The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 77: Retreat!

    But at this moment, a black-red light bloomed.

    “The passage to Hueco Mundo has been constructed, everyone, retreat now!”

Ulquiorra’s indifferent voice awakened everyone from the shock.

    “Quick! Quick! Quick! Everyone, go to Hueco Mundo quickly!”

    Urahara Kisuke shouted.

    At this moment, everyone dived into the constructed passage.

    “Want to run?”

    Chengdui’s eyes were full of ange.

He realized that the sudden arrival of this group of people was to rescue these Shinigami of Soul Society. And he’s just an obstacle. What makes him even more boiling was that he has fallen into a disadvantage in this battle today.

    Damn these filthy pigs!!


  Raised his head to the sky and roared, Chengdui’s aura broke out again, his body would evolve again, leap toward a stronger level.

    “Kill all the enemies!”

    “Don’t let one go!”

    Suddenly, at the entrance of Soul Society, a loud voice sounded, groups of Shinigami surged in, and the majestic aura rose at this moment, attracting everybody there.

“What’s that?”

    “Utopia Army!”

    ” The number is so terrible, even more than before!”

“My God, how can this be resisted!”

    People scanned away and saw the large army, as a black ocean, rushing like a flood, with a rumbling sound.

    Many, the soldiers pouring into Soul Society at this moment are numerous!

Ten thousand, one hundred thousand? No, it has reached the level of millions, tens of millions!

    The leader has purple hair and purple pupils. His face was indifferent.

     “My king, Zilin is here!”

    “It seems that we are not too late!”  

   Zilin raised his Zanpakuto slowly and pointed at the sky.

    “attack!” In an instant, Chengdui yelled frantically, heading forward.

     The tremendous army of Utopia rushed, in this army, Aizen was looking at the two kings not far ahead, one standing in the sky and the other standing in the earth.

     “these kings from other worlds are powerful!”

     ” too powerful!”     Although he admired them, the corner of his mouth was slowly curved.     

“However, that’s fun!”     Hogyoku absorbed too much soul energy under the slaughter Zillin made, and it has expanded to a peak realm that even Aizen can’t imagine.  

   He predicted that such power might be enough to destroy the entire world!

    On the battlefield, the expressions of Urahara Kisuke and others changed drastically.

    ” retreat Quickly!!”

The terrible Legion poured in, just like locusts passing through. If we don’t talk about its individuals’ strength, just its quantity has already made people feel numb and afraid.

    Urahara and the others quickly plunged into the channel, disappearing.

    With this huge backup, Soul Society could not even have the slightest intent to fight.

In the sky, Qin Yi’s eyes, looking down, spoke coldly to Chengdui.

“It seems that today is not the time for us to fight to the death!”

In a flash, he cut through the void and was ready to leave.

    “wait! Attack!”

Chengdui panted, raising his head and roaring.

    “Want to escape?!”

As soon as he bent his knees, he was about to catch up with him. But at this moment, the mask on his cheek cracked with a click, which made him shake.

    “Damn it!”

At this moment, his strength began to decline.

    the attacks of Li Yuanli and Qin Yi and the injuries in his body made his consumption extremely fast. At this moment, he had been reached his limits.

    he stared at Qin Yi fiercely and gritted his teeth.

He didn’t take any advantage of this fight.

With the arrival of the mighty army of Utopia, Soul Society Shinigami, together with the state of Qin, quickly disappeared.

Those who stayed at the end were the ten Arrancars and some generals of the Qin state.

    “Immortal art ( Senpo) Hundred flying sword!”  a General from Qin state was wearing knight armor, with a long sword around his waist, murmured these words.

The strong sound of sword chanting came out. In an instant, it was like a Beam. The figure suddenly turned into a phantom, and with a series of lightning, it rushed into the front of Utopia Army.

“Brush, brush!”

    The spirit sword waved the sky, its size grew thousands of times in an instant.

    “Puff puff puff!”

    When the sword power dissipated, the man had already returned to his original position.

    His mask slowly shattered, revealing the appearance of a mature and stable middle-aged man.

    Ge Nie, this person is the Sage from The Legend of Qin Sword, Ge Nie.

He turned his head and walked. After a few steps, he stepped into the passage and disappeared. He didn’t look behind him.

    “Southwest, annihilate!”

Until this time, hundreds of Shinigami in the vanguard of Utopia army was cut open, like cutting straw, fell one by one, which shocked the rest of them and retreated.

All of the Qin army and Soul Society folks disappeared and went to Hueco Mundo.

    “It seems that our enemy is also very powerful!”

Aizen came to Chengdui and said with a sigh.

    “Aizen!” The

At this time, Chengdui had returned to his original form, his face was a little pale, his body was exhausted, from his excessive consumption of power.

“In the next battle, you’ll deal with one of those two Kings!”

    Aizen was startled, he didn’t expect Chengdui to say such a thing.

    “Captain Chengdui, with my strength, I’m afraid.”

Before he finished, Chengdui sneered.

“I believe in your strength. If you fish in troubled waters, your income is much more valuable than one shot, isn’t it?”

    “Aizen!” his tone made Aizen feel shocked.

Then he chuckled: “well since we are on the same side, I should do it.”

    “Yuanli, leave it to me!”

Chengdui smiled and turned and left.

    Zi Lin followed without expression.

    “Gather all the strong domestic people and enter this world!”

    ” All nobles must be here!”

    “Besides!” At this point, the Chengdui’s face showed an extremely solemn and hesitant expression.

    He stopped for a while, and then he said.

    “Bring me that powerful man from that game!”

    Hearing these words, Zilin was also startled, showing a gloomy face.

    “but my king, are you sure? The power of that guy.”

    ” “But it’s far more than us. If he is unsealed, there will be a great disaster!”

 Chengdui grinned.

    “just do it!” In Las Noche.

    “order Madara, Senju Hashirama, Whitebeard, Sengoku, and the others, to come to this world quickly!”

    “From now on, we must be ready to fight at any time!”

 The real storm is coming!