The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 50: Visored

    the number of the reapers was enough to shock Zaraki!

    Numerous Reapers with High Spiritual Power (Lieutenant-class) that’s terrifying.

    What is even more frightening is that they even felt Great Spiritual Power (Captin-Class) in some of them.

    “It surprised me, Kenpachi Chengdui!”

    Urahara Kisuke murmured while grasping his crutch, his eyes becoming extremely solemn at this moment.

    “He has summoned the army of the King’s World to Shinigami Realm.”

    Li Yuanli said with fine sweat on his forehead.

    Their Reiatsu was incredible, overwhelming.

    Different from ordinary Shinigamis, these people not only possess the abilities and Reiatsu of Shinigami but also possess excellent qualities of an army, their eyes revealed their determination to die.

    “If I could kill their king here, my king would be very happy.”

Li Yuanli looked up and said with a sneer.

    Above them the white-browed Shinigami appeared, standing in the air, looking down at them.

    “Didn’t your king teach you to be polite in front of kings?”

    Li Yuanli said indifferently, and he slowly raised his Zanpakuto, pointing directly at the Grim Reaper.

    Suddenly, a twisted vortex burst out from the tip of the blade.

    “cry, Shīmin!” (sound of time)

    Shimin’s voice came out, the vortex suddenly became larger, and with an incomparable light burst out, and the harsh and sharp sound also shook, and the neighing made everyone cover their ears.

    “Listen carefully, boy, this is the neigh of time and space!!”

    Li Yuanli said with a sneer, and the Zanpakuto sword suddenly flew straight into the air.

The whirlpool disappeared suddenly, and everything subsided as if all just were illusions.    “Where is it?”

the white-browed Shinigami asked in surprise, his eyes glanced around.   

  However, in the next moment, his whole body trembled, and his eyes showed shocked eyes.    

“Is this?!!”    

The body of the white-browed Reaper was constantly changing at this moment, which horrified the others.

     “Young, old, prosperous, and decaying.”   

  “You will be wandering in these four corners of time and space, your time has been distorted.”

“Enjoy this short journey, kid!”     Li Yuanli said with indifferent eyes.

     Kisuke Urahara from the rear looked surprised:

“The space-time Type, your Zanpakuto got a space-time system!”

   Zaraki and the others were even more shocked.    

 The Zanpakuto of the time-space Type is extremely rare! And its power seemed to be mighty!

     In the air, the figure of the white-browed Reaper was constantly changing, his movement became difficult, and his body was constantly transformed, which made him be affected by the distortion of time and space. When he was young, his body was weak and without any strength. When he grew up, his strength reached its peak and he could move his body, unleash a powerful force, at its peak, it can be stronger than it is at the moment, but when he gets older it fades, it becomes more fragile.     

This kind of change between the corners of time and strength made his body crazy.

    “damn!!” He shouted, even his voice was constantly changing from a baby to an old man.

    “I’m King Yuanli!”

    “Go back and tell your King I’m still alive and I will kill you!”

    “and you think that tens of thousands of Reapers can stop me?”

    ” you don’t seem to understand the king’s power!” Yuanli’s voice was getting colder and colder, and a majestic king’s power swept out of Li Yuanli’s body, showing a slight ripple.

    Suddenly, the faces of the Reapers in front of them showed a look of fear. They have a deep understanding of the power of King Chengdui, and when they see other kings, they naturally realize how potential could be.

    The king, at any time, left them with an impression of being powerful, domineering, cruel, and ruthless!

    with no exceptions!

    “Honorable King Yuanli.”

    At this moment, a burly, red-haired reaper stepped forward with a deep voice.

    “Fighting against your Majesty, as you said, we may underestimate your power and we have to pay many lives.”

    “However, we are also willing to sacrifice everything for our king!”

“It seems that you are naive if you want to defeat us with your hegemony!”

The corner of his mouth showed a wisp of disdain, sneered.

    “It is our mission and glory to dedicate ourselves to Utopia and our king!”

    Then he raized his right hand and roared.

    “Fight for your King!” At this moment, Li Yuanli’s face discolored.

The power of the time and space system Zanpakuto was very strong, but its only weakness is obvious, that is, it can’t attack in groups, and it doesn’t have any large-scale skills. In the face of tens of thousands of powerful well-trained Reapers, he has no options.

    What’s more tragic is that the other party verified that he was a King, and they were obviously more excited and careful.

    “Take thousands of enemies, I haven’t tried it yet!”

    “let’s kill them all!”

Zaraki waved his Zanpakuto, looking at the Reapers who were coming, Said.

    “damn it! “

    Li Yuanli sighed secretly.

    “This is my end I guess!”

    “Fight, until the end!”

    Urahara Kisuke said.

    “Moreover, we are not alone!” As soon as he said, eight figures flashed out, blocking in front of them instantly, and eight long Zanpakuto slammed out.


    The ground immediately in front of them collapsed, a strong energy wave erupted, and numerous Reapers were blown up.

The Reapers slowed down and looked at the guys standing in front of them.

    Hollow’s masks and the rippling Hollow’s aura on their body made everyone startled and uneasy.

“Sorry, I’m late!”

    “Nice to meet you, I’m Hirako Shinji.”

 ” Hiyori Sarugaki. Muguruma Kensei”

    ” Aikawa Love.”

    ” Kuna Mashiro.”

    ” Ōtoribashi Rōjūrō.”

    ” Yadōmaru Risa.”

    “Ushōda Hachigen. “

    Eight figure turned their heads, hideous white Hollow mask, one by one tell their names.

After the introduction, the eight turned to the front again, facing the army of reapers.


    “let’s go!!”