The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 58: Yhwach

Wandenreich, the Silbern were hidden, stood here quietly for nearly a thousand years, and no one found them.

     Qin Yi was standing there at the moment and he still couldn’t see any difference in the quiet buildings.

    The guys were hidden here are the strongest in this world, stronger than Hueco Mundo, and Shinigamis will struggle a lot against them, Yhwach is the final boss of Bleach Universe.

    Yhwach even killed the Soul King and beat squad Zero, causing the gradual collapse of Soul Society, the Human World, and Hueco Mundo.

    Chengdui’s plan was a simple and straightforward strategy of conquering, but he is a fool, he didn’t know what’s hidden.

    to Qin Yi, Chengdui was indeed the most difficult enemy he has encountered since entering so many worlds. Whether it is his power or the huge power behind it.

    When he met Li Yuanli back then, it was completely different.

    This man is crazy, primitive, like his swordsmanship. He doesn’t know many skills, but he has reached the peak of the chop and slash.

    If Qin Yi can’t take this world, I am afraid that this guy with the help of Aizen will eventually occupy it.

    However, what was unexpected to Chengdui was the knowledge of Qin Yi, the cunning, and the wisdom of an Otaku.

    “You want to conquer Soul Society, then, I will unite with my fellow Yhwach to let you know what is the power of The Almighty!”

In The Thousand-Year Blood War, he even took away the power of Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and killed him.

    The Almighty ability he possesses makes him omniscient and omnipotent. No one knows what its specific effects are, but the name of it makes everyone tremble.

    “I don’t know, are you stronger than me, is the almighty stronger than King of hell?”

    Qin Yi smiled and took a step forward.

    Then, after ripples appeared from nowhere, his entire body entered the shadow.     

As his body disappeared, a brilliant and magnificent palace appeared in front of Qin Yi.   

  ” Silbern!” 

    Qin Yi murmured with a smile on his mouth.  

   He stepped towards the Ice Palace, but just three steps later, several figures suddenly flashed, surrounding him.


“Who are you? Why are you here? “

Although dressed differently, the aura released from their bodies was no less than a Shinigami captain, which is Sternritter.

     “You can call me Hades, the King of Hueco Mundo.”     

Qin Yi said lightly.

“I’m here to discuss a matter with Yhwach!”

Hearing Qin Yi’s words, the Sternritters were shocked.

    “Lord of Hueco Mundo? Hades?”

    “How did you know that your Majesty is here?”

    Qin Yi’s eyes were indifferent: “I heard that Yhwach is omniscient and omnipotent, did he not expect my arrival?”

    The members of Sternritter Startled, their pupils tightened.

    ” who said that he is the only omniscience?”

All of them were shocked.

“I know everything about the world, I know everything about him.”

“Here, I also want to compete with him to see whose ability can be called omniscient!”

    Qin Yi slowly drew his sword and pointed toward the members of the Sternritter.

    “I heard that my friend Yhwach is asleep, so you alone want to stop me?”

Qin Yi smirked and his eyes flashed.

    ” Huh?”

    ” let’s show him our power, Sternritter!”

    The Sternritters wearing white hooded long cloaks showed coldness in their eyes and rushed forward in a flash.

    Qin Yi smiled faintly, and a crimson light bloomed above Hades.


    “Let me show you the majesty of Hades!” The Zanpakuto trembled and hummed vigorously.

    ” Deep prestige!” In a moment, all the Sternritters who rushed suddenly stopped.

There were expressions of shock, panic, fear on their faces, and eyes.

    Staring at the Zanpakuto in Qin Yi’s hand, the bodies and souls of these people seemed to be shocked. At this moment, they couldn’t move anymore.

    This is Deep prestige, the majestic deterrence of Deep prestige, people who are not as strong as Qin Yi will be frozen directly.

    ” Vulnerable!” said lightly, Qin Yi stepped across their bodies, and in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived in front of the Ice Palace.

    “You Yhwach, let me see if you are awake!”

    Muttered, Qin Yi pointed his Zanpakuto to the ground and slowly stepped onto the steps.

    Since he has mastered Hades, he has been merging with Hades himself. In a sense, Hades possesses the same power as Hogyoku. He merges with Hogyoku, and it is helping him quickly get through the limits, and his strength will be constantly rising.

    At this time, the power on Qin Yi’s body was different from when he first contacted Hades.

    Stepping into the Ice Palace all the way, Qin Yi was slightly surprised that no one from the Sternritters stopped him until he stepped into the Ice Palace.

    After stepping through the palace gate, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and then he smiled.

“It turns out that everyone is waiting for me here.”

He glanced around and found that the Sternritters were all here.

    ” Haschwalth, Pernida, Askin, Bambietta, Äs Nödt, Liltotto.” Qin Yi muttered, then Qin Yi laughed.

They are all-powerful guys. If he pulls them out, he can definitely compare himself to the strongest beings in the world.

He didn’t know how powerful and terrible his power, and Chengdui’s power, at this level, they can’t measure it.

In his eyes, the importance of these people is great compared with the whole Soul Society

    is not easy to decide who wins with Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, but with the Wandenreich.

    No one can stop him under any circumstances!

Well, now it’s time to think about how to attract this group of people to be his partners.