The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 79: Starlight Level 8

    Afterward, they were waiting for a long time.

In the underworld, in a white desert, a blood-red crescent hung in the air like a hook.

    “Roar!” The roar made ripples in the air.

    Looking at the source of the sound, a pair of blood-red, with many lines in it, many Tomoe came into the eye, and a whole body of white skeletons appeared.

    “Crack!” The sharp tailbone fiercely waved, splitting the air and tearing open the desert.

roaring like a beast, Hollow Skull’s body exuded amazing power, black and red light, and an ominous atmosphere filled the space.

    “The power of the Immortal sword world is not enough; I want to be stronger!”

    “There are too many strong people in this world!”

    “I must be stronger!” A voice came out, showing hysteria. he seemed to be going crazy.

Suddenly, he roared and rushed to the sky, his whole body exuding stronger power, shaking the void.

    The power that had already reached the limit suddenly expanded and broke the limit again.

    “Starlight Seventh Level!!”

    The Man murmured.

    But after that, his body suddenly rushed into the sky.

    “Not yet, not enough!!!”

    His whole body was tensed, the bones and joints were rubbing, making a creaking sound, stronger bone spurs grew out, and a pupil suddenly grew out of his white bones on his forehead, The three Tomoe inside it were spinning, intertwined with lines, looking bloody and terrifying.

    Hollowfication! This figure had carried Hollow Transformation to the limit, reaching a terrifying state.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!”     he Roared.

     “It can be stronger, I can feel it, it can be stronger!!”

The violent aura was in mid-air, exploding like a bomb, the inexplicable shackles on his body exploded at this moment, an incomparable aura. A vast and terrifying aura rose into the sky, hovering upward, shattering the dark clouds on the horizon, and blowing away the wind within a radius of 10,000 meters.

In front of the Divine Kingdom Tower, the staff of the Council suddenly stunned at this moment. 

   “What’s the matter?”     Gandalf noticed and asked in a deep voice.  

   “Uchiha Madara broke through!”   

  “How many levels has he crossed?”     Gandalf said.     He faintly sensed the shock in their eyes, and he couldn’t help but ask.

    “Level three, level three! His power has vaguely crossed the barrier of Starlight eighth level and reached an unbelievable realm!!” The staff took a breath and spoke.

     Three levels!!

No one would have thought that with this Hollowfication method, someone could reach the terrible state of crossing three levels. Even Ouma Shuu jumped from the fifth level of Starlight to the seventh level and is considered a great leap.

    But at this moment, there was an existence that could cross three levels at once.


    “How strong is this kind of power?!”

    Someone murmured, already unable to imagine how powerful the eighth level is.

    Gandalf’s pupils shrank at this moment, feeling shocked.

    “This is Madara!”

On the other side, above the forest of the underworld, stood a thin man with white bones around his body. there are strange colors depicted on his cheeks, and his whole body was exuding a strong halo.

“Hollow Transformation is astonishing, it can increase such a powerful force.”

    He spoke.

    “I can feel that if I release it again, without restraint, I can even reach the eighth level of Starlight.”

“However, the destruction of this consciousness is very serious, and the negative atmosphere is too strong.”

    “Nothing is here so it’s fine for now!” The man said faintly, and his figure trembled, returning to its original appearance. he was Senju Hashirama.

    In front of the Divine Kingdom Tower.

    ” Senju Hashirama, across two levels, Starlight’s seventh-level peak!” The council members calculated the data and said quickly.

Meanwhile, in a space in the underworld, the earth was cracked, even space was fractured, and the ground was shaken violently. The range fluctuated greatly, covering thousands of kilometers.

“Hahahaha, I love being young again. With the power of this Hollow Thing, I am stronger than ever!”

“I went to the Immortal sword world with that boy Madara. I have experienced too much, which has helped me to improve my strength!”

    The whitebeard only has a mask on his face at the moment, but his power was unprecedentedly terrifying.

“It is so simple to reach level 7 of Starlight. It is only by Hollowfiation. It made the old man amazed!”

Shaking his head, the whitebeard moved forward.

“When I can cover my whole body with Hollow power, I will be able to reach level 8 of Starlight. However, that kid Qin Yi is calling us, I have to go to that field to see the situation!”

    Just after that, his figure was already disappeared.

After going to other worlds, these powerful dudes developed and cultivated other forces, combine their experiences, choose and change the most suitable way to complete the breakthrough of bottlenecks, and become stronger.

“Whitebeard, Hollowfication, spanning two levels, starlight level 7 peak! “

Before the Divine Kingdom tower, the staff reported his information.

the Top of these three Legends was Madara, which has broken through the eighth level of starlight and achieved what people can’t imagine yet, as expected from such an ambitious character.

Of course, their original strength was starlight level 5.

Half an hour later, the gate of the tower of the divine Kingdom opened.

A giant figure came out with a naginata in his hand and made a loud laugh.

“Hoy hoy, my sons, did you miss your old man?”

The figure strode forward, full of heroic and strong aura, making the members of Whitebeard Pirates all roar excitedly. Once the three men returned, they went straight to the underworld. Now it is the first time they see one of them.

    “Dean Gandalf, I am back, and I can enter the world of Shinigami at any time!”

Walking in front of everyone, Whitebeard said loudly.

    “No hurry, wait for the others to come out.”

    Gandalf smiled.

    Immediately after that, Senju Hashirama walked out, smiling, and entered the crowd in welcome.

    Finally, Uchiha Madara came out.

    His eyes were cold, all the crowd looked at him, his hands were embracing, majestic and solemn, the power of his whole body, even though he was far away, can make people tremble. Even more surprising is that a closed crack appeared on the center of his eyebrows.

Whitebeard and Hashirama looked at him and smirked.

    “Madara you seem to have awakened a new power!”

    Whitebeard said with a smile.

    “I’m really curious about how he will face your Majesty after he enters the world Shinigami.”  Sengoku touched his chin; his eyes were strange.

    “Hahaha, he actually forcibly brought that woman into our world, what a brave guy who does his own way!”

    Garp laughed.

    “Garp, keep a low profile. We are also involved in this trouble.” The

    whitebeard’s face changed, and he covered Garp’s mouth and hurriedly scanned around.