The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 76: Copy

    the king in front of him was more powerful than any enemy he had ever faced.


    Qin Yi knew that he will be impressed forever by this king, and he would never forget such a powerful king.

    He knew very well that a king of the degree like Chengdui is absolutely a great man in the universe and an existence like the pride of heaven. Such a character is a rising star in the king’s race.

    This man is crazy, hard-working, ruthless, cruel, and extremely dark-hearted. He is a great hero who can achieve great things!

    As a king, different personalities led to different paths. Qin Yi knew very well that his predecessor character, without his familiarity with the information of the worlds, would be difficult to get to this point.

    Every king has a complicated character, they are plain on the surface, all they have multiple intentions.

Even Chengdui is crazy on the face, but in his heart, he has clear steps, very clear about what he should do and what he should not do. Under the surface of his carelessness, he hides the wisdom of doing things step by step and seizing all the opportunities.

    This is a terrifying enemy!

  As for Qin Yi, he uses benevolent politics and feelings as fetters to dominate the country, mixed with cold politics, and focused on drawing in foreign countries, weakening the enemy, and strengthening himself. This set of playing methods is the essence of a great man’s protracted plans.

    “You’re not boring too!”


    Encountering an opponent is risky, but it is also exciting.

    Hades in his hand was already humming and trembling at this moment, and the black and red lines on it were getting brighter and stronger, bursting out a powerful light, clinging to the blade, and gradually carving a mysterious pattern on it.

    Breaking the boundaries, the power of Hades was terrifying at this moment.

With the power of Qin Yi at the moment, it is impossible to defeat Chengdui.

    He needed more power!

On the opposite side, King Chengdui’s eyes were stern, his long tailbone lifted and stretched forward, hanging from the top of his head, like a scorpion’s tail needle, leaning forward.

    “it seems that this guy’s endurance is not that good!”

“It seems that it’s you and me again!”

Chengdui smirked, which made Qin Yi suddenly draw his sword and rushed forward.  

all of a sudden, the air twisted, burst-out sounds exploded, crackle ring into a string.

   In an instant, the two had already met in the air.

     With a wave of the Zanpakuto, the void shuddered.     “Deep Wave!”     “Seal!”

     Two different powers collided fiercely at this moment.

    After a couple of seconds.    

The circle waves rolled out, the swords collided hard, and the black and red lightning burst out in front of their eyes.

    “Huh!” After a

    In a millisecond, the tails on their backs suddenly pierced down and pierced toward each other’s neck.

    The claws of Chengdui’s tail are sharp and can easily tear off the steel, but Qin Yi’s skin was extremely tough.

    Their tails are no less dangerous than any deadly weapon.

    Soon, the two tails hit each other, then quickly entangled each other, suddenly pulled closer and entangled.

    At this moment, the two were facing each other, fixed by their tails, making it difficult to separate.

    “let’s see, can you escape from the King Seal now!!”  Chengdui’s eyes flashed.

    He trusts his power to slash and he waved his Zanpakuto, and no one can escape such a Great  Seal. Especially the completely released Zanpakuto.

Once Qin Yi was unable to use his power, it would be no different from Yamamoto’s fate.

But what surprised Chengdui was that at this moment, Qin Yi’s Zanpakuto suddenly burst out a dazzling black and red light.

    Qin Yi smirked, with a wave of his Zanpakuto, at the same time, there was another aura that was completely different from Zanka No Tachi.

    And this aura was very familiar to King Chengdui.

    “Kyōki no chōken!!”

    At this moment, both people read the name of the Zanpakuto.

    “How is it possible, how could you?” Chengdui was shocked, his eyes widened, he stared at Qin Yi.

The next second, the two kings’ Zanpakuto collided with each other again, the air hummed and the waves swept out.

    A powerful Sealing force swept out, covering the two of them in the blink of an eye.

    At the same moment, both bodies were shocked.

    “You sealed me!!”

Chengdui murmured in shock.

Unexpectedly, he felt the power of his body stop flowing at this moment. This is the power of the Seal of Kyōki no chōken!

“Asshole!” He raised his head abruptly, and there was madness in Chengdui’s eyes.

    Unbelievable, unbelievable, this kind of thing will happen. The opponent’s Zanpakuto could use the power of his own Zanpakuto, his trump card!

When he raised his head, Qin Yi, who had already expected this to happen, clenched his other hand.

    Then, punched him in the face fiercely.


    This punch hit Chengdui’s cheek firmly, causing his whole body to tremble. With a bang, his cheek was deformed and his mouth was full of teeth. Thirteen teeth were broken in a row.

“Bastard!!” Chengdui roared, but the power of this punch was extremely powerful. His tail was loosened, and he was smashed to the ground, causing a pit in the earth and smoke billowing.

    Unexpectedly, no one thought of this scene.

    “Well, what’s going on?”

“Does the sealing power of Chengdui no longer work?”

    “No, it’s not that Chngdui’s Sealing power is useless, but Qin, Qin’s Zanpakuto! “

    Urahara Kisuke stared at the sky, at Qin Yi with his fantastic Zanpakuto, and took a deep breath.

    “His Zanpakuto is capable of using all kinds of Zanpakuto abilities!”

“Among them, Chengdui’s Zanpkuto!”

    All of a sudden, the sound of inhaling breath came out.

    “That Zanpakuto.”

    “It can be called the origin of all Zanpakuto!”

    “It is the Zanpkuto of origin!”

    The faces of the Shinigami showed shock at this moment, and then they stared at Hades in Qin Yi’s hands.

The thin long Zanpakuto with the chain was very simple, but its aura was creepy.

Gradually the smoke dispersed and king Chengdui stood on the pit.

    His eyes were blood-red, he was panting heavily, and his broken teeth were all restored at this moment.

    This terrifying recovery ability is as if he had never been injured.

    ” High-Speed Regeneration!”

    In Hueco Mundo, an Arrancar shouted.

    In the sky, Qin Yi slowly bent over, as if about to dive down.

    His eyes flashed with killing intent, and he wanted to launch a second impact.