The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 52: Genius

    Li Yuanli strode and rushed into the Reapers crowd in the blink of an eye.

    His arrival immediately shocked the Reaper.

    “The Dark Omen, the Time and space, chaos, sorrow, and nothingness weave a long song.”

    “This is the sad song of time and space, the whine of life.”

“Bear the weight of time and space.”

    waving his Zanpakuto, a silver ring on it swayed and floated with the wind, ripples spread out, and the strange syllables resounded, like a god singing a sad song in the dark.

   “Jingling, wailing, screaming.” The voice vibrated and passed to the closest reaper to him. His extremely dynamic figure immediately became extremely quiet, and his expression turned into pain and despair., and immediately, his head became smaller, his skin became tender, his body became smaller, and he became a seven or eight-year-old boy in a moment.

    There were ripples around his body, seeming to be isolated from normal time and space, living alone for a period of childhood.

    “No, what’s going on?”

    The reaper shouted; his face full of panic.

    But no one answered him, The Reapers who saw this scene were shocked, with sweat on their foreheads, and were shocked.

The power of time is the most elusive ability.

    Time is more powerful than a sword, cutting the body, without notice it, making people go to decline. Everyone has the most fragile moments in their lives, that is, when they are born and when they are old. If they return to these two moments, everyone will be extremely weak.

    Li Yuanli didn’t stop. With a wave of his Zhanpakuto, he cut off the reaper.


The red blood spilled out and a corpse fell to the ground.

    Then the Reapers were stunned and horrified, Yuanli waved his Zanpakuto and another person’s figure changed and became an old man, trembling and barely moving. Then Yuanli cut him off.

    Along the way, Li Yuanli left behind a series of Reapers corpses, which caused everyone to shake.     

“Time-space Zhanpakut! huh, what a great Zanpakuto!”

     “Yuanli’s power is too terrifying!”    

Urahara Kisuke fighting several enemies in front of him squinted and muttered.   

Great Zanpakuto, Great swordsmanship skill, great Reiatsu!

After a while, Li Yuanli’s body was covered with corpses. He stood with his Zanpakuto in his hand, his eyes were sharp.  

   this time he really had the momentum of a king. When he stood there, no one dared to step forward.

     Zaraki was already at a standoff at the moment. He was entangled by five captain-level Reapers, but his powerful Reiatsu allowed him to injure them hard even if he was one-to-five.

    It can be seen that although the army of Reapers in Utopia is of high quality and large in quantity because they have just entered, they were still not familiar with their new power.   

  The Visored members were forced into defense tactics at this moment. Each of them was very powerful, but compared to the huge reaper Legion of Utopia, it still seemed a little insignificant.   

at this moment, Li Yuanli’s situation was the most eye-catching.

He stood proudly on the spot, and no one with whom he was facing could make a move.

     “Ten together!!” On the battlefield, A high-rank reaper roared.

They all yelled: “Attack!”

    their Reiatsu erupted. At the same time, their body leaned forward and ran forward in large strides. Ten people contracted inward in a circle from different places and attacked Li Yuanli.

Fighting them one by one, seemed easy, so how about increasing the number of simultaneous attacks?

    The reapers had arranged their formation, surrounded Li Yuanli, ready for his attack.

    “Soul Grief!”

    Li Yuanli saw ten people approaching, he waved back the Zanpakuto, and then fiercely inserted it into the ground in front of him.

Immediately, the powerful Reiatsu erupted in an instant, and at the same time, accompanied by a sound of despair, the ten reapers around him, all fell into the shock of time and space.

    But even if they were wandering between childhood and oldness, these ten people were still as strong as steel, and they still attacked with Zanpakuto, with extremely determined attitudes.

    ” Broken Soul!” Li Yuanli’s eyes were cold and sharp, and he grasped the handle of the Zanpakuto that was inserted into the ground, and then suddenly pulled out the Zanpakuto.


    At this moment, his Zanpakuto burst into light, and numerous beams of lights and shadows condensed into silver rays, which became crescent-shaped, and cut out suddenly.

“Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff!”

    After leaning slightly, the crescent-shaped light spread out into a ring shape, directly cutting the ten reapers who attacked.

    “Would you like to use these scums to take on a king?”


    Li Yuanli waved his long sword, standing proudly on his spot, coldly said.

    The red-haired Reaper narrowed his eyes: “Ten captains, go straight up.”

    “our time is precious, do not waste it here!”

    At his command, ten Reapers rushed out immediately, and the other Reapers stepped back.

    “King Yuanli, we admit that your space-time power is strange and terrifying.”

“But we’re not vegetarian either.”

“Today, you must die!”

    Yuanli sneered and pointed his Zanpakuto.

    “Come on, then.”

    The aura on his body became stronger at this moment, and the rippling Reiatsu seemed to be heavier and majestic.

    What is even more bizarre is that the silver ring that was originally hung on the blade turned into a silver light, covering the blade, turning into a ferocious lance.

“You are my Blade as the time is mine!”

    “I command you as a king!”

“Like the sun in the sky!”

Li Yuanli roared; The atmosphere shocked everyone present.

    “Go! Stop him!”

    “This aura is even more terrifying!” The ten captains were gloomy, and with a wave of the Zanpakuto, they rushed up.

    But as soon as they arrived five meters away from Li Yuan, they were shocked.

    “This is?!!!”

Hollow’s mask covered Li Yuanli’s face at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then took on the appearance of a hollow, extremely hideous and terrifying.

    At the same time, an incomparably shocking aura erupted from his body, The violent Reiatsu instantly collapsed the ground under his feet, and the dust took on a whirlwind shape, blowing in all directions.

    ” This is the blessing of the power of time and space on his body!”

    “he hasn’t mastered his Hollow power yet, but his power now is great!”

    ” What a genius!”

    Urahara Kisuke murmured.