The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 78: Where is Madara?

    at Qin State’ Council.

At the gate of the tower of the Divine kingdom, many figures are standing. Among them was Gandalf, the president of the Council. Behind him was the current Council in the Council, with a total of more than 100 people. On both sides were the elite forces of each world.

At the moment, the Council, including the world of the Three Kingdoms, the world of the Dragon Emperor, the world of Naruto the world of the pirates, the world of the immortal sword, and so on, have been gathered.

It can be said that the Council is the place where the most talented people in the kingdom, are the elite of elites.

    “President Gandalf, Madara has been in for a long time. Is everything ok?”

    Zhuge Liang asked suspiciously.

After Qin Yi conquered Hueco Mundo and the underworld was open, people now can enter through the first floor of the Heavenly tower. Once in it, affected by the special power of the underworld, some of them will awake the Hollow power. Once successful, there will be earth-shaking changes in strength.

    Before that, a large number of people in Qin State had entered into it, and they had successfully Hollowed.

    Not long ago, Madara and the others returned to the kingdom. they were in a mess, with scars everywhere on their bodies, People couldn’t help but wonder where they went. They were so traumatized.

    After hearing the news that they could become stronger, Madara and the boys entered it one after another, without staying in the state of Qin at all.

    Up to now, except for a few people who have come out, Madara, Whitebeard, and others have not been seen.

    “Madara is powerful and has always been at the forefront of our kingdom. There is nothing to worry about.”

    “What we need to consider is how many levels his power will cross after he completes his hollow transformation!”

    Gandalf said in a deep tone.

    Behind him, the Uchiha clan members are all looking forward to it. At the forefront, a 16 or 17-year-old boy with black hair and dark eyes was standing, looking calm and steady.

    “Itachi, won’t you go in? With your talent, I believe that your strength will reach mighty levels!”

 In front, Uchiha Fugaku with his hands in his sleeves said indifferently.

    “I will go in again after the Legendary Lords of Qin come out. Father, I heard that this time, your majesty is going to summon all the strong people in the country to enter that new world.”

    “Shall we go, too?”    Uchiha Itachi’eyes flashed and asked hesitantly.

     “Of course! what do you think we are doing here, our world, the world of white beard, are transforming to enter the Shinigami world, let’s wait quietly.”     Fugaku said.

    As he said, he turned his head and looked aside, Marco and the others, who had a strong breath of the sea, their eyes narrowed slightly.  

  As the first members of this world, their power naturally follows the progress of the Divine kingdom, without stopping.

     Especially after a long period of peace, many outstanding geniuses were born. Just in Naruto world, there is his son Itachi, Namikaze Minato, Uchiha Obito, Hatake Kakashi, and so on.  

  In a short period, the achievements of these rising stars have not been inferior to some of the top Legends at that time. And because of their qualifications problem, they have to wait their turn to transform.

Just then, a man with short black hair stepped out of the tower and attracted people’s attention.

“That is!”

    People’s eyes shifted, and when they saw the man, they were all slightly surprised, and then showed a strange color.

    ” Shuu Ouma, how do you feel?”

    Gandalf asked with a smile.

    ” Dean Gandalf.”

    Shuu Ouma was stunned to see so many people in front of the Divine Kingdom’s tower. Then he came over and sighed.

    He glanced at the people on both sides, then hesitated to speak again.

    “I feel weird!”


Gandalf and the Council were stunned by his reply, including the staff who were clacking on the keyboard and testing the data.

“Why is it weird? According to the tests, after you are Hollowfied, you can cross two levels of combat and achieve the current highest level of combat limit! “

    “This state can be said to be perfect!” The staff asked in a deep voice.

“What I mean by weird is that my ability seems to have changed after experiencing Hollow state!”

    Shuu Ouma said solemnly.

    his right hand stretched out, and accompanied by the crystal-like blue light, a simple long sword appeared in his hand, shining with charming colors.

    “What’s it like?”

Gandalf glanced at the sword curiously and asked.

    “I can manifest other people’s hearts and ideas and use their power, but after Hollowfication, my abilities have evolved!”

    Shuu Ouma said.


    Everyone was surprised.

“Yes, I feel that their power is purer, but also more powerful. At the moment, I can not only realize their power but also directly use their abilities! Then, my strength has also improved by leaps and bounds. That’s it!”

        Shuu Ouma said in a deep voice.

Gandalf squinted, then turned his head and asked directly, “Report his strength data!”

    The staff quickly called up the data. When they saw the real-time updated data, they were all taken aback and their expressions changed dramatically.

    Taking a deep breath, the staff remained calm and readout quickly.

    ” Shuu Ouma, Guilty Crown World, Strength, Starlight Level 1 (before the establishment of the Underworld), Status, Brother-in-law of Qin State.”

When it comes to this, everyone there had a strange look on their face, but they couldn’t laugh.

Shuu Ouma is a unique situation in the state of Qin. He is in the leading role in the world, but he is extremely gentle. Since he entered the state of Qin, his strength has been at the end for a long time. Compared with the ministers in the Imperial Palace, the level is far worse. Therefore, all along, he is a guy with only status but no strength.

    “After the Hollowfication, his strength reached a great degree, Under normal conditions, Starlight 5, Hollow State, Up to Starlight 7!”

Immediately after that, the following sentence made the pupils of all the people present contract.

All people were gazing at him, let the latter embarrassed, scratching his head.

    “Damn, isn’t it just to have a bonus transformation? How he even surpassed his original power!

    Marco wondered.

    No one spoke, and no one could answer his questions.

    There is no doubt that Shuu Ouma’s strength change is a question that cannot be answered. However, his strength shocked everyone at this moment.

    Starlight Level 5, which is definitely at the top level of the state of Qin.

    That earth-shaking change of Shuu Ouma’s power brought him from hell to heaven.

    “Oh hahaha, great, this time, I can help your Majesty.”

Gandalf patted his shoulder with a smile.

    The latter scratched the back of his head and laughed.

    ” I don’t know what’s going on.”

    “There are many things in the world that do not make sense. Just learn to accept them and create your value.”

    Gandalf said.

    “Go back and rest, wait for Madara and the others to come out.”

    Shuu Ouma nodded and walked towards the place where everyone from Guilty Crown world gathered.

    Compared with other worlds, the strong in their world are naturally at a disadvantage, making their way from a low starting point, merging late, and taking time to grow.

    But when Shuu reached the seventh level of Starlight everyone felt relieved and hoping for new opportunities.