The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 56: Stop


    Akashi murmured and his eyes became extremely serious.

    He could feel shocking energy fluctuations from the pale guy in front of him.

    There is no doubt that this is an extremely dangerous guy! And he, after a big battle with Li Yuanli, had already consumed a lot.

    If he confronts the enemy in front of him, Akashi was not sure what will happen!

     Akashi asked.

    “Who are you? Why save him?”

    He asked solemnly.

    “By the order of the king,” he answered coldly.


    Akashi was startled, and then his whole body became tense, realizing that the person in front of him was under the enemy king’s command.

    Taking a few steps back again, Akashi’s eyes flickered.

    In the sky, the black and red cracks were getting bigger and bigger at this time, and a group of Arrancars stepped out of it, and then swooped down with a cold smile, and surrounded Urahara Kisuke and the others.

    All of them were dressed in white defaced costumes, with Zanpakutos slung around their waists, and their auras grew stronger and stronger.

    “It’s the army of the opposite king!”

    Akashi sighed.

    Ulquiorra just stood calmly opposite him, without any expression or movement, just like a sculpture.

    For a while, Akashi stopped making any moves.

    He felt that the crack in the sky was expanding, and more and more forces were coming, and he knew that the enemy’s reinforcements had arrived.

    “We have the Hogekyu, we should retreat!” The Reapers of Utopia retreated, Akashi ordered in a low voice.

    The goal of this trip is precise to take the Hogekyu. As long as they have it they will get access to produce more Reapers, and then they will be invincible.


    Reapers nodded behind him.

    The Reapers of Utopia were protecting the one who had the Hogekyu.

“Swishwwwwww!” In the field, many other Arrancars fell and came between the battlefields, guarding Zaraki, the Visored, and quickly fought against the army of Utopia.

    “Go!” After observing the battlefield for a while, realizing that the opponent’s reinforcements were not weak, Akashi issued an order.

    In an instant, the battlefield began to change, and a large number of Reapers retreated and left the battlefield gradually.

    ” Ulquiorra, why don’t you keep them?”

    Grimmjow came over, shouting.

“The king’s order is to save them, not to fight.”

    Back indifferently, Ulquiorra stared at Grimmjow again.

“Besides, stop yelling at me.”

    Grimmjow was stared at by the opponent, and his whole body immediately trembled, and he felt his scalp numb.

    “Huh, are you alive?” At this time, Li Yuanli, who was already lying on the ground, opened his eyes, looked at the two, and hesitated.

    “Take him and return to the Hueco Mundo.”

    Ulquiorra strode away.

    Grimmjow curled his lips and dared not refuse.

    He is not an opponent to the other side, even their king barely defeated Ulquiorra.

“Hateful, when I face the king, I will ask him to help me to break the limit again, see you can still order me!”

    Grimmjow secretly said while gritting his teeth.

    Then, he violently carried Li Yuanli on his back.

    “Hey, kid, you hurt me.”

    Li Yuanli murmured.


    Grimmjow sighed, rushing to the sky with a sudden movement.

“The king asked us to save you. Please follow us to Hueco Mundo.”

    Coyote looked much more polite, and he said to Urahara Kisuke gently.

    Seeing the hesitating and alert look on the opposite side.

    “Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Besides, Hueco Mundo’s defenses are unbreakable! No Shinigami can enter his Majesty’s realm without his permission.”

    Coyote explained again.

    “who is your king?”

    Urahara Kisuke asked, squinting his eyes.

    He could see that the group of people in front of him did not have malicious intent, and there was no murderous intent in them.

    “I’m afraid I can’t tell you, please forgive us but I think it is disrespectful to him.” Coyote smiled.

“Well, let’s go!”

    Urahara Kisuke’s eyes flashed, and he saw that Li Yuanli had been taken away by the blue-haired guy.

    Utopia Reapers was evacuated at an extremely fast speed, and they had already taken Hogyoku.

    “This is Hogyoku? Something that can transform us into Shinigami.”

Squinting at the Hogyoku in his hand, Akashi can feel the terrible energy fluctuation on it, but he couldn’t use it.

    Lead the army to retreat quickly, and then hide.

    “we will occupy this world first!”

    “Next, my king will order Qingliu Army and Ziliu Army to enter.”

    “The two guys are not good people to deal with!”

    Akashi’s expression became solemn as his eyes flashed.

    Among the three armies, he is the weakest among the leaders, and the Ziliu Army is the strongest!

    “This world is not a problem, but it seems that the opposite king is not easy to deal with!”

    murmured, Akashi had already noticed it through facing Ulquiorra just now.

    The man with a pale body seemed to be a native of this world. But he was serving that king, and that thousands of Arrancars seemed to have become subordinates of the opposing king.

    “What a terrible king! In a short period, he turned Hueco Mundo into his territory, creating such an army!”

    The strength of the Arrancar’s army can be said to be no weaker than his Army, and its combat effectiveness is amazing.

    “Soon, this world will become a terrible battlefield!”

    “With my king’s madness, I am afraid that we will fight the opponent to death!”

“After all, for him, conquest is the most memorable and enjoyable thing!”

    Akashi had led the Reapers to hide at this time, and he thought, knowing that the next battle would not be easy to fight.

    Neither are easy to deal with. Although he had never seen the king on the opposite side, from the aura of his subordinates, he can feel his mighty power, and he can also judge his talents and plans.

    “now we have to give Hogyoku to Aizen!”

    His eyes condensed, Akashi suddenly raised his head and looked forward.

    There, a crack suddenly appeared.