The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 74: God Seal

    Garp laughed loudly carelessly.

He only found it very interesting to bring back the woman who broke up with Qin Yi.

“It’s a shame for you men to take a woman back to the Kingdom against her will. and you are laughing, huh!”

    Boa Hancock said disdainfully, making all the old men laugh.

“That boy’s woman, even if he doesn’t want to, he can’t exile her of the Kingdom.”

    Madara said coldly when heard this voice.

        Boa Hancock turned her head and looked at Madara: “You can be so tough in the face of others, but don’t ever try to that in front of me!”

    Madara looked flat and turned his head to the side, ignoring the noisy woman.

    The people around felt weird and forced themselves to smile.

    Gandalf smiled at this time and said.

“Now that the three have come out, it’s time for us to go to the world of Shinigami!”

“Those who haven’t entered the underworld yet, now hurry up. It’s your turn.”

All of a sudden, in front of the tower of the Divine kingdom, the crowd began to disperse. Some of them flew to the sky with their swords, and some of them took aircraft in various ways.

    Inside the imperial palace.

Dressed in a flowing translucent fairy dress with wide sleeves, her hair was simple and tied with a jade hairpin, her bare feet are small, and her eyes were flat. She was quietly scanning the huge palace full of majestic atmosphere.

“Are you Anyi? The woman who was with Qin Yi in the world of the immortal sword? “

Suddenly, a soft voice came from the other side.

    An Yi was not surprised. With her cultivation level, she could easily perceive anyone close to her, not to mention that the woman who appeared was far less powerful than her.

“It seems that you are his concubine.”

    An Yi said lightly, and a calm expression, like a cliché Immortal fairy.

    “My name is Inori, and welcome!”

    Inori approached An Yi with a smile, and after a few curious observations, she stretched out her right hand.

An Yi looked strange, then smiled faintly, and shook Inori’s soft little hand.

“Don’t worry, I won’t compete with you. Before I was with him, I didn’t know his identity.”   

“and after separation, I did not care much anymore.”

The calm voice gave the impression of indifference to everything.

She felt that this woman was very strange. It was like abandoning all emotions, focusing on one thing, and losing interest in any external things.

“I don’t care if An Yi Chan competes with me, I just want to know one thing.”

Inori made people subconsciously lose their guard.

    But An Yi turned a blind eye to all this, she just glanced lightly at Inori.

    “Can I go back?” An Yi asked.

    “Why should you do so?” Inori

    ” love is just the feeling of a mortal. You are not Pure enough to understand my feelings. It is useless to say more.”


    Biting her lip, An Yi’s eyes were sad.

    “Can lovers really be together? If you have no strength in your hand, what can you use to defend your own things? “

“What can we take to protect the illusory love and the illusory promise?”

Just a few words made Inori understand that the woman in front of her and the man who’s always laughing and acting like a child had gone through an unusual past.

“Would you like a drink?”

    she asked suddenly.

    An Yi was stunned, then gave her a strange look before nodding after a long while.

    “Why not.”

    “I can’t let you go back. Whether you can go back or not, you have to get his approval.”

“If you come here, you can live a good life here for a while. Don’t you know that you can Cultivate in the world of mortals? “

    Inori was leading in front, and An Yi is walking in the back.

    After hearing this, An Yi asked: “do you know how to cultivate?”

“In fact, there are many kinds of power systems in our world, and the cultivation of immortals is just one of them.”

Inori smiled.

An Yi, who was following, was shocked, and suddenly became curious.

Since she was brought to this world by that indifferent man, all kinds of magic and magnificence have been reflected in her eyes, which she has never seen before. This is a huge world with fatal attractions, and that man is the only king of this world.

Subconsciously, she didn’t want to face the world, but her curiosity couldn’t be restrained.

    After a long while, she and Inori came to the imperial concubine palace.

They sat face to face and began to drink.

    Without saying a word, the atmosphere seemed strange but harmonious.

Until finally, there were more than a dozen empty wine bottles on the table.

    Said An Yi with a trembling voice.

“How is he?”

When Inori heard this, she bent her lips and put half a bottle of wine on the table, and said.

    “Very good.”

“He is a king, if he is not good, the world will not be good!”

    “So, he must be good!”

    An Yi’s right hand was shaking, slowly picked up the wine bottle on the table, raised her head, and drank it.

“Hard work for him!”  Inori said.

In the Imperial Palace, from this day on, there was an embarrassed woman. However, everyone in the country respected her very much.

    At the same time, in Chengdui’s Kingdom.

    This is a world completely different from Qin’s Kingdom.

    On a planet about the size of the earth, a group of Alienist European-style buildings stands on it, and towering mountains stand upright on the ground.

    Above the thirty-six azimuths of this planet, each has a rich atmosphere circulating, The vortex of shining light slowly rotates, seeming to lead to another piece of sky.

    On the ground, muscular human beings with strong muscles and different hair colors are patrolling back and forth.

A rough observation shows that there are no civilians in this world. Every man is a soldier.

Hidden in the mountains, monsters, dragons, and many kinds of creatures have great strength, which constantly forces the human beings on the planet to cultivate and become stronger.

    In the center of the planet, in an open space surrounded by mountains, a gate to the sky stands tall, with gloomy colors shining on it.

    Worlds Portal, this is the Portal of Utopia.

An endless line of troops was lining up at the moment and surging towards the Portal.

    Suddenly, at this moment, a vortex appeared in the sky, the atmosphere began to tremble.

    Something is coming out!