The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 55: Unlucky

    He has escaped!

    “How is it possible!”

    With surprise in his eyes, Zanpakuto in his hands.


    Akashi flew out, but after the blow, even though he spouted blood, the corners of his mouth burst into a smile.

    “King Yuanli, you are done!” Li Yuanli’s face was gloomy, he stared at the opponent sharply, and he clenched the Zanpakuto tightly.

    He naturally understood what Akashi meant. Every time he swiped a sword, his Reiatsu was expended, and the battle to this moment, coupled with the turbulence of time and space just now, made his strength at this moment begin to collapse. In the rapid weakening.

    ” before that, I will end you!”

    Li Yuanli said harshly, a red light burst into Li Yuanli’s pupils.

   he suddenly moved and the Reiatsu of his whole body became more and more huge at this moment. his aura was terrifying, its terror swept by, making the air suffocating, and the ground rumbled and collapsed.

    “is it the last shot?”

“I can block it!”

    Akashi’s pupils contracted, and his whole body trembled nervously.

    He knew that the opponent had realized that he could not last for long, so he gathered all the remaining energy and exploded in this hit.

    This will be the most terrifying blow from the opponent, and it will also be the final blow like a meteor!

    “The Song of time.”

“death song!”

    Li Yuanli roared as he stepped on the ground, breaking pieces of land.

    Just then, his body distorted and flickered, the handle of his Zanpakuto, was blooming like a flower forming a strange ring-like flower.

The void began to vibrate, a circle of invisible ripples seemed to envelop the two of them, and the majestic, strange power of time and space began to transmit.     

Li Yuan’s Reiatsu was consumed drastically at this moment.

     In the blink of an eye, he had reached Akashi’s face, and he swung his Zanpakuto, the flower was blooming, fluctuating, and transmitting, and there was a fragrance of death pollen.

     “This is?!”     Akashi, who was about to retreat, looked down and dodged the sword, his face suddenly changed.

His skin, hair, organs, limbs, bones, are all aging at this moment, and very fast.

“This is the death song no one can stop it, Fare Thee well!”

     “It is the ultimate of life and death. It is the struggle between survival and death.”

“Yes, you will die! be buried in time and space, defeated!”     Li Yuanli wielded his Zanpakuto again, his tone was cold and his eyes were sharp.

     Around his body, a little bit of Reiatsu drifted away, and the huge power of his body was decreasing at an extremely fast speed.

     “This is the song of time!”

    As he said, this is Shimin’s ultimate and supreme skill.

Only when he reached his limit can he perform this magnificent blow.

  He did it, the enemy fell into the terminal of time and space and perished there. but it cost him too much, his energy!   

  Their swords collided.

     Their faces were extremely solemn at this moment, and big beads of sweat dripped down their foreheads, fade in when they fell.

    Li Yuanli’s Reiatsu became weaker and weaker, and at the same time, the flesh of Akashi was getting older and older, his red hair turned white, his skin became wrinkled and pale, his flesh began to shrink and he became skinny.

    In a couple of seconds, Li Yuanli was exhausted, and the last trace of Reiatsu was consumed.

Just then, Shimin changed to his original form, The white bones around Yuanli smashed apart and fell to the ground, he could no longer wield his sword.


    Li Yuanli fell heavily to the ground, powerless.

    Looking up, Akashi trembling in front of him, like an old man, sighed again.

    “Did I fail?” Akashi was still alive in the end.

    It fell short!

    Song of Time is a strong attack. If it is at his peak, no matter who he is facing, this move will instantly kill him. No one can resist the power of time and space.

Whether it is aging or retrogression, the beginning and end of life are death!

It’s like the beginning and end of a ring, and the sound of time will merge them into each other, leading to the end!

At this moment, as if the light was shining back, his old body began to go against the current, from old to young. After a few minutes, he returned to his original appearance. If it succeeds, it is irreversible, but if it fails, everything backs to normal.

“What a terrifying skill!”

    “I walked through the hell gates and I came back!”

    Akashi was in shock.

It was the first time he was so close to death that he could see clearly what the end of his life was like.

    It was frightening, and the great fear of death made people tremble.

    “However, since I’m fine!” As he calmed down, Akashi’s eyes suddenly became cold and bloomed with cruelty.

    “it’s your end!”

    He raised his Zanpakuto, then waved it fiercely, aiming at Li Yuanli’s neck.

    On the battlefield, Urahara’s group roared.

    “Yuanli !!!”



Li Yuanli closed his eyes. He was very tired at the moment, very sleepy and peaceful, and the energy he consumed had hollowed out his body and turned him into a shell.

    But he was still conscious, and his mood was very complicated at this moment.

    “This world is really my sad world!”

    “I was killed as soon as I came here, and I have to die again.”

“That’s true.”

    “It sucks!”

    Li Yuanli despaired no one can save him.

    “Hiss!” a hiss came out of the wave of the sword and a blast of air hit his neck.

    “This is your end!”

    Li Yuanli sighed in his heart, waiting for his doomed fate.

However, in the blink of an eye, in this very critical moment.


In the sky, a crimson crack suddenly opened, and an ominous aura came out.

At the same time, a beam came to Li Yuanli at the speed of light.

    “Dang!” a  crisp sound of iron came out, and Akashi’s Zanpakuto was stopped.

    “Are you?!”

    His pupils contracted, Akashi stepped back and quickly distanced himself from the uninvited guest.

    the white robe, dark green eyes, cold, expressionless face, the whole person looked cold, like a dead thing, creepy.

    “The first Servant under his Majesty.”

    ” Ulquiorra!” The visitor said lightly.