and loosened the handle of the Zanpakuto.

    Ulquiorra’s eyes shrank, and when he saw that a long chain appeared on the handle of Hades.


    Qin Yi grabbed the chain, his blood-red eyes flashing sharply.

“Roar, Hades!”

with a loud clanging of chains, Ulquiorra’s body was pierced again, but this time he was stunned.

    But within almost a millisecond, Qin Yi saw that the opponent’s crescent-shaped long weapon was also cut towards his chest, he roared.

    While he was hit by the Zanpakuto, the opponent’s first reaction was not pain, anger, or panic at all, but a counter-attack!

    Ulquiorra is magnificent!

    Even though the opponent’s Reiatsu hadn’t reached Vasto Lorde’s level, this calm and coldness made his opponents shiver.

This is even more terrifying than the craziness Kenpachi Chengdui showed. Because, this one is not crazy, but thorough rational!

he was clearly grasping what kind of injury he would suffer and also knowing how to carry out his attacks in order to receive the best results.

that attack was very fast, cunning, and brutal. Ulquiorra will not leave any affection. Qin Yi couldn’t help but change the angle of his body to bear the attack.

A huge bloodstain splashed from Qin Yi’s body. The strong impact of the strike knocked him out dozens of meters before he stopped.

   Looking at his wounds, Qin Yi whistled strangely, whether it was pain or excitement, but his whole body trembled violently at this moment.

    His blood-red pupils suddenly shrank, turning into an animal-like ruthless vertical thin pupil.

    Above Hades, the black and red lines appeared again, entangled around Qin Yi.

These lines were moving quickly on the surface of Qin Yi’s body.

    the hollow bone armor covered Qin Yi’s whole body, and a white tail creaked at his back, cutting a gap in the desert.

    At the same time, among the black and red lines, a crown appeared on the top of his head, and his body was covered by the ferocious dragon Demon robe and now was inlaid with gold edges.

    When his body completely healed and his evolution was completed, the air pressure was changed suddenly, and vortices appear in the sky.

    King of Hell’s atmosphere!

    All Arrancar present, Barragan who was hidden in Las Noches, were all discolored!

    Hades is here for his throne!