The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 53: Akashi

    Li Yuanli is indeed a genius, which is beyond doubt.

    The power of Shimin’s Bankai can trap his enemies into the flow of time and space, and it can also buff Yuanli and let his strength reach the limit of this moment.

    At this moment, he reached the peak of his power, that he ever can reach, a power from his future self.

Of course, this buff will cost a great amount of Reiatsu!

    At this time, he will consume his Reiatsu, which is equivalent to borrowing power from the Shinigami power of his future self, It is naturally will cost so much energy.

Moreover, once his Reiatsu is exhausted, this skill will be locked, and cannot be used again after cooling down for a long time.

But at the moment, he is unimaginably powerful!

    Reiatsu immediately skyrocketed to the maximum!

    The degree of skill control and the damage, soaring to the maximum!

    Hollow power, as time goes on, will also maximum!

    It can be said that Li Yuanli at this moment is one of the greatest Reapers of all time!

although Li Yuanli’s talent is outstanding, with such a bummer as Qin Yi, he always ranked as the second. However, at this time, he was shining like a star.

    That terrifying aura even surpassed the strongest momentum Qin Yi had showed in Hueco Mundo!

    ” horrible!!”

    “How can he be so strong!”

   The read haired reapers’ eyes flickered, extremely solemn.

    They had never seen such power before or even felt it.

  It can be said that if that guy was willing to join King Chengdui, they would have been entered Moonlight level civilization.  

But they have nothing to do!

It’s just a pity!

     “However, in any case, this guy can’t stay. It is a great hindrance to our king’s road!”

     “He must die, no matter how much it costs!”

 His eyes became cold and stern, the red-haired reaper hair raised his hand slightly.

     “Commander Akashi, please give your orders.”

    “Distribute combat power and besiege the rest of the targets, and take down them as quickly as possible!”     

“Then, use 50% of your troops to attack King Yuanli!”  

   “This king must Die here!”

     Akashi’s voice was cold, his eyes shot endlessly with killing intent.

“Yes!”     the reaper nodded immediately, and then quickly ordered.

     In the blink of an eye, the battlefield began to change, and Zaraki, the Visored, and Kisuke Urahara were all besieged by more captains.

     “It’s not good!”     Urahara dodged the attack and glanced down at his injured shoulder.

     The opponent’s single strength is generally not his opponent, but he can’t hold on to many reapers at the Captain-level and attack together simultaneously!  

   It’s easy to understand, it’s like you are a good fighter, and five people on the opposite side want to beat you. One-on-one, you can beat the hell out of them, but five to one, the other side would beat the hell out of you, for Urahara that was numerous reapers many of them at Captain level

  At this moment, Kisuke Urahara felt despaired.

    With the rapid progress of the battle, on their side, it can be said that everyone was injured. And they consume a great amount of Reaitsu, even a few members in Visored had their masks broken, and they are struggling to persist.

    The war fell into a one-sided trend, and Urahara Kisuke and others seemed to be unable to hold it.

    Except for Li Yuanli.

    His aura at this moment was almost like an explosion, rushing upwards fiercely, becoming stronger and more overbearing, rolling in and radiating in all directions.

  Yuanli rose his head and roared!

    His body was changing at this moment, and white bones began to appear on the surface.

    “You all have to die!”

All of a sudden, Li Yuan turned his head, and his silver eyes under the hollow mask were staring at a standard Shinigami, making him tremble.

A strong shock burst out of the place, followed by the sharp whistling of the air. Before the Reaper had reacted, and his head has been grabbed immediately.

   he saw bone claws between his eyes.

    The Reaper felt terrified.

    Even if he was a captain, he felt insignificance and awe in front of this power.


    Suddenly, power erupted. Li Yuanli pressed his right hand fiercely. In the shock of everyone’s eyes, he pressed the captain class Reaper’s head. The dust filled the sky and the ground collapsed. Cracked.

    Yuanli roared.

    Breaking the boundaries of the Shinigami and entering the Hollow’s world will make the soul bear too many negative emotions. He needs to roar and scream to dispel the chaotic negative thoughts.

    “Die, die!”

    With a sweep of his silver pupils, Li Yuan moved away from his figure and began to move at high speed.

    He held the Zanpakuto and swung it at the Captain-class reaper beside him.

     Li Yuanli was wielding his sword violently, and under the majestic Reiatsu, every stroke was violently sinking, carrying unparalleled power.


    Five figures flew out fiercely, crashing dozens of buildings behind them.

Rage! Li Yuanli’s power at this moment was mighty, and he fell into an extremely irritable and terrifying moment.

    “Are you delusional to deal with King Yuanli?”

    “well, Bad News!”

    “In this whole world, only that kid Qin Yi can defeat me!” (well Chengdui did beat you!)

    Domineering, arrogant, his voice spread throughout the audience, making everyone feel trembling.

Li Yuan from this moment of mightiness, the power to bring him an unlimited sense of refreshing, made him arrogant.

Stride forward, with a breakneck speed, rushing into Utopia army.

    “Boom boom boom boom!”

    One after another, the explosion sound spread out, making Chief Akashi’s expression gloomy.

    None of the elite under his command is his opponent, and even nearly a hundred captains and vice-captain-level powerhouses could not catch up with the speed of the opponent.

Seeing his side’s loss more and more, Akashi couldn’t bear it anymore, and he held his Zanpakuto at his waist.

    “Let this King experience your power!”

    he pulled it out slowly, With its drawing, silver lights flashed out one after another. The bright blade was revealed in front of everyone.

“Sharp blade, sharp start!”

    “Let this king see your sharpness!”

    Taking a stride, Akashi’s eyes grew colder.

    At the same time, Li Yuanli felt the sharp gaze behind him, and he turned his head abruptly.

    Grinning, showing a ferocious smile like a beast.

    “Do you want to fight against the king?”

    “Then, take this!”

His figure scurried, suddenly disappeared.

    In the next second, Akashi’s pupils suddenly contracted.

    Then, holding Zanpakuto in his right hand, grinning, he swung it fiercely.


Akashi was chopped out and rolled on the ground for nearly a hundred meters.

The whole scene was shocking and inexplicable.

    Li Yuanli laughed, standing in the field, and his eyes were was erupting the king’s power.

Li Yuanli showed his power!