The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 81: My Sword!

    After a couple of seconds, thirty-six figures flashed out one after another.

    They stood in their respective positions, and the soldiers stepped out quickly behind them, all with indifferent faces, After staring at the figures in front of them, their eyes were full of awe.

“All the thirty-six Noblemen are here!”

    “It’s another national attack!”

“However, I’m afraid the war is extremely fierce this time. In the last all-out war, only ten Noblemen were sent out!”

“After your majesty left the world, there were new people promoted to Noblemen. At this time, there should be 38 Noblemen in our country!”

The soldiers of the kingdom of Utopia noticed the thirty-six Noblemen. They were all surprised and began to talk in a low voice.

As the most powerful force in the country, all the thirty-six Noblemen were rarely had to go out.

Once they were dispatched, it will represent the difficulty of the war, which is critical.

All of a sudden, the thirty-six Noblemen standing in the sky all moved. Their bodies turned into streamers, and they flew quickly towards the Portal.

    “Thirty-six Noblemen control thirty-six worlds, and they are all the strongest in their respective worlds. They will never do anything together unless they are ordered by your majesty!”

    “Now that they’re moving together, what’s the point?” The

    soldiers were shocked.

   the Thirty-six Noblemen never work together, even when they go to another world, they pass one by one.

Now, they could see that they are moving at the same time, and their goals seem to be the same.

Half of an hour later, the thirty-six dignitaries descended on a mountain on the west side of the portal.

“It’s that weird cage!”

The soldiers were curious.

At the top of the mountain on the west side of the Portal stands a huge cage with a height of one thousand meters and a length and width of one thousand meters. it was made of mysterious metal, leaving only a huge cage with a few vents.

All the soldiers in the country didn’t know what this cage is for. They only remember that once, their King and more than 20 Noblemen went to a different world and brought it back.

That time, the soldiers of the whole country were shocked and remembered deeply. Because, including his majesty, the Noblemen, all of them were seriously injured and close to death.

   At this time, thirty-six Noblemen had already arrived in front of this huge black cage.

     After glancing at each other, they stood quickly in thirty-six directions, and then they stretched out one hand and raised the cage suddenly.

    “Boom!” They lifted the cage off the mountain and floated into the sky.

“What is this for?”

The soldiers were surprised, puzzled, and inexplicably uneasy.  

   “Finally, has anyone come?”

    Suddenly, a low voice sounded, spreading between the heavens and the earth, making everyone’s soul tremble.

     “It came from the black prison!!” The 

soldiers were so surprised, they all looked into the black prison.

“Do you weak people have the courage to face me?”

Immediately after that, the voice came out again, which made all the soldiers shocked.

“What is he talking about?”

“The weak? Who are the weak? “

Great questions appear in everyone’s heart.

Then they saw the thirty-six men floating in the air. Their faces became gloomy.

    Suddenly, the soldiers understood.

    That man refers to the thirty-six Noblemen and even their kings!

    “Death is like the wind, always with me.”

“It’s a pity that you can’t kill me, but you’ve trapped me here by this clumsy and despicable means.”

The murmuring voice reverberates, let everyone nervous.

    Their guess is true. Whether it is your majesty, or the thirty-six nobles, in the eyes of the guy in this huge black prison, they are all weak.

    But how is this possible?

The existence standing on the top of the Kingdom, in this person’s eyes, will be the weak!

    “Hmph, your heroic power has been imprisoned and sealed by your majesty, stop bluffing!” one of the thirty-six nobles shouted.

    “Then you, dare to let me go?”

    The voice echoed again, the words were flat, but it was sarcastic.

    The noble stopped speaking.

    Anyone who has seen the power of the man in the jail cannot rise the courage to face this man again.

That kind of indomitable and violent sword force is enough to destroy everything.

Even his majesty made a judgment that this man’s world may have crossed the moonlight Realm, which they can’t touch at present.

    The strength of the opponent, facing them, is like a god.

    At the end of the battle, if it were not for your majesty’s seal, none of them would be spared.

    At the same time, their Majesty also used his most powerful skill, the talent that can be used every once in a while.

There is almost no upper limit to this kind of seal force. No matter how powerful it is, it can confine and limit its power instantaneously, but it will enter the cooldown period according to the strength of the opponent.

After a long time, this man was successfully sealed, but his Majesty’s talent has not yet recovered.

    “Open the black jail!”

    shouted one of the Nobles after a long time.

    Immediately, the thirty-six nobles clapped their palms on the cage.

    “Kacha!” In a flash, there were fine cracks on the huge black cage, bloomed like a lotus flower.

    In the void, a figure gradually emerged.

One hundred and eight thick chains, crisscrossing, piercing, and sweeping away, bind the 108 positions of the person in the center.

Seeing such a situation, all the people in Utopia were shocked.

“What do you want to do?”

    The man said lightly, his eyes swept over the dozens of nobles in front of him, making them shiver at this moment.

    “Your Majesty decided to set you free!”

    One of them shouted.

    “Oh? Conditions?”

    The person said lightly, he seemed to know that this group of people must have conditions.

“As long as you help us win the next war, your majesty will take back the power of Sealing, set you free and let you return to your hometown!”

   He shouted.


    the man murmured.

    “I have been looking for the way home, but I can’t get in.”

    “So, that weak guy, will let me go?”

    Anger flashed across the noble’s face: “as long as you help us win, you must believe your Majesty’s words, don’t you?”

“That boy, though mean I think he is trustworthy.”

The man nodded, and then his eyes suddenly sharpened.

    he lifted his right hand suddenly, and in a moment, the chain clattered and trembled violently, and even the wall of the cage has countless cracks at this moment.

    “Where is my sword?”

“It’s more important than anything!”