The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 70: Treachery

Tension, despair, and panic, this moment spread across the entire palace.

Yamamoto, the most powerful Shinigami in Soul Society, and the founder of Shinōreijutsuin(Shin’ō Academy), never thought that this old man who has experienced vicissitudes of life would face such a situation.

“Tick!” The blood was splattered, scattered in all directions, and it was instantly evaporated under the high-temperature explosion.

Chengdui was grabbing Yamamoto’s neck, stepping forward, and the person has disappeared in place.

Immediately afterward, a dazzling, intense flame rose high and exploded, reflecting the entire sky.

When everything dissipated and the wind blew, everyone looked at the large open space, the ground was charred and burning with flames.

“Huh!” Yamamoto was lying on the ground, with clear bloodstains on his body, and his arms were cut, Chengdui’s eyes fixed on him like a beast.

losing his arms and being sealed, he no longer can fight the enemy in front of him.

“The Zanpakuto with the strongest attack power?”

“But so!”Chengdui smirked and raised his Zanpkuto high at this moment, and then suddenly swung down.


Blood was splashed, Yamamoto’s head was thrown high and then fell on the ground, rolling to several meters away.

On the tip of the sword, blood dripped down, making a seeping sound.

Chengdui rolled his eyes, glanced around, and smiled sternly.

Silent, but everyone can feel the gloom lurking in the silence as if a cold wind swept out and hit the entire Soul Society.

” Captain-Commander, died?”

Someone among the Shinigami of Soul Society said tremblingly.

The captains’ expressions were extremely gloomy at this moment. They stood still, looking at the standing figure in the field, watching him holding his Zanpakuto in his right hand, slowly raising his head, looking up at the sky, and then.

“Roar!!” He let out an extremely shocking roar.

When he came to this world, he had been suffering for too long, wearing Shihakusho, he had to obey the orders of these lower creatures and forced himself to talk to them and pretend to be one of them.

He is a king. He is the most powerful creature in the universe. He is born high and noble.

These barbarians are just inferior species waiting for his noble race to conquer them. In Chengdui’s eyes, these people were born to be the subjects, and he was the king!

Kings and subjects were never at the same level!

A roar, accompanied by gusts of wind and waves swept out, the sky was covered with dark clouds, black and purple lightning flashed from it, making the sky of the whole Soul Society dark at this moment, extremely terrifying and the majestic atmosphere spread out.

This heavy pressure crushed the heart of every Shinigami in Soul Society, making them feel despaired.

It was even more desperate to see the fallen corpse of Yamamoto before that horrible man.

“So, what should we do?”

Uttered desperately.

“You, all surrender to me!”

Suddenly, Chengdui looked back, and the pressure became more oppressive, making them tremble.

“Otherwise, you’re dead!”

“I don’t mind slaughtering the entire Soul Society!” The indifferent, murderous words shook the void and made the Shinigami of Soul Society more nervous.

As he stepped forward, the figure of King Chengdui began to dissipate, and reappeared again in front of the eyes of everyone, with a different appearance, a black costume was inlaid with gold silk on the edges, and there were strange ferocious creatures carved on it.

As he walked, he simply tied the scattered black hair with a hairpin, leaving a few strands in front of his forehead.

With a new look, Chengdui looked noble and domineering, full of the majesty of the king, looking forward and looking forward, with a vigorous look, and his eyes are like a deep ocean.

“Those who don’t resist will live.”

“and the rest will die!”

Moving to the standing Qing Feng, Chengdui stood still and said lightly.

In the blink of an eye, the war began again, and there was no obstacle from Yamamoto, and only a hundred thousand Shinigami roared. Although their number had been reduced, it still appears huge, putting tremendous pressure on the Gotei 13.

Especially Chengdui, who killed the captain-Commander, stood there, even if he didn’t move anymore, it still looked like a mountain, making everyone suffocated.

Qing Feng’s body was trembling, standing behind Chengdui, with his mouth open, but he didn’t dare to talk.

Chengdui looked at him.

“How could you disobey my orders?”

“Or, are you confident enough to think that you can do what you want?”

Qing Feng was stunned.


Just then, but the Zanpakuto in the latter’s hand was already swung out.


Immediately cut Qing Feng’s neck.

“Uh!” The latter covered his neck, his eyes widened and stared at Chengdui, but he couldn’t say a word until he collapsed.

Chengdui stood there, waiting until Qing Feng was completely dead before he stepped on again and walked towards the Soul Society Shinigami.

This scene changed the faces of the Gotei 13.

Kyōraku Shunsui, Ichimaru Gin, and others were shocked.

“Do you want to surrender? Or, fight to the death?”

Hitsugaya gritted his teeth.

With the number of the opponent’s army and the strength of Chengdui, there is no other choice.

But, surrender is hard for these creatures!

The situation was instantly severe to the extreme.

A large number of Shinigami from Utopia have rushed over, and the captains are facing more and more pressure.

“It seems that you haven’t made a good choice.”


Pulling out his Zanpakuto from his waist, Chengdui said lightly.

“I’ll help you choose!”

At this moment, he stepped into the battleground, he has to kill these stubborn guys personally.

At the same time, in Las Noches.

Qin Yi stood up suddenly, a sharp light burst from his eyes.

His sudden movements made everyone present to look up in amazement.

“Your Majesty?”


Ge Nie, Urahara Kisuke, and the others were startled.

Qin Yi’s face was filled with majesty, and the aura of the king spread all around.

“Then it’s time for us to start, too.”

“The Captains of Soul Society need us!”

Qin Yi said, there were a shock and surprise in his eyes.

“There is not much time. Gather the other guys.”

“Before the Ziliu Army enters Soul Society, we must also complete the transfer and save of all the Shinigami of Soul Society!”

his words were calm, it comforted them, Qin Yi is their last resort especially after they saw how powerful is Chengdui.

Yes, even if Chengdui is extremely powerful, they still have a King here!

“can I face him again!”

“I will stop him for good!” Yuanli said; Qin Yi’s eyes flashed with a sharp light.