The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 69: Ants and Dragons

    the guys in Las Noches couldn’t believe that Chengdui could even be Hollow.

He had already mastered his Zanpakuto to the same level as the Captain-commander, and his strength almost reached the limit of Soul Society. At this time, he was even a Hollow.

    “How powerful is he now?” In an instant, he slashed Yamamoto’s body, which shocked everyone. All of them were attracted by this battle.

    What will happen next? How will the situation develop?

“Captain!!!” In Soul Society, the captains of the various divisions were stunned, but they were entangled by the enemy, and they couldn’t get out.

“You are too old. Although old represents the lessons of life, represents the hard-won strength after years of hard work, it also represents decay!”

    “Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, your era is over.”

    “Next It’s the age of the king!” The sound of Chengdui was echoing, shaking the void.

    He stepped out step by step, approaching Yamamoto’s eyes, and slowly raised his hand.

    The Zanpakuto swung down, cutting through the air, and the sharp blade of the Zanpakuto went straight to Yamamoto’s neck.

    The latter’s pupils contracted and wanted to use the power of the Zanpakuto, but at this moment found that no matter how it was urged, Zanka No Tachi could not be used.

    “It’s sealed!”

    chengdui’s Zanpakuto can even seal the power after Banka. Moreover, this kind of seal seemed to be different from before, except that he was hit by a strike, Yamamoto was unable to use the power of his Zanpakuto again.

    “Puff!” once the blades slashed the body of Yamamoto, blood splashed, and he took a step back.     After a few hits in a row, everyone watched quietly.  

   “Can’t you fight without your Zanpakuto?”     smirked Chengdui, Yamamoto’s eyes flashed with an extremely sharp light, and the powerful aura on his body exploded again.  

   ” Hum!” In the blink of an eye, the seriously injured Yamamoto rushed and came before Chengdui.

he suddenly clenched his right fist, the air blew, and his face became extremely hideous and terrifying at this moment.   

  ” Ikkotsu!”

    “Boom!” although this hit was blocked by Chengdui, his body pushed meters back.   

Chengdui’s right hand flicked, and the thin bone armor on his face was actually extended again at this moment, extending below the neck, and the power flow skyrocketed.    

 “He is losing his mind!!”

Hirako Shinji trembled.

    Qin Yi’s pupils shrank, but he didn’t think so.

Chengdui himself is a lunatic, and the invasion of this negative aura at the time of being Hollow was no different from his origin. In a way, this guy is the most suitable for Hollow form!

“What a tough man!” Qin Yi sighed in his heart.

Although this guy is crazy, his strength and courage are undoubtedly at a terrible level.

    In Soul Society.

    Yamamoto, strode again, clenching his fists.

    “Sōkotsu!” With a bang, Chengdui’s body trembled, and he was blown back tens of meters away again.

    “Tough old man!!”

“In that case, I will send you to Heaven now!”

    He muttered first, and then his voice became hideous, crazy, roaring up to the sky.

    The crimson aura was shining around his body, mixed with purple and white sparkles.

    A hollow! What’s more terrifying is that there were two black and spiral horns protruding from the top of his head.

    “This guy!!”

    It is impossible to imagine that Chengdui has mastered the Hollow transformation so quickly.


    He slowly raised his right hand, his head distorted.

    Ferocious! This guy was simply the fiercest and craziest creature in this world!

    A crimson light burst out from between his fingers in the blink of an eye, rushing towards Yamamoto.

    The pupils of the latter shrank, and his figure suddenly flashed.


    The Cero hit a group of Utopia Shinigami was behind Yamamoto, burst into a red flame.

Seeing this scene, the onlookers all shudder and have a clearer understanding of the madman.

    Ruthless and careless, he didn’t even care about his men.

    Immediately afterward, his fingers trembled, and beams of light burst out, blasting the ground, wiping nearly 100,000 of his own troops.

    Qing Feng stood with his sword, trembling all over, but expressionless, just muttering to himself.

“To die for my king is glory!”

    “It’s an honor to die for Utopia!” Yes, it’s all for glory. No matter how many people were sacrificed, it’s worth it, no matter who killed this person!

    As long as you can win!

The sound of footsteps was clear, and Yamamoto was running fast, approaching Chengdui again.

    ” Gran Rey Cero!”

    Seeing the old man who was only three meters away from him, a dark purple light flashed in the hands of Chengdui.

    ” Hadō 91, Senju Kōten Taihō!”

    “Ittokaso!” chanting, Yamamoto launched two attacks and stretched his hands at this moment.

    After rushing out with a roar, the two beams entangled with each other, forming a stronger energy shock wave.

    At this moment, Yamamoto showed that his mastery of Hado reached the peak.


    Suddenly, the attacks of the two collided, and the sparks spread to the surrounding at extreme speed.

    “I’m not just a Zanpakuto!”

    Pushing his hands forward, releasing powerful energy, Yamamoto shouted loudly.

    At this moment, Soul Society was shocked and excited.

    This was their captain-commander even if his Zanpakuto was sealed by Chengdui’s Zanpakuto, he could still burst out a terrifying power far beyond any captain.

“I appreciate your power, but it’s a pity.”

“You have to die.”

All of a sudden, the space in front of him was distorted, and a gloomy voice came into the ears of Yamamoto. At this moment, his pupils contracted, and a sharp sword mixed with light reflected in his eyes.

Then, ominous aura, a skull face appeared with crimson eyes, he broke through the front of the attack range, came to him.

    At this moment, the two are only three centimeters apart.

With the Zanpakuto flickering, he waved it in a flash.

    “Puff!” A dull voice came out, Yamamoto trembled and looked down.

    his two arms were cut off.

    Looking up again, he saw the purple light flashing between Chengdui‘s fingers.

    “without your Zanpakuto.”

    “You and I are too far apart.”

    “like an ant and a dragon!”

 The purple light bloomed, expanded suddenly, exploded, and the Captains were crying.

“Captain!!!” At this moment, countless painful voices sounded, resounding through Soul Society.