The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 59: King To King

    “Where is Yhwach?”

    Qin Yi asked.

“Your Majesty is sleeping. What are you doing here?”

    Haschwalth stared at him and asked in a deep sleep.

    “Haschwalth, it’s something between two kings, can you step aside?”

    Qin Yi said lightly with sharp eyes.

    As he spoke, his blood-red eyes already gaze the friend of Yhwach who was sleeping on the high platform behind everyone in front of them.

    With a smile at the corner of his mouth, Qin Yi said again: “It seems that Yhwach didn’t realize my arrival!” he slowly lifted hades in his hand, and the black and red lights flickered together.

On the opposite side, the members of Sternritter are all gloomy.

    A single person can come here and recognize Haschwalth’s identity, but no one knows any information about him. Such a mysterious man with an unknown origin naturally made their hearts sink.


    Suddenly, on Qin Yi’s sword, a flash of red light flashed out, and he reached the front of Haschwalth and the others at an extremely fast speed.

    “Since he is still asleep, then I will wake him up!” he said with a vigorous voice, the Sternritter faces changed drastically, and they became nervous instantly.

    In his majesty’s deep sleep, no one must disturb him, otherwise, no one can bear the consequences.

“Deal with him!”

    Haschwalth yelled, immediately rushed to block the red energy. At the same time, behind him, more than a dozen figures rushed out immediately, toward Qin Yi.

“For people like you, it’s useless to try again!”

    Qin Yi shook Hades in his hand, and the black and red rays of light entangled and bloomed, turning into lines quickly wrapped his body.

    Then, a white bone armor covered his body, and the robes of the evil dragon and the devil covered him.

    At this moment, the body of Hades appeared quickly.

The void shuddered, rolling majestic and Hollow aura, black and red light instantly covered the sky, the explosive momentum, it seemed that even the sky became dim.

     “Dang!” The two sides have collided making the sparks fly.     

the members of the Sternritter were shocked, and their attacks did not have any effect.

    What’s more terrifying is that they attacked together at the same time and the opponent blocked their combined blow.   

  “Too weak!” Qin Yi growled, his long sword trembled, and a huge force exploded, pushing dozens of them out.

     At the same time, he pointed his Zanpakuto at his sleeping fella Yhwach on the high platform.  

   ” Yhwach, wake up!!”     Haschwalth was blocking the black and red strange attack with his hands. Although it looked inconspicuous, the energy contained in this small attack made his heart tremble.

    “a fusion of Shinigami and Hollow! Who the hell is this guy?!” He raised his head, and when he saw Qin Yi’s body of Hades at the moment, his body was stunned.

What made him even more disturbing was that the opponent seemed to be really omniscient and familiar with the characteristics of anyone in the Sternritter order. That attack seemed simple, but it burst out with more than a dozen different forces to attack each person’s weakness.

Horror, shock!

    At this time, Qin Yi Hades trembled, already pointing the tip of the blade to the ground.

Then, with a roar, his whole body burst out a terrible black-red light, and the tip of the blade was inserted into the ground in an instant.

    “Boom!” The violent energy aura twisted, growled, and whirled, turning into a black and red angry dragon, staring with ferocious eyes, rolling into the sky, and then roared, flickering and rushing at an extremely fast speed. He passed Haschwalth’s shoulder and rushed towards Yhwach behind him.


    Haschwalth, who had just hit him, was shocked. His eyes were filled with wonder.

    That huge black and red energy unexpectedly did not stop!

    “No!!” The members of the Sternritter’s eyes widened, looking at this scene in horror.

Shocked and despairing, they watched the thick black and red energy dragon rush into the body of Yhwach and collide with it.

    then, the whole audience stood in a daze, staring at this scene.


    Haschwalth’s chest rose and fell, and his anger was soaring.

    He fixed his eyes on Qin Yi, who was covered with bony armor. His hands trembled, and he immediately began to gather Reishi..

    ” Heilig Pfeil !” The arrow-like Spiritual energy attacked, and immediately shot toward Qin Yi, and the other Sternritter also reacted, roaring and about to launch an attack.

    Watching the overwhelming spirit attack, Qin Yi stepped forward. At this moment, he didn’t even evade.

    “Such an attack is just tickling!”

    In the shocked eyes of all of them, he stood there, letting arrows penetrate him.

    But what was even more shocking was that Qin Yi stepped out of the arrow, and he was unharmed.

    “Who are you?”

        Haschwalth roared, Qin Yi’s whole body changed, he changed into a bloody outfit, his face was extremely pale, and his whole body was radiating.

    “you know that guy above who called Soul King, then I’m the opposite of him, The King of Hell!”

    Qin Yi smirked and said coldly with blood-red eyes.



    Everyone there trembled. It is conceivable that no one knew such a name before, but after today, this name will be spread, and they will remember it.

    “Kill him!”

Haschwalth’s patience reached the limit. He roared angrily.

    king of hell in Qin Yi’s hand trembled.

    If you want to cooperate with the evil hidden god, you must first show your own value. He is happy to let these guys know how strong he is.

At the same time, he was hoping to use this war to find out what power level he has reached after growing up in this world.

    However, in the next moment, a majestic and powerful voice suddenly came out.

    “So, Hades, is this your gift for me?”

 When the voice came out, the members of Sternritter in the hall were all startled.

    “Your Majesty!”

They suddenly turned around and saw a man with long black hair and mustache, red pupils, sitting up slowly.

    This man was Yhwach, the supreme ruler of the Wandenreich, the son of the Soul King, the Father of the Quincy, with the designation “A” “The Almighty”!

As soon as he sat up, his red eyes suddenly fixed on Qin Yi.

“What a powerful oppression!”

    Qin Yi’s whole body was shaken, and then a more violent and fierce aura blew from his body, affected by his excitement, also rebounded, causing the entire Ice Palace to buzz and tremble.

    Yhwach stared at Qin Yi, a hint of doubt flashed in his red eyes, and there was also a hint of solemnity.

    He felt the power in the opponent’s body, he is very powerful now, and it seemed that he could not see its limit.

    “Who are you? Why awaken me?”

    A faint question made the members of the Sternritter stunned, and they all looked at Qin Yi suspiciously.

    ” Yhwach!”

    “It seems that your omniscience and omnipotence are not as good as me!”

    A sneer made the expressions of everyone in the hall gloomy.