The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 72: Revive

The two kings gazed at each other; their eyes suddenly narrowed at this moment.

    “King Yuanli, the loser, dare to speak bravely?”

    Chengdui sneered, pressing his right hand on the handle of the Zanpakuto.

    “It seems that you forget what my king did to you, but look at you better right?!”

    Li Yuanli drew out his Zanpakuto, his eyes burst into sharp light.

All of a sudden, he moved and rushed at a breakneck speed.

    At the same time, Shimin burst out with a silver light in his hand and released Bankai quietly.

Hollow’s white mask covered Li Yuanli’s face, and the air was rotating around the Zanpakuto, his powerful aura soared to the sky suddenly, shocking everyone.


    Circles of black and red energy fluctuated, spreading to the surroundings, and Li Yuanli’s momentum instantly skyrocketed to its limit.

    dull trembling sounded out in the sky, as if explosions resounded suddenly, making everyone look up.

The dark clouds began to roll and fluctuate, forming layers of cloud waves in a flash.

    With the continuous sound, Li Yuanli’s speed got faster and faster, and the white bones on his body also increased, gradually covering his whole body.

    When he completely transformed into a white hollow, his body’s aura suddenly increased at this moment, soaring to the extreme.


    Looking down, Li Yuanli let out a roar, like a wild beast making a fierce provocation.

    On the ground, King Chengdui’s eyes shrank and sharpened.

“you’re worthy to fight the king. I hope you won’t let me down!”

With a sharp bend of his knees, he catapulted into the sky in the next second. The ground burst apart and rocks splashed.

    Its body shape was also changing rapidly, and it turned into a white skeleton in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the two kings of different worlds have entered a state of Hollow, and their power has reached its limit.

In an instant, they were already facing each other, and the sonic boom behind them resounded like thunder.    

 “Bang!” The two held Zanpakuto in one hand and waved fiercely.  

   The wind blew around them, airwaves suddenly expanded.

    “You surprised me, you have also entered this state!”     Chengdui said, and his pupils were extremely gloomy.

    “You don’t know the world as much as you think!”    

Li Yuanli said coldly.   

  Chengdui retreated quickly, then stepped on the air and swung his Zanpakuto at the opponent again.     There was an explosion, and the two of them faced each other again.

     “so, do you?”

    He faintly noticed that the king in front of him and the guy standing in the sky seemed to know more than himself.

    “Far more than you think!”

    Li Yuanli sneered.

He has a kind of confidence in Qin Yi. The style of the king and his confidence are amazing. Even, he has seen several times that before the king entered any world, he has ordered the Council to make arrangements for attacking the world and his knowledge always was the key to their success.

This is almost impossible and even made Li Yuanli doubt whether he, as the king, has awakened his gift of prophet.

The two kings, constantly colliding in the sky,   the wind blew in the sky, the momentum was amazing to the extreme.

    “Starlight Level 7!”

    Qin Yi looked down, his eyes flickering.

    The strength of these two people has undoubtedly reached the limit of this world, and the combat power displayed today is Starlight’s seventh level.

    However, the captains are generally at the fifth and sixth levels of the Starlight, and maybe even reach the barrier of the seventh level of the Starlight.

The purpose of this attack is only to rescue the captains and the Shinigami in Soul Society, and enhance their own strength, not to fight.

After Li Yuan’s strength broke out, he reached the peak. He was extremely powerful, and it was no problem to hold down Chengdui.

    So, next, it’s time for him to take action.

The army he brought was still unable to form a large-scale fight and maintain a balance with the opponent.

    At this time, his shot can undoubtedly give his side an advantage.

    “The Great King Hades, the hell king sword strike!” Qin Yi slowly pulled out his Zanpakuto.

    His body shape quickly dived down, blinking into the battleground.

    With his eyes fixed, Qin Yi saw a headless corpse.

    ” Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.”

    With a complex tone, Qin Yi fell on the ground and walked over slowly.

    Looking down at the dead captain, Qin Yi had some regrets in his eyes, but he was also relieved.

    This great man died with honor.

    Even if Chengdui did not begin the war, Yamamoto will probably not be soft in future battles. Now his fate has saved Qin Yi’s troubles.

To tell you the truth, it’s wonderful to experience the world one by one and face the familiar characters one by one. It’s good to be a friend and a close person, but it’s strange to be an enemy.

They have a real existence in these fantasy worlds, appear in front of Qin Yi’s eyes, dying, ending like this, is undoubtedly lamentable.

    “the world didn’t see your light yet!”

    Qin Yi looked at the Zanpakuto on the ground. There was no light on it, but it was buzzing and trembling.

    “Are you crying?”

    “Are you angry?”

“Do you want to roar?”

Three questions in a row, the Zanpakuto trembled more and more fiercely.

    “Then, everything you want to do, I will help you do it!”

In a low voice, the black-red light on Hades extended out and turned into silk thread to wrap Ryūjin Jakka, and then turns into more black red filaments for quick recovery.

    After a couple of seconds, Hades trembled suddenly.

     A flame suddenly swept from the blade and turned into flames.

    “Reduce All Creation to Ash, Ryūjin Jakka!”

Stepping out, waving Zanpakuto and pointing to the ground obliquely. A flame was twining and swirling, just like the roar of an angry dragon, sweeping the whole blade in the blink of an eye.

The scorching high temperature diffused at the moment, the powerful aura suddenly spreads out, concussion entire Soul Society.

“What is this?”

    Countless people were shocked, looking at the figure in the field.

    seeing the long sword wrapped in flames in Qin Yi’s hand, everyone’s eyes contracted.

    Above the sky, Chengdui, who was fighting with Li Yuanli was shocked, when he saw Qin Yi.

    “Ryūjin Jakka!!”

    Kuchiki Byakuya murmured, he looked puzzled.