The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 54: Indestructible

    “huh, who’s next?” The silver blade shone with cold light, Li Yuanli raised the Zanpakuto, pointing at Utopia’s army.

    “as expected, chickens!”

    He smirked, and leaned forward, and rushed forward.

    Waving his Zanpakuto, splitting all the Reapers in the way.

    Vice-captain, captain-level, no one was his opponent, he is like a bulldozer, violent and terrifying.

    “Too strong!!”

    “What a terrifying power, all the captain-level Reapers were not his opponents!”

At this moment, Li Yuanli’s strength reached the limit. His strength was the real peak of Shinigami, reaching level 7 of Starlight, even surpassing it.

    In a short time, many corpses were already lying behind him, blood flowing into a river, exuding a faint smell of blood.

    “Nothing can stop me! “

    Li Yuanli lowered his head and roared crazily.

    The Grim Reapers didn’t even see his figure when he was attacking, He was like a gust of wind, drifting in this side, sometimes drifting in that side, no one could stand after he passed near him.

    Li Yuanli was like using Shimin to perform a love song on the stage, telling the joys and sorrows between him and the enemy, and the separation of life and death.


    At the end of the battlefield Akashi slowly stood up, holding his Zanpakuto, his eyes glowing red, his expression turned into anger.

    “Commander Akashi, are you okay?”

    The Reapers ran over in surprise immediately.

    “It’s okay, my Zanpakuto defense all the direct attacks, it can’t hurt me!”

    ” I didn’t expect this guy’s power to be like that, you couldn’t stop it?”

     Akashi said solemnly, his eyes swept towards In the battlefield.

     ” king Yuanli is mighty, all The captains and Vice-captains are not his opponents.” A shinigami trembled.  

   “Hold on, his power won’t last long.”     Akashi’s eyes were cold, holding the Zanpakuto, striding towards.

     He was extremely fast. When he approached the battlefield, his pupils shrank again after seeing the scene.

    Here, is this horrifying scene made by that king? he was surrounded by tens of thousands of Reapers, no one was his opponent.  

   “Haha!” The ferocious laughter spread as if a crow was cawing. At this moment, Li Yuanli’s whole body had become white, like a skeleton.

and a long bone tail emerged from his spine, strange bones appeared around his neck.

     his power has been sublimated to the extreme, blooming to the extreme, burning freely, majestic, rolling, and spreading.

     Akashi sighed and rushed in with gloomy eyes.

    “oh, you still here, you are out of my league!”    

Li Yuanli sneered and attacked again with a strike.

    “Is that true? Let’s prove it!”

    Akashi said coldly, his whole body shook at this moment, an inexplicable aura fluctuation spread out, and the majestic Reiatsu instantly swayed Li Yuan.

    “Oh, you got some strength!” The next moment, the two suddenly rushed in extreme speed and collided fiercely.

    Li Yuanli held the Zanpakuto in one hand and brandished it. Akashi was holding his Zanpakuto in both hands, exerting all his strength.


The airwaves burst and the many Reapers around them were lifted and get knocked away under the terrible wave aftereffect..

At this time, his eyes were awe-inspiring, and his body pushed backward at this moment. After more than ten meters, he stopped.

    Li Yuanli was interested.

    “Interesting! you can resist my attack!”

    Akashi raised his head, flicking a long sword in both hands, his eyes were extremely serious: “King Yuanli, your power is terrifying.”

    “But I’m not weak!” The two-faced each other, and after a short while, they collided fiercely with Zanpakutos.

    The power in Li Yuan’s hand, the burst of Reiatsu, became stronger and stronger, and Akashi’s distance became farther and farther back.

    This terrifying power, even his amazing defense, could not stand before it.

    “Boom boom boom boom!” The attack range of the two men occupies a radius of hundreds of meters, and they kept colliding, and each collision shook the entire battlefield.

    “Blocked it!!”

    “you are indeed powerful!”

    “Great!” The Reapers of Utopia were excited and shouted excitedly.

    Li Yuanli’s strength made them terrified. Now they were happy to have a person who can compete with him.

After more than ten minutes, the two began to fight with each other at super high speed. After the collision, the airwaves spread out from different angles and directions.

    After a couple of seconds, in the eyes of the rest of them, they have turned into two distorted rays of light, and at every moment, they were bursting outwards with extremely powerful Reiatsu fluctuations.

    “What a tough guy!”

    Li Yuanli began to become solemn.

    At this moment, his strength is indeed much higher than that of the opponent, and he also crushes the opponent every time.

    But crushing does not mean that he can defeat him. That red-haired Shinigami in front of him was the first person he encountered who could face off against his ultimate form, although he was barely contending.

    “It can’t last long, right? King Yuanli!”

    “This kind of blooming limit is not your power, you can’t maintain it for long!”

    Akashi sneered.

At the moment, his clothes were torn, There were scars on his chest, arms, and thighs, but they were not fatal.

“Your defense and attack power is far superior to that of ordinary people. You can block the king’s sword, tell me your name!”

    Li Yuanli shouted in a deep voice.

The other side was right. His Reiatsu has begun to weaken. Although the power from the future time and space is strong, it also consumes a great amount of Reiatsu, and there is a time limit.

    “Akashi! The commander of the red flow army, one of the three armies of the country!”

    Akashi said coldly.

    “well, I will remember you!”

    “When I kill you!” Li Yuanli grinned, swung his Zanpakuto fiercely.

    The power of time and space also vibrated at this moment and instantly spread to Akashi’s body.

  Immediately, Li Yuanli came to Akashi’s eyes and severely slashed his Zanpakuto.

    However, what caused his pupils to shrink was that Akashi, who had fallen into the turbulence of time and space a moment ago, was constantly fluctuating, and even after his whole body was shaken, the turbulence of that time collapsed.