The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 60: No Choice

The Wandereich’s ruler, Yhwach the tyrant. he also with the designation “A” the ability of The Almighty. No one knows what his ability represents, and they assumed that just he can predict the future.

    But there is no doubt that he, The Almighty with his omniscience, is extremely powerful. However, at this moment, another man appeared to provoke him with omniscience.

    This person is called Hades!

    “I don’t know why you awakened me; I need to sleep to replenish my energy.”

    “But if you think that you can do what you want in front of me!”

    “you’re wrong! “

    Yhwach awakened with great momentum, majestic eyes.

    As soon as he said, his fingers trembled slightly.

In an instant, Reishi gathered, condensing into the shape of an arrow, piercing the space, and came to Qin Yi in a blink of an eye.

    ” Yhwach.”

Qin Yi raised his head, his bloody eyes fixed on the man on the stage.

His aura was terrible. The pressure of his hollow power and Reiatsu made everyone nervous.

    He waved Hades.

    “Boom!” instantly, the blade of Hades collided with the arrow, and it was easily cut open, bursting out a brilliant light.

“If you think you can hurt the king of Hell just by this weak attack.”

    “you’re wrong! “

    Qin Yi returned the same words to Yhwach.

    At the same time, his blade trembled, and the black and red flickers were entangled and condensed into a spherical object, black and red brilliance bloomed in the air, and the area was trembling and rippling.

    All of a sudden, the spherical object flew out, drew a very brilliant beam, and rushed toward Yhwach. 

    “Deep wave!” At this moment, Qin Yi said.

     “Your Majesty, be careful!!”     Haschwalthfelt the terrifying energy on it, and shouted, he was about to move.   

  But at this moment a gust of wind suddenly blew beside him, and for a moment in a daze, Yhwach had already stood in front of him and stretched out his hands.

    “back off, this is the king’s business!”     

Little Reishi particles emerge from the palm, forming a protective shield.

    Immediately after, the Deep wave slammed up.  

   “Boom!” The violent explosion suddenly spread, everything in the hall began to tremble, and the wind blew out.  

   The black and red energy stretched out after a short while and attacked Yhwach, suddenly, making the latter’s eyes widen.


After murmuring two words, Yhwach’s whole body trembled, and the violent Reishi burst out in his whole body.

    Suddenly, the black-red energy was submerged and dissipated.

    After a while, the energy fluctuations in the hall subsided.

The Sternritters were shocked at this moment. They stare at the ferocious guy Hades in the field, shocked.

    “Why did you come to my palace? alone?”

    “what’s your purpose!”

    Yhwach’s eyes were fixed on Qin Yi, but the sharp aura on his body had become calm.

    There was still a long time before he is ready for awakening, but for some reason, he was energized by the man who claimed to be Hades in front of him. It needs a Godlike guy to feel the true power of Hades.

    With one shot from Qin Yi’s Hades, Yhwach knew his true power.

    “you have the mysterious ability to wake me up and replenish the power in my body.”

    “Omniscient and powerful, I knew the existence of Wandereich.”

 “your strengths.”

    Qin Yi said with a smile.

    “I’m here to discuss cooperation with you!”

He said lightly, Qin Yi returned Hades to the scabbard, and his body changed back to its original state. It’s just different from the previous ones, that ferocious dragon underworld robe is still draped on his body, making his aura appear solemn and heavy.


    Yhwach raised his eyebrows, revealing a look of doubt.

    “Yes, Soul Society is about to undergo a major change. The huge empire from another world will attack here and occupy Soul Society.”

    Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

    His words shocked the Sternritters.

    Although Chengdui had secretly begun his plan, it was still calm on the surface, and they did not understand what Qin Yi said.


Yhwach’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he slowly closed his eyes.

    After a while, he opened his eyes with a serious expression on his face.

    “What you said is right, I see a short future!”

    “Countless Shinigamis are pouring into Soul Society, and a big battle is about to begin.”

    “The world is changing fast! It is shocking.”

    he stared at Qin Yi abruptly, and Yhwach said.

    “So, what about you? You don’t seem to be from this world, so what do you want?”

    “a King from another world!!” he suddenly said and shocked everyone, and they were all on guard. Yhwach stared at Qin Yi closely.

    He just said that there was an invasion by a king of another world, and now that guy in front of them himself is a king of another world. Such a situation made the people present somewhat confused.

    “Sure enough, you’re omniscient and omnipotent Yhwach.”

    “I didn’t expect that you could even see my identity.”

    Qin Yi stunned, then smiled.

    He found that he still underestimated these people. Yhwach is omniscient. Although on the surface it is the ability to predict the future, no one knew what effect it has.

    “Do you want to start a war with that king and make this world your arena?” Yhwach said suddenly.

“Unexpectedly, you can even see this.”

    “Yes, I am going to start a war in this world!”

    Qin Yi’s eyes sharpened, he knew that at this moment, he must Be strong, firm, and honest.

” Yhwach, this war is sweeping the world!”

“Whether you want to or not, it will cover the whole Soul Society, this world, and Hueco Mundo!”

“You don’t have any choice, You will join this war. “

    “No matter which side, you have to choose one, if you choose no side, you will be crushed into pieces in the end!” Said Qin Yi, and it made Yhwach’s expression gloomy.

    “I believe that you already felt the danger of this war!”

“That’s enough terror to destroy the whole world!”

    Yhwach’s red eyes became even more fierce. He was staring at Qin Yi.

    “Then, why should I choose you? Instead of the other king?”

    “Because you have no choice!”

    Qin Yi’s bloody eyes flashed staring at Yhwach.