The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 47: Summon The Kingdom Armies

the three of them had no resistance at all, they were beheaded by Qin Yi.

    What he didn’t expect was that Kenpachi Chengdui sent them, which directly proved that the crazy king was not dead!

    “Urahara Kisuke is always right.”

    Before coming to Hueco Mundo, they had already discussed Kenpachi’s death. Soul Society has various unbelievable methods, and the survivability of the Shinigami is extremely powerful, let alone Chengdui.

    “sending his men from his Kingdom, the guy is bold and crazy!”

    “but this.”

    Qin Yi stared at the three corpses lying on the ground, his eyes flickered.

he began to realize that his enemy was different from anyone else he confronted before. This is a cruel, ruthless, superior, and crazy enemy!

    Unlike him, the other party does not seem to take his subordinates’ lives seriously.

A great feat is worth thousands of bones, and the corpses lying under the feet of the king are more than hundreds of millions?

Since he became a king, Qin Yi has been cruel and merciless. Most of his cruelty is directed against his enemies and treated his people differently. His benevolent government pays attention to the safety of every citizen.

The only attack with heavy damage was the beginning of entering the world of the immortal sword.

    “He is about to launch a general attack!” When the strength is insufficient, the king himself can act as a spy, or form a small scout group to enter the target world, collect information, and get familiar with the power. When the understanding is deepened and the power difference is not wide, you can launch a general attack to directly defeat the target world with the power within the Kingdom, and forcibly occupy the world!

    This is the Kingdom’s conventional method and the most effective method.

    Of course, when the power of the kingdom is strong enough in the later period, it can even lead the army from the beginning and enter the target world to take its civilization. In the later stage, such as Moonlight, and Sunlight civilization, the kingdom can enter another world from many portals in many places at the same time and no one would pay attention.

Since he entered this world, he has encountered Kenpachi Chengdui, he was stressed by this opponent.    

The opponent’s strength, madness, and ruthlessness all symbolize the toughness of his methods.

    This is a terrible king!

    “However, my military strength is bigger than yours!”     Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and his body flickered.     

In the king’s world.

    On the dragon throne of the imperial palace, Qin Yi’s figure twisted and suddenly emerged.

     At this moment, the civil and military officials of the dynasty were arguing about the dispatch of troops, when they suddenly saw Qin Yi appear, they were stunned, and then stopped.    

 “Your Majesty,”     Gandalf said with a smile.    

 “President Gandalf, ladies and gentlemen, there will be a terrible war in our target world shortly.”

Qin Yi said slowly, sweeping away everyone with his majestic gaze.   

  “War Gandalf was stunned and his expression became serious.

“Your Majesty, please elaborate.”

     “In the Shinigami Realm, King Yuanli and I met another king, and his civilization level is Starlight Level 5!”

    “And, he has been operating and developing in the Shinigami Realm for hundreds of years. .”

    Qin Yi’s words made the officials look shocked and slightly solemn.

“Now, according to my judgment, he has decided to launch a general attack!”

    Qin Yi said in a deep tone.

    “General attack?” The officials looked at each other, and after pondering these two words, their eyes were serious.

    They had personally ordered the dispatch of troops or conquered other worlds, so they naturally understood the meaning of this sentence. This is to use the power of the whole country to forcibly attack the target world and plunder and occupy the resources in it!

    “What does your majesty mean?”

    Senju Hashirama asked solemnly.

    “Send troops!”

    “Notify the country, prepare for war immediately, and the underworld realm is established. I believe that you have already sensed it not long ago!”

    “I don’t know how many people can transform Hollow at this moment, but those with this capability should speed up and improve their combat effectiveness.”

“From now on, send troops to Hueco Mundo, and plan to annex the whole world!”

    Qin Yi looked down, his aura was extremely majestic, and his whole body was radiating with King’s power at this moment, shocking. The entire hall.

    “This is likely to be a three-way war, Qin, the other king’s world, and the Shinigami realm!”

    ” This is the most dangerous war for our country!”

“Its risk, seriousness, and profitability are far greater than ever before!”

“So, you must be prepared. The logistics, the vanguard troops, must start at this moment! “

the Imperial Palace fell into silence.

    The war between two kingdoms!

    In the past, in most of the cases, Qin Yi took the first step, clear the path for his kingdom, then moved in and swept away the world. But inside, after they left, Qin Yi had already cleared most of the obstacles, and their task was very easy. But this time is different. they need to face the double pressure of the target world, the opposing king’s world.

    In other words, this is a multi-sided battle!

    But at the same time, once they succeed, their gains will be immense.

A king world of starlight level 5 and a target realm of Starlight level 7 will become their affiliations! The income is enough to encourage them to take the risk.

“Naruto Realm, Pirates Realm, Sword Immortal Realm, Akame Ga Kill Realm, Three Kingdoms Realm, Dragon Emperor Realm, Elysium Realm, Guilty Crown Realm, Under One Person(The Outcast) Realm, The Legend of Qin Realm, Tokyo Ghoul Realm, Attack on Titan 


Qin Yi named all the worlds conquered by the king’s world.

“separate all the armies of the worlds according to their realms, it’s easier to administer.”

“Then, cross the gate and enter Hueco Mundo!”

Within the palace, his voice echoed, making ministers look startled.

    After giving the order, Qin Yi’s figure flickered and disappeared again.

    “I’m afraid this time, this opponent king is not easy to deal with!”

    Gandalf muttered with solemn eyes.