The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 36: Hueco Mundo’s show

a slender, yet fairly muscular, male of average height with a full white mask and body and large black wings mounted on his lower back. His mask covered his entire face, with a line running up the middle that diverged into three near the top of his head, and two long horns sprouting out from the sides of his head at ear level.

    He walked out slowly, and he looked extremely cold.

    Ulquiorra, who felt alone in the world, being white while those around him were black. He wandered Hueco Mundo alone was, has grown into a real Adjuchas-level, even his form was too close to humans, proving that he is about to touch the Vasto Lorde class.

    Just standing calmly in front of everyone, but Ulquiorra’s aura alone suppressed all their auras, and the restless Arrancars were in silence at this moment.

    ” Ulquiorra!!!” Coyote’s pupils contracted.

    Grimmjow reflexively pressed his right hand on his sword at his waist. This was because the strong pressure from the opponent made him nervous.

    This is the first time Grimmjow has seen an opponent of this level!

    It can be said that even though the Arrancars behind Qin Yi have entered the realm of Vasto Lorde, they were still afraid of Ulquiorra at this time.

    “What do you do?”

    Ulquiorra asked lightly with doubts.

    He has a calm and cold personality, basically without any changes in his expression, and his natural aura overwhelmed them.

    The rest of the Hollows, Arrancars, still more or less remain the human, animal nature, or gentle, friendly, or restless, angry. Ulquiorra was absolutely the rational.

    “We come to take Las Noches.”

    Qin Yi said.

    “Are you going to join us? Ulquiorra, I can let you enter the Vasto Lorde level!”

    This question made Ulquiorra stare at him for a while.

    There was a hole in the middle of his chest.

    “Oh. You are their boss.”

With a blink of green eyes, Ulquiorra went to Qin Yi.

    “Your power is unusual; I want to…”

    Qin Yi’s bloody eyes condensed, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

    “What do you want?” He asked, but before he finished speaking, Ulquiorra had already raised his right hand.

    “Boom!” a crimson Bala charged in his hand, accompanied by a slight noise, a high-concentration Reiatsu had already fired from his hand and went straight to Qin Yi.

    Bala is not nearly as powerful as Cero, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20 times faster!

    In just an instant, this Bala reached Qin Yi’s eyes, causing his blood-red eyes to shrink suddenly.

    He raised his hand quickly at this moment.

    “Boom!” The black and red Bala also rushed out, faster, and violently collided with Ulquiorra’s attack that reached him.

    The violent shock wave spread out in an instant, and the Arrancars behind them quickly retreated with shocked expressions on their faces.

    Qin Yi’s black hair fluttered by the aftermath of the attack, and his robe trembled, but he did not take a step back.

    He stared at Ulquiorra, and a smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

    “that’s rude!”

    Ulquiorra still didn’t change his expression, he stepped forward slowly: “What is rude?”

    “I see you, and I don’t know why!”

    ” I’m very excited! ” 

” and every cell in my body is roaring fight him! ” 

    The faint words made Qin Yi’s bloody eyes narrowed.

    Immediately afterward, he smiled.

    ” haha! You’re a beast, Ulquiorra.”

    “Then, let’s fight!”

    “If you lose, submit to me!”

    Ulquiorra’s green eyes blinked and he came to Qin Yi: “It doesn’t matter.”

    “All my senses tell me that you are a worthy opponent!” his words made Qin Yi’s adrenaline sore!

  Qin Yi slowly pulled out Hades, and then with a swift wave, he pointed diagonally to the ground, cutting out a crack in the desert.

    “you deserve to get your ass kicked by Hades!”

    Qin Yi’s blood-red eyes shrank, staring at the opponent.

    On the side, Arrancars were already retreating quickly, watching the battle with wide-eyed eyes.

    ” Ulquiorra’s strength is terrifying, he is the famous Yachukas in the virtual circle.”

    “How strong is the boss? Who has seen it? Is it Ulquiorra’s opponent, should we help him? We can defeat him together.”

    “Grimmjow has seen it before, how about it?” Arrancars spoke to each other quickly.

    “Of course I have seen it.”

    Grimmjow said with a sneer.

    “But I don’t know how strong he is; watch quietly!”

    “This must be a very exciting battle!” Arrancars looked forward to it, staring at the battle.

    In Las Noches, a figure walked out slowly, hiding in the shadow, quietly watching the two facing each other at this moment. Wearing a crown on his head, he is majestic, and he is the master of Las Noches at this moment.

    “let’s Fight!”

    Qin Yi slowly raised Hades and pointed at Ulquiorra.

    The latter’s expression was extremely indifferent.

    “Huh!” The wind was blowing, the sand was flying, and the dark clouds above their heads were rotating.

    Suddenly, a violent Reiatsu rose.

    Such a terrible power!

    “Deep Wave!”

    Qin Yi’s pupils contracted, and he was violently attacked by this Reiatsu.

    a black and red ball of light burst out with a loud sound and went straight to the enemy on the opposite side.

    Ulquiorra’s expression was indifferent, but he trembled slightly, took a step forward, and dodged the Deep wave.

    “that was the Deep wave, it will split after dodge, if it pierced him, it will explode immediately!”

    Grimmjow explained solemnly.

    Before, he was almost solved instantly by Qin Yi’s ability, and he didn’t even have time to react. But this time, Qin Yi’s Deep Wave was stronger than before.

    Sure enough, Deep Wave exploded at the back of Ulquiorra’s head.

     At this moment, countless thin lines suddenly swelled and spread, bent, refracted, and pierced fiercely towards his back, forming extremely powerful lethality.

    Qin Yi’s gaze was sharp, and the black and red light on his Zanpakuto kept entwining.

    At a millisecond, what shocked everyone was that Ulquiorra stepped on the ground and suddenly turned into an illusion, and he multiplied to a thousand clone.


    Countless black and red lines pierced his phantom one by one and hit the desert behind him, with continuous explosions, black and red flames rising enough At fifty or sixty meters, the place turned black and red.

    “How is it possible?!”

    Grimmjow’s pupils shrank, he was stunned.

    Qin Yi stepped out at the moment when the explosion began, reached Ulquiorra, and wave his Zanpakuto.

    But what he was facing was the green and black light that had already begun to flicker on Ulquiorra’s fingertips.

    Cero Oscuras!