The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 37: Comeback?

    Hades, entwined with black and red light, slashed fiercely on Ulquiorra’s gleaming Cero Oscuras.
    Suddenly, the surrounding air fluctuated, the wind blew.
    Everything seemed stopped at this time, even time, after a couple of seconds.
   Black flames with red and green outlines bloomed, and then expanded with a horrible speed causing powerful shock waves in all directions.
    At this moment, the two of them were shaken out by this air current and shock wave.
    Large tracts of sand pushed away from them; their place turned into a big hole.
    Those who are watching the battle from a distance, the wind was blowing on their faces and they trembled.
    “such a powerful Cero!”
    “what’s more terrifying the skill and speed of the boss, he could cut the Cero!”

The strong wind was blowing, and the Arrancars were stunned, watching the battle solemnly.
This is just the beginning of the battle, but the Reiatsu fluctuations that erupted on both sides were already very terrible.
    ” and he is not an Arrancar yet!!”
    Grimmjow gritted his teeth, the rest of Arrancar were shocked.
    In the field, the smoke and dust slowly dissipated, and the flames gradually extinguished. And the ground was revealed, the area was already scorched.
    Qin Yi shook his hand at Hades, and his blood-red eyes flashed.
    ” Ulquiorra!”
    ” Ulquiorra!!”
    ” Ulquiorra!!!”
    He called the name three times in a row. From the beginning of the murmur to the final excited roar, his blood was boiling.  
   The black and red light on the blade of Hades fluctuated more violently as if there are countless particles dancing.
     “Huh!” Instantly, he had flickered, and the Ulquiorra Flickered.     
Sonído!    “Boom!” In the next second, the two appeared almost face to face, staring at each other.
     The tips of their fingers began to sparkle, and a little light suddenly expanded.  
   ” Gran Rey Cero!” instantly, the two Ceros collided fiercely, and another bang came out, and the two figures once again flickered.  
  The next moment, Qin Yi appeared in the air, he swung his Zanpakuto viciously without hesitation.
     “Neigh, roar, break, bless, the faith that wanders in the sky, the truth that emerges in the world, turns into the blade in my hand!”
     “Chop everything to pieces, Hades!”
    Qin Yi’s whole body was radiating with a black and red light. 
this ability can use various characteristics of his Zanpakuto. It can be said it’s the Shikai of Hades, it can absorb all the power of faith and all the hope, desire, greed, and obedience in the air and turned it into raw power!     

    The two collided again, and long white claws appeared in Ulquiorra’s hand.
    The sharp claws in his hands were sharp, exuding a sharp aura.
    It can be said that whether it is the barb on his legs or the bone blade on his arm could be used for battle.
    This time, after a sword dueling for a couple of minutes, Ulquiorra’s expression did not change. On the contrary, Qin Yi couldn’t follow the pace, suddenly his body was knocked out severely.
    “Boom!” Qin Yi fell on the desert, stirring up dust, making a huge gap in the desert.
“Are you kidding me!”
    “The boss was knocked out!!”
    “The aura that Ulquiorra just erupted was very terrifying, it is the limit of Adjuchas.” The Arrancars stared and muttered.
    Slowly falling from the air, Ulquiorra’s green eyes, looking at the place where the dust was raised, still showed no expression.
    “Huh!” In the dust, a gloomy aura erupted, sounded like a beast roaring, with a sound of bones cracking!
    Ulquiorra was watching quietly, he discovered with his keen perception that the man in the dust was not as strong as before! He was stronger and vaguer!

    Everyone heard soft footsteps, and Qin Yi’s figure slowly appeared before them, standing still.
    But what made Arrancars’s eyes widened was what Qin Yi looked like at this moment.
    A white hideous hollow mask, which looked like a skeleton, shrouded his face, two glaring red eyes radiating from the skeleton’s eyeholes, he was exuding an ominous and terrifying aura.
    With one step, ripples were emitting around making the atmosphere heavy.

    Ulquiorra had no expression on his face, but this scene was exciting for him.
    “let’s have fun!”
    Qin Yi’s skull opened and closed.
All of a sudden, he flickered, moving sideways, moving forward, and in an instant, he was again moving sideways, and so on.
Between the shaking of his clothes and hair, he seemed to be transformed into an illusion.
    “pull out your sword.”
    “I smell your filthy blood, bones, flesh.”
    “the only thing I smell is your filthy blood!” The
    A terrifying voice resounded chaotically in the void, making the present nervous and shivering.
    Suddenly, a scary, terrifying skull appeared in front of Ulquiorra, making him stunned.
    Qin Yi suddenly stabbed him.
    “Puff!” The dull body-piercing sound was terrifying. The moment the Arrancars saw the scene before them, they were shaking strangely for some reason.
    The black and red Zanpakuto pierced Ulquiorra’s chest.
    At this time, Ulquiorra slowly lowered his head, staring at the Zanpakuto handle, and stayed slightly.
    The atmosphere shuddered, and he suddenly waved his sharp claws and hooped Qin Yi’s neck.
    Suddenly, beneath the mask, Qin Yi’s face appeared with a smirk on the corner of his mouth.
    The clattering sound exploded, and the sharp claws shattered!