The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 57: Wandenreich

    In the sky, a figure stepped out, with brown hair, wearing a Shihakushō and glasses, with a gentle smile.

    But its appearance caused Akashi’s pupils to shrink.


    It was Aizen who suddenly appeared.

    He stepped out of nowhere and quickly came to Akashi, smiling, watching the Arrancars disappearing in the distance.

    “It seems that you’ve just experienced a terrifying battle!”

    “It’s really rare to see so many Hollows. Have they completed some kind of evolution?”

    Holding his glasses, Aizen stared at the army and looked away. After a long time, he was slightly startled.

    This was what he planned to do with Hogyoku, to control the entire Hueco Mundo, but he did not expect that someone had completed it ahead of schedule, which really surprised him.

    With his eyes squinted, Aizen looked at Akashi in front of him, and smiled.

He thought that these people from different worlds were really interesting.

    “Have you got Hogyoku? Commander Akashi .”

Akashi looked wary. For some reason, he always had a fright in the face of this guy called Aizen, it was like facing a terrifying beast.

“Here it is.”

    Without hesitation, he took out Hogyoku and threw it to Aizen.

    “Well, everyone, in Utopia do things efficiently.”

    Aizen smiled and exclaimed, accepting Hogyoku with a gentle face.


Glancing at the scene, Aizen smiled and said.

    “Since commander Akashi is busy, I will leave.”


    Akashi nodded.

    He didn’t like this guy at all. The strong contrast between the gloomy feeling and the smile on the surface was extremely uncomfortable.

Aizen turned around and left, slowly disappearing.

    At the same time, Hueco Mundo.

     Urahara Kisuke, Li Yuanli, and others have been brought back by Arrancars.

    “This is?!”

    They were shocked by the terrifying, neatly arranged and in all shapes and races army.

 “Qin’s army!” After Li Yuanli had a rest, he had recovered a little, his eyes widened, and he couldn’t help calling out as he looked at the legion ahead.

     “Yuanli, is this Qin’s kingdom army that you mentioned before?”     Urahara Kisuke was startled.

     “Yes, this is the king’s army. I didn’t expect that he had already prepared, and had already transferred the army into Hueco Mundo.”

     Li Yuan took a deep breath and said.    

    “Chengdui summoned the army to the Soul Society, and the king is also accumulating troops.”

“This war, it seems, has begun!”

    Li Yuanli solemnly said.

They were surrounded in the battle of plundering Hogyoku just now. Qin Yi helped and rescued them. It was a trial confrontation between the two supreme kings.

    “Utopia’s army is still entering this world and more and more troops will be under the command of Chengdui!”

    “I really don’t know how this war will end up!”

    Li Yuanli sighed.

    He knew very well that such a war would break out only when the two kings were evenly matched and made up their minds to win the target world. As a result of the war, one of the kings will be swallowed, and the huge kingdom will be merged, absorbed, and owned by the opposite side.

    The king’s world is practicing the law of the dark forest. When two strange kings meet, one of them will either surrender or die. There is no other choice!

    “There are millions of troops here! It’s really scary!”

    “I can’t imagine what kind of existence the kingdom behind you is like!”

    Urahara sighed.

    Hirako Shinji, Kenpachi Zaraki and the others were all looking at the huge army in front of them in shock.

    “This is just the vanguard, If my king summoned the whole army, the number of troops must start with hundreds of millions of units, a billion maybe!”

    Li Yuanli said solemnly.

    Millions? Billion?

    Such numbers left Urahara Kisuke and others completely speechless.

    “Where is the king?”

Seeing that everyone was in shock, Li Yuanli asked Ulquiorra beside him.

“The king has gone to the Soul Society. You can wait in Las Noches.

    Ulquiorra said lightly.

    “Soul Society?”

    Li Yuanli was startled.

    “What is he going to do there? It’s the place where Kenhachi Chengdui!”

    Urahara Kisuke was also puzzled, worried for Qin Yi.

    “His Majesty mentioned that he was looking for the Wandenreich to discuss cooperation!”

    Ulquiorra replied lightly.

    ” Wandenreich?!”

    Li Yuanli didn’t know the meaning of these four words, but Urahara Kisuke and others were shocked.

    “They still exist?!”

In soul Society.

“Is this what can turn the whole king’s army into reapers?”

    “it seems inconspicuous!”

    Chengdui stared at Aizen, who’s melted two Hogyoku into one, and said coldly.

    “Captain Chengdui, don’t you know that the more inconspicuous things are, the more powerful they are?”

    Aizen said with a smile, grasping Hogyoku, which was floating in the air and emitting a faint halo.

    “I only care about army. Akashi has been constantly adjusting his power, and this world will soon be controlled by his Army!”

    “Then Qingliu Army and Ziliu Army will come. The Soul Society must be Controlled by us!”

Chengdui said fiercely.

    “Captain Chengdui do you want to fight against the Captains of the Soul society?”

    Aizen raised his eyebrows.

    “look at the bigger picture, we have to get them surrender and fight with us!”

    “In front of my army, they are as fragile as a straw!”

    Chengdui snorted coldly.

    “well, if you accept the captains and control Soul Society, our chances will be greater!”

    Aizen narrowed his eyes.

    It’s unbelievable, a madman-like guy in front of him has such a huge number of legions. What was even more shocking was that their strength was great. After being transformed into Reapers, their strength has increased and became stronger.

Such a force is likely to forcibly occupy soul society.

“Among them, Aizen your role is the biggest.”

    “When I conquer this world, I’ll reward you.”

    Chengdui said.

    ” thank you, Captain Chengdui.”

    Aizen said with a smile.

With the power of the army, control Soul Society, and then fight against Hueco Mundo,  What a wayward, rude, simple, and straightforward lunatic!

Just, you seem to have no idea who will occupy the most advantageous position in the end!

    Holding Hogyoku in his hand tightly, feeling the huge energy fluctuations on it, Aizen’s mouth curled and smiled happily.

    Soul Society, Seireitei.

    A figure in a Shihakusho twisted and suddenly appeared.

    “Is it here?”

    ” Silbern.”

    “Wandenreich!” Qin Yi murmured, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Well, I’d like to talk to you about cooperation.”