The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 48: Prepare For War!

In Hueco Mundo.

“Ulquiorra, my other forces will come from today on and they will be stationed in Hueco Mundo.”

” lead the Arrancars of Hueco Mundo and quickly and prepare for war!”

Qin Yi sat on the throne and solemnly ordered Ulquiorra.

The latter nodded lightly, For him, he only needs to obey the king’s orders, and nothing else matters.

This time, it can be said that Qin Yi took Kenpachi Chengdui seriously. A king with a Starlight Civilization level five, and the world of Bleach is not a thing that you can play with.

Qin Yi was always familiar with the information of the target world, he even sometimes use the plot to quickly complete the world conquest. The other party seems completely relying on himself, working hard all the way in a strange world.

He didn’t know his real strength and potential.

“This time, it’s a combination of details!”

Qin Yi muttered with his eyes narrowed.

reaching such level, he knew very well that if a large number of troops swarmed, no matter how strong the king was, he could no longer determine the outcome of the war!

He ruled more than a dozen large and small worlds under his command, with massive resources behind him, but at this level, there is no safe mode!

At this level, there are two kinds of kings, the one who seizes his momentum and take a risk and conquer the next world, and reach a higher level, and so on! Living on the edge! The one who stays casual, in his comfort zone, and this one sooner or later is going to be eaten.

His keen intuition made him realize that Kenpachi Chengdui was about to move. And he naturally has to deal with it.

Three hours later, Qin’s army began to appear in front of Las Noches.

“Your Majesty!!”

The Legend of Qin Realm’s army came first, and the leader was Zhang Liang.

“the Elite Army of Qin’s realm is under your command!” they were 300,000 elite troops.

Qin Yi followed Zhang Liang out of the palace and glanced away. The thirty huge army formations were neatly unified, revealing iron and blood, and extremely solemn.

And through training, the average combat power of these 300,000 elite troops has surpassed the combat power of the ordinary world and reached the first level of Starlight!

Three hundred thousand soldiers of starlight first level! If Qin Yi had so much combat power in his early stage of development, he could directly sweep Naruto’s World.

“Very well!!” Qin Yi nodded in satisfaction.

” Zhang Liang, you will take a break and wait in this world.”

Zhang Liang smiled and nodded: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Then, 300,000 elite troops marched forward in the desert, looking for an open area and setting up camp on the spot.

After the arrival of the Qin Kingdom realm’s army, the huge number of troops and the terrifying atmosphere of the army surprised Ulquiorra and Arrancars.

“The king had such a huge army.”

“It’s terrible!”

“Hey, who knows the identity of the king?”

Looking at the huge army, the Arrancars began to wonder. Although the opponent’s individual quality is far inferior to them, after forming an army and standing in front of them, the horrible atmosphere made them shocked.

The concept of quality is better than quantity, does not work in this situation, that quantitative change has reached qualitative change.

After a long while, accompanied by a thunderous rumbling, a Titan with a height of ten to twenty meters, steaming all over, stepped towards the Palace.

“Your Majesty, Eren led the Scientific Legion to here!” the leader Titan said loudly.

Qin Yi stood in front of the gate of Las Noches and looked up at the Titans and smiled.

“The scientific research departments did well. This newly developed Titan injection enables you to keep your sanity in this Titan mode.”

The Titan in the front laughed, and then his whole body began to shrink rapidly.

“The scientists of the Empire are very efficacious. They have improved three versions of the original Titan injection. Now the latest version allows you to become a Titan and, have other various strange abilities.”

“Incorporated into the peculiarities of Nature Transformations of Naruto, devil fruits, and so on!”

In the white mist, Eren showed his body shape. After quitting from Titan mode, smiling and full of vigor.

Behind them, Mikasa Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Levi Ackerman, and the others were also launched from the Titan model, revealing their true shape.

Eren stepped forward, clenched his right hand into a fist, and hit Qin Yi gently on his left chest.

“It’s an honor to meet your majesty for the first time!”

“The Titan Legion!”

“salute your Majesty!”

Behind them, numerous Titans. One by one turned into human figures, and all of them saluted Qin Yi with awe and reverence.

Qin Yi nodded, after Qin State opened the science and technology department, the scientific research force exploded.

These military troupes that got Titan Injection and completed their evolution are all-powerful, and their strength has reached Starlight level 2. they are all about 10000 soldiers.

Starlight Level 2, is something like an average Shichibukai in One Piece!

“Find a place to stay, wait for orders!”

Qin Yi said lightly.


Eren stood up straight and then led the Titans back.

They looked for a place, separated from the Qin moon army, and looked at each other curiously.

This is the first time the armies of these two worlds have met.

” What else? It’s terrible. With this kind of military power, plus Hueco Mundo, I think we can directly attack Soul Society!” Coyote said with a smile.

“I always feel that our king’s target is probably not just Soul society!”

Grimmjow was scratching his chin at this time and said thoughtfully.

At the same time, Soul Society, the eleventh division.

Kenpachi Chengdui sat in the office, a Shinigami was kneeling in front of him.

“My king, the eleventh division, has been completely occupied by the elite of our country!”

“From stepping into this world, to now, we convert 50000 of our soldiers to reapers!”

“The problem is if we enter more of our soldiers, It will be obvious, please tell me, what should we do next?”

The number of Reapers in the whole Soul Society is not much higher than that. If they rush in with great fanfare, they will immediately start a war between their world and the Soul Society

This is not in the interest of the country!

“What should we do?” A cold smile appeared at the corner of Chengdui’s mouth.

“stay in the Human world if you can’t enter this world!”

“Also, tell Aizen that the number of fifty thousand is too small. we have to hurry up, and how is it going with the Hogyoku!

” I want him to use it to transform millions of our country to Reapers in a short time!”

The Reaper kneeling in front of him was slightly startled and then bowed his head.

“Yes Your Majesty!”

“I want to swallow Soul Society in one gulp!!”

Chengdui suddenly clenched his fists, with a ferocious expression on his face.