The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 51: Kneel

    The red-haired Reaper squinted his eyes, then laughed again.

    “It’s very interesting. A bunch of people wants to fight us?”

    “What gives you so much confidence?”

He stepped out, pointing forward with the serrated sword in his hand.

“Draw your swords, For Utopia.”

“they underestimate us!”

the tens of thousands of Reapers roared and rushed.

    The next moment, in the shocked eyes of the Visored and Li Yuanli and the boys.


The majestic Reiatsu burst out at this moment.

    “Are you kidding me?”

    “Hey, Is this a Nightmare?!!”

    “hundreds of people have mastered Bankai, what is going on?!”

    Li Yuanli and the others were stunned, even when they just arrived. Hirako Shinji and the others were shocked.

    How many people are there in the Soul Society? How many people have mastered Bankai and the Reapers reached the rank of Vice-captain? But here, there are hundreds of them. This horrible situation made them tremble and shocked.

    Kisuke Urahara was shocked then he shouted.

    “Hogyoku! It’s Hogyoku!!”

    He suddenly raised his head and stared at the hundreds of Reapers who stepped out of the crowd in front of them. They have different forms, but there is no doubt that they have broken the boundary and mastered Bankai. Reach the Vice-captain level and even the captain level.

    Li Yuanli’s eyes flickered and he was extremely nervous, then he roared.

    “That bastard completely disrupted the pattern of the world and made the world go wild!”

   “Kenpachi Chengdui is crazy!!”     Li Yuanli was extremely solemn.    

 He was simply a lunatic, he even cooperated with Aizen, and did such a frenzied thing before he ruled the world. The more terrifying thing is that Li Yuanli realized that that lunatic was about to start a general attack. 

It’s not a clever step-by-step management strength, steady, building a great power and a civilization, and finally, conquer the whole country. It’s a crazy direct gambler savage attack!

  “That idiot Aizen helped him. This is speeding up the process!”     Li Yuanli said solemnly.

“Today, our goal is just to take Hogyoku.”    

 “So, don’t flatter yourself.” The Red-Haired Reaper sneered.

     This time, the only thing that surprised him was that there was a king in the opposite direction. But it doesn’t matter. At most, it’s just a little bit more difficult to deal with. It’s not an unkillable enemy.

     At this moment, Zaraki raised his Zanpakuto and pointed straight ahead.  


“speak with your sword like men!”

     “You guys have already made my blood boil!”

    His face was crazy, revealing a strong killing intent, suddenly he swung his Zanpakuto forward, and a huge power surged out.

    “Om!” The air trembled, and the surrounding Reapers leaped quickly and dodged.

    Zaraki smirked and he directly rushed into the group of Reapers, facing them alone.

    “Kill him!!” In the blink of an eye, many Reapers wielded their Zanpakuto to attack.

 “Ha! Come on, today, let me have a good fight!”  Zaraki roared, held the sword in one hand, and huge Reiatsu fluctuations erupted all over his body, rolling toward the front.

    there was already numerous Zanpakuto slashed on his body, but no one could harm him with his Damage High Resistance.

    In turn, Zaraki turned his head and stared at the Reapers who were attacking him.

    “Are you tickling me?” The huge Reiatsu rolled out, and his tall and burly figure immediately pushed the four Reapers, causing extremely powerful pressure, frightened them, even their bodies could not move.

    “get ready I’ll show you how to use swords!” Zaraki said solemnly and slashed.


    With one stroke he slashed the chests of the four of them, and they seriously injured.

    The bloody, cruel, violent fighting style of Zaraki was vividly displayed at the beginning.

    “Zaraki, the one that fought our king many times, kill him!” The

    Red Haired Reaper said coldly.

    Immediately, three figures rushed out and went straight to Zaraki.

    “Zaraki is too impulsive, help him!”

    Urahara Kisuke solemnly said, The crutch shattered in his hand suddenly, and his Zanpakuto appeared. His body swayed and rushed into the battlefield.

    “I have to say it! This time we’re really dead!”

 “This crazy son of a bitch! “

    Li Yuanli yelled; his eyes turned cold.

    He slammed his Zanpakuto sharply, and the majestic Reiatsu exploded instantly.


    With a roar, the time and space around his body seemed to be twisted at this moment, and the rolling pressure surging in all directions.

    a silver beam was flying and dancing, wrapping around him like a silver fire undulating up and down, then, Li Yuanli appeared in people’s eyes.

    At this time, his outfit was changed.

    a silver robe covered his whole body, his hair was bound with a silver weird star, with a cool face looks extremely indifferent. Its Zanpakuto has become a narrow blade with layers of weird stars ring.

    ” Shimin Let me take you to the war and show your true strength! “

With indifferent eyes, Li Yuanli exploded with his true majesty and strength at this moment.

    This change stunned everyone present.

   “It’s so powerful. What’s the matter with this boy? When did he master Bankai? “

    Zaraki slashed the Reapers before him, turning his head to look at Li Yuanli.

    “Is Yuanli so strong? There might be hope now!”

    Urahara Kisuke’s eyes narrowed, and he was excited.


Urahara and the boys roared and were ready to fight!

    At the same moment, in the Reaper Legion of Utopia, they stepped forward, their eyes cold, divided into several parties, and surrounded them.

    “We are surrounded!”

    Li Yuanli murmured.

    “Then let’s fight!” his long Zanpakuto trembled, Shimin burst into silver light and swung out suddenly.

    “Feel the chaos of time and space, scum!”

    “In front of the king, you all have to kneel!”