The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 73: Saved

 No one can imagine that Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni’s Zanpakuto, Ryūjin Jakka, reappeared at this moment.

Even, the flame and the aura from the  Zanpakuto were no less than before.

Ryūjin Jakka, resurrected!

This is undoubtedly a disaster for Utopia. But to Soul Society, it was hope.

    “Oh my God, that’s Ryūjin Jakka!”

    “It can’t be wrong, it’s the Captain’s Zanpakuto!”

    “The Zanpakutō has resurrected, and it is still in that guy’s hands!”

    Every Shinigami, At the moment, Especially when they know that this person is their ally, they were even excited and hard to restrain themselves.

    Qin Yi moved forward slowly.

    ” for you are dust, and to dust, you will return, bathed in the flames before death, and regarded as a star after death!”

    Qin Yi said as he walked, and he suddenly waved his Zanpakuto.

    “Huh!” A

    wind-like flame swept out, instantly covering the body of Yamamoto, turning it into ashes.

It was the strongest fire user during his life, he deserved a fiery end.

    Stepping into the battlefield step by step, Qin Yi brought strong pressure to everyone present.

His aura became stronger and stronger. When he reached the limit, the flame on the blade changed from soft to fierce, as if there was a strong wind behind him. At the same time, his coat was fluttering.

    Along with the sound of footsteps, Qin Yi stepped toward the army of Utopia.

    “Kill him!”

    “It’s the king of the enemy country, kill him!”

    “For the king, for Utopia!”

    The roar was continuous, and the soldiers of Utopia were not afraid of death. At this moment, he was not afraid. Instead, they attacked Qin Yi. In just an instant, hundreds of people rushed toward him.

    There is no doubt that Qin Yi’s attraction is the greatest on this battlefield.   

 Seeing them rushing towards him, Qin Yi slowly raised his Zanpakuto.

   Around the blade, the flame was more and more vigorous and hot.

     Suddenly, he waved forward. 

    The powerful sword pressure burst out in an instant, hundreds of people were running, and suddenly found that their bodies stopped and divided into two halves, They were speechless and frightened, but they couldn’t even shout.

After less than a second, with a hiss, and flames emerged around their bodies, and then burned, turning them into ashes.    

After Qin Yi wielded the Zanpakuto, his eyes were stern.

He quickened his pace and went on ahead.

     Shinigami of Utopia did not stop, any danger, strong most can not shock their hearts, they are all people of firm faith.

Between the steps, Qin Yi waved his sword again.

When his Zanpakuto was wielded, the oxygen in the air suddenly becomes thin, and space began to twist. Then, flames suddenly rotated and expanded in front, rising rapidly.

    The temperature is getting higher and higher, the color is getting brighter, and the range is getting larger and larger.

In the blink of an eye, it has covered hundreds of Shinigami, devouring them all.

The huge tornado-shaped flame, like a strong wind, was blowing, winding, circling, and rushing between the battlefields. Then it gradually subsided, fell to the ground, and began to burn after devouring hundreds of Shinigami.

    Qin Yi’s pace was faster, and the next moment he rushed into the Shinigami of Utopia.

    And his strength naturally attracted more enemies.

With three waves of the Zanpakuto, 30 rushing Shinigami were directly cut open by him. Their bodies turned into flames and dissipated in the air, leaving only ashes.

    ” Ennetsu Jigoku (Flames of Hell)!”

    Qin Yi’s sword trembled after a pause.

On the battlefield, hundreds of pillars of fire suddenly rose, raising the temperature of the air by several hundred degrees, the Shinigami within a radius of several kilometers all caught in a sea of flames.

    “Ah ah ah!”

Under this large-scale attack, the Utopia Shinigami died in large areas, which could not resist such an attack at all.

    Qin Yi continued to move forward, and he didn’t even release the Zanpakuto Bankai.

    ” Jōkaku Enjō!” The flames were burning on the battlefield. Even the fire attack of Qin Yi has reduced the number of Shinigami by nearly 30% in a short time.

    The most powerful offensive Zanpakuto deserves its reputation!

    No one could survive for a while under this Zanpakuto that can almost burn the world.

    “The Shinigami of the Soul society, all come closer!”

    Urahara Kisuke stood in the center and shouted.

    He knew that it was the best time to retreat.

Therefore, a large number of Shinigami broke away from the entanglement of the Utopia soldiers and began to gather towards the center.

    “Starrk, please lead the Arrancar legion and quickly open Garganta to Hueco Mundo!”

    Hirako Shinji said to Coyote next to him.

    “, it’s okay, Captain Hirako, but, I’m afraid that you have to deal with the enemies.” Coyote smiled.

    He was gentle, good-tempered, and sincere to others, so in a short period, he became friendly with the rest of Qin Yi’s staff.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!”

    Hirako said quickly.

    The seven Visored quickly gathered behind them, and after a sigh, a skull mask appeared on their faces.

    “So, Shinigami and Hollows are friends now?”

    Coyote said with a smile. Seeing this scene, he felt strange.

    However, he did not delay, and quickly retreated, contacting the other Espada.

    “Grimmjow, stop enjoying fighting, and open Garganta doesn’t forget the king’s order.”

    ” Ulquiorra, oh, you have already started to build, excuse me!”

    ” Nelliel, Quickly.”

    Coyote shouted and commanded, and all the Arrancers stopped fighting and began to build the channel.

    The black-red light gradually strengthened, and small cracks began to appear.

    “They want to escape!” Utopia’s soldiers wanted to attack and leave everyone behind.

But behind it, in a twinkling of an eye, the flames burst covered the sky and wiped out a large area of

the army.

    “Can’t stop him, that person is too terrifying!”

    Everyone trembled at Qin Yi’s strength.

    This was a force far beyond theirs, and it can destroy thousands of them with a light wave.

    Qin Yi was standing on the battlefield, surrounded by flames.

    Sweeping around, he noticed that Soul Society Shinigami had begun to retreat with the help of Urahara Kisuke and others.

    The mission has been accomplished.

    Besides, Utopia Soldiers were terrified.

    But he did not want to leave at this moment.


    looking at Chengdui who was fighting against Li Yuanli in the sky.

    “This is my chance to kill you.”

    “I won’t let it go!”

    At this moment, the Army of Utopia was at a disadvantage, and his support has not yet arrived.

    It is the best time to kill King Chengdui!