The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 46: Aizen

    At the same time, in Soul Society, in the fifth division.

    Aizen was sitting, holding a cup of hot tea, and squinted at the guy before him with a smile.

    “oh, you honor me with your presence! What’s going on?”

Kenpachi Chengdui’s eyes were serious, with a grim face.

    “Aizen, you don’t have to put on this gentle expression in front of me.”

    Aizen didn’t change his expression, he took a sip of the tea in his hand with a smile and then waved his hand to let all the reapers out of the place.

    Putting the teacup gently on the table, Aizen raised his head to look at Kenpachi.

“Well, what can I do for you?”

    Kenpachi stared at Aizen, he poured himself a cup of tea and then said.

    “what can I do for you? Come on, Aizen! I know you for decades!”

    “anyway, we have to do it!”

    Then Aizen’s eyes flashed and he said with a cold smile.

    “The time has not come yet.”

    “There is no time. I’ve got everything ready. My men are now out there.”

    “The man who fought with me that day is of the same kind as me If we don’t start planning first and are preempted by that guy, the world will be a mess!”

    Kenpachi said coldly.

    “Oh? similar to you? No wonder he’s so powerful!”

    Aizen said with a smile.

    “He has already occupied Hueco Mundo, we must take Soul Society immediately!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui immediately said, Aizen cold face changed and said.

    “Oh? Really, he occupied Hueco Mundo, HaHa, What a wonderful man!”

    his eyes under the glasses were cold.

    “So, be prepared, we must act in Soul Society as soon as possible!”

Kenpachi Chengdui said.  

  “My plan hasn’t been completed yet, and it will take time.”         Aizen said with a flat tone.

     “I can give you time, but that guy won’t give you time!”

     “Aizen, you’d better understand that this is related to your world!”

Chengdui’s voice was extremely cold, and he stood up suddenly.

    “The world has nothing to do with me.”     Aizen’s eyes flashed, and he smirked.

 Kenpachi Chengdui was angry at the person in front of him, but at the bottom of his heart, he was afraid of him, unable to control him and this was his hope for the win, and could only snort coldly, and asked with anger.

     “Then how much time do you need?”

    “It’s not good. Another important thing is in the hands of Urahara Kisuke, and that person is difficult to deal with!”

        Aizen said with a smile.   

  ” Urahara Kisuke?”  

   “I will help you find him and find that thing. Our plan must start quickly.”

    “Next, my people will enter this world in batches, enter Soul Society, and you will help me cover-up.”     Kenpachi Chengdui took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

     “Oh, is it?”     Aizen said with a smile.

     “How many people are there?”

    Kenpachi Chengdui sneered: “the number is beyond your imagination, that is a world more than ten times the population of your world.”

    “Next, you will see it!”

    “That’s amazing. “

    Aizen’s eyes flashed, he smiled.

    If it’s as Chengdui said, it’s shocking.

    “Hmph!” Afterward, Chengdui turned and left.

He didn’t want to talk face to face too much with Aizen, he is too ambitious, and ambitious people are potential traitors, and the longer time he spends with him the shorter time he gets to know his weaknesses.

    This is the King instinct, so in the relationship between the two of them, Chengdui has been careful, not leaving a handle to the other side.

    When Chengdui left, the glasses of Aizen flashed.

    After a long while, he picked up the teacup on the table, and a smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

    “In other words, what we are going to witness is a war between other worlds in here launched by two people from different worlds?”

    “How interesting is this!”


    taking a sip of tea, Aizen’s eyes became deeper.

    “So, what is beyond this world?”

“I’m interested.”

    The people on the river bank wanted to catch the fish, and the fish wanted to break free from the river and take look at the scenery on the river bank.

Who said that the fish did not choose to be caught?

    Once talked with Kenpachi Chengdui, Aizen understood his identity and the two have been working together silently. As early as hundreds of years ago, he had already become interested in Chengdui and the world behind it.

    Is it interesting to rule Hueco Mundo, or to see greater worlds?

    For Aizen were the worlds without hesitation.

    “when the two kings fighting we can’t take advantage, right? “

    “Is it?”

    A smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth, and Aizen’s eyes narrowed.

    A more complicated but far-reaching plan slowly emerged before his eyes.

    Gradually, Aizen’s smile became more and more intense.

    Outsiders seem to think that this world is just prey and hunting ground to be caught, so let them see who is the prey!

Las Noches Palace.

    Qin Yi looked down with his blood-red eyes, looking at the three hostages.

    “Are you Kenpachi Chengdui’s men?”

    “It seems that he has found a good group of subordinates.” A playful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, Qin Yi said lightly.

which surprised him that the power of the three in front of him could reach level 6 of Starlight, which was the power to surpass the civilization of the Qin state itself.

However, Qin Yi was not very worried. After the creation of the complete Divine kingdom of heaven, mortal, and underworld, the birth of the underworld enabled all people in the state of Qin to master Hollow Transformation!

    Yes, even if you don’t become a god of death, as long as you are willing to practice, you can go to the underworld and Hollow Transformation.

    This kind of Hollow Transformation does not need to abandon the body but is aimed at the soul. Once changed, it can directly feedback to the physical body, grasp the power of Hollow, and increase its own strength.

In this way, in a short period, Qin State can raise strong men who are no less than the seventh level of Starlight.

    Moreover, his people can be born again after death!

    Qin Yi has nothing to be afraid of now!

    “Is your power mainly based on the fighting spirit and magic?”


    Qin Yi said lightly.

    “Then, Chengdui sent you to this world, you are ready to attack.”

    ” so, he already knows that I am in Hueco Mundo?” few words made Gorosen and the others slightly surprised but remained silent.

    “come on said something! or I will only send you to die.”

    Qin Yi said calmly, glanced at the silent three.

    “Your Excellency, it is our honor and dream to dedicate our lives to Utopia!” Gorosen said, his tone was very firm.

    “Oh? That madman, did he just build Plato’s dreams?”



    Qin Yi suddenly stood up, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he stepped forward, slowly pull out Hades from his waist.

    “Die, then,!” The blade flashed, and the blood suddenly splattered.