The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 71: Kings

    The power of Chengdui is too much for Soul Society but the Shinigami are proud and noble creatures.

    What Qin Yi was waiting for was this opportunity. Unlike Chengdui, he was familiar with everything in this world and knew how to deal with this world.

    Originally, he was planning to watch the show, but at this moment he saw the unwillingness and suppressed anger in the eyes of the captains of Soul Society.

    This is the flame of vengeance, the hatred of the invader, and resistance to the conquer.

Yamamoto’s death undoubtedly aroused the fiercest hatred in the hearts of the Gotei 13.

    Under such circumstances, it is naturally the best choice to attract their attention to the difference between these two kings and take them to his side.

    “My king, the passage to Soul Society has been opened!”

    Ulquiorra slightly bent over and whispered.

    “Very good!”

    “you follow me, and the others enter after!”

    Qin Yi nodded, seeing the black and red crack not far ahead, and stepped in.

    Behind him were Urahara Kisuke, Ge Nie, Zhang Liang, Ace, Namikaze Minato, and the others, and the Ten Arrancar followed closely.

These elite and strong people gathered together from many worlds can be said to have been at the forefront under Qin Yi. Although some of these people were born in a low-level civilized world, their strength has been greatly improved after they were freed from the limits of the original civilization.

Talent is talent everywhere. In the system of the King’s world, they have more potential than before.

   at Soul Society, Seireitei.

    Chengdui stepped forward step by step, holding his Zanpakuto, his body exuded an incomparably awe-inspiring aura.

    After beheading the captain-commander, he gave a strong pressure.

    “shall we?”

    Hitsugaya’s eyes flickered, his body was bruised.  

And all the captains were nervous, they had to deal with such a huge threat.

     Under such circumstances, numerous Shinigami of Utopia, there is just one result, death.

     Time passed, and suddenly, a grunt sounded.   

  All the captains looked back, they saw blood splashed, and one captain was slowly bending down.

     ” Tōsen Kaname!!”     Kyōraku Shunsui shouted.     The blood splashed out of Tōsen’s.

     “Uh!”     At the same time, a familiar grunt came from other places.

     ” Renji!!”     

” Rangiku!” A series of screams quickly resounded across the battlefield.

   On the side of Soul Society, as the Shinigami of Utopia leaped over both sides of Chengdui and poured in, more and more people were injured, and despair permeated everyone.

    “What should we do?”

    ” Soul Society, doomed?”

    Each of the Shinigami was frustrated and their fighting spirit was receding.

    At this moment, Gotei 13 were shocked to see that captain Tōsen Kaname knelt and threw his Zanpakuto on the ground.

    “I surrender!” The deep voice sounded, shaking everyone’s heart.

Soul Society’s Shinigami were despaired.

    “Ah, why?”

    “Don’t kill me!”

“Spare my life, spare my life, I will surrender!”

    Someone took the lead, and the panic and weak atmosphere spread quickly, which immediately lowered the head of Soul Society.

    Chengdui saw this scene, and a smirk appeared in the corner of his mouth.

    “This is the right thing to do!”

    “I hate those who don’t know what to do!”

“Those who are willing to submit to Utopia, immediately kneel and kill any enemy standing on the ground from this moment on!”

    His command spread throughout the space, and another tearful Shinigami knelt with tears in his eyes.

    There is no doubt that this kind of humiliating surrender dishonors every Shinigami, but Survival instinct is bitch.


Kuchiki Byakuya roared at this scene.

    His Zanpakuto turned into pink cherry blossoms, scattered, and attacked several enemies.

    It was clear that he was suppressed by the enemy quantity!

    There are too many strong enemies from this country of unknown origin!

    “Soul Society is dying!” 

    Ichimaru Gin murmured, his eyes narrowed into lines, and the cold rays of light burst out.

“But before I die, I’ll kill more enemies!”

Some Shinigami knelt down in humiliation at this moment, but more Shinigami were eager to fight to the end.

With a smile on his face, Chengdui was very satisfied with the situation at the moment. Conquering Soul Society was just his starting point. Next, he would use these troops against Hueco Mundo to completely destroy Qin Yi.

He was ready to step into the battleground and give the last blow to these stubborn guys.

    But at this moment, black and red cracks suddenly appeared on the top of Soul Society.

an incomparably strong aura of King’s power swept across the sky, and suddenly suppressed so that all the people present were stunned, and then suddenly looked up.

   “What is that?”

    everyone’s pupils shrank.

    Silhouettes soon appeared, spreading across the entire space. They stood on the void, looking down with cold eyes.

    The majestic hollow aura spread throughout Soul Society in a moment, which made the war stop for a moment.

    There are more and more black and red cracks, and more and more people come out of them.

    “Who are they?”

    “It seems that they are not in the same group as Chengdui!” The captains were surprised, their eyes were flashing.

They were acutely aware that when these people appeared in the sky, the expressions of the Utopia army changed.

In particular, Chengdui’s face, which he looked up at, changed from a smile to a coldness.

    “It was the guy who killed Chengdui that day!”

Kyōraku Shunsui looked up at the sky, staring at one of the figures suddenly.

“It seems to have come just in time!”

Qin Yi was dressed in a Black Dragon Robe, black and loose, with blood-red eyes. He looked down, with an unpredictable smile at the corner of his mouth, his momentum made everyone stunned.

    “I should thank you, King Chengdui!”

    His words made the eyes of the audience shrink.

“Then, everybody, do what you should do!”

    Qin Yi said lightly and waved his hand.

    With an order, countless figures swooped down and fell into the Battlefield.

”Hirako Shinji?”

”Muguruma Kensei?”

”Urahara Kisuke Captain!”

” Kenpachi Zaraki?” Gotei 13 recognized this guy, and their eyes were full of surprise.

    “Don’t make a fuss, get out of here with us!!”

    Urahara Kisuke looked solemn and quickly said.

    Immediately, Soul Society Shinigami understood that this group of people was here to save them, and a strange crowd appeared immediately afterward, enclosing them, and separating them from the Shinigami of Utopia.

    The gaze of Chengdui was extremely cold at this moment. He stared at Qin Yi, who was in the sky, crossing his hands.

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time!”

“Today, I want you to die!”

But in the next moment, a figure interspersed in the center of his line of sight.

    “King Chengdui, today!”

    “I will kill you!” It was Li Yuanli, pulling out his Zanpakuto.

    When the two kings meet, there will be grudges and grievances!