The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 82: Deal

Sword is his life, nothing is more important than this man’s sword. Oh, yes, except for good wine.

    But when the thirty-six Nobles heard these words and heard this man asking for his sword, their expressions became gloomy. Looking carefully, they were deeply afraid.

    Unimaginable, each of the thirty-six Nobles was the supreme of a world, and each of them is a strong person above Starlight level 5, suppressing the heroes of Utopia. However, they would show such an expression when facing this person.

    “His sword!”

    Finally, a noble shouted in a deep voice.

    People looked towards the northeast, and in the next second, a team of a hundred people stepped up into the air, with a person in the center holding a sword in both hands. The style of this sword is not complicated, nor luxurious, but rather simple, but no one doubts how terrifying the power that this sword will explode when it returns to his master’s hands.

After a few minutes of silence, the sword was put into the hands of the Noble.

“Here’s the sword. You can’t mess around. Besides, we won’t take away the chain!”

The Noble said solemnly.

    The man chuckled with his right hand raised.

    The Noble waved his hand and threw the sword at the man.


Although the sword was flying up and down, spinning and throwing to the man’s hand, it was like fate. The man took the handle accurately.

    ” wine?”

The man took his sword and was obviously in a good mood. He asked again with a laugh.

    “Give him wine!”

    Seeing the man holding the sword in his hand, the nobles began to be cautious and said to the person behind them again.

Immediately, someone threw the bottle into the man’s hand.

The latter shakes the cork with an invisible force and then raised his head.

    “Wow!” the sound of swallowing came out constantly, all of them watch carefully

     Even in the presence of so many people with unpleasant complexions and being watched by everyone, that person does not have the slightest discomfort, as if he is the only person in the world.

     A bottle of wine quickly bottomed out. He paused for a while. When the last drop of wine entered his throat, he breathed out a long, comfortable breath, belched.

     “It’s been a long time since I had such a refreshing drink!”

     “I’m very satisfied. Although the people in your world are weak and small, there are some things that I like very much.”

 The Nobles stared at him closely and closely, Watching the movement of this person.

     “Now, shall we?”     The man raised his eyebrows and laughed, and the sword in his wrist trembled suddenly.     

    With a quick wave of his sword, no one could see it, the thick and numerous chains were all neatly cut off in an instant.

    “Aaah!” The thirty-six Nobles all changed color, and they still underestimated the strength of this guy.

    Obviously, the magical heroic power has been sealed, but it can still burst out such terrible power.

At this moment, the thirty-six venerable men were on guard, their forehead was sweating, and they were ready to fight.

    “What are you nervous about? It’s just these chains that make me feel uncomfortable!”

    The man stretched his waist and slowly stood up from the ground.

He was dressed in a blue robe, with a messy but long horsetail, and a scar in his face, his appearance revealed a natural, undisciplined, and free atmosphere, but with strong and incomparable self-confidence.

    “Seeing that you can bring me to this world, not dead, and give me a good wine, I can tell you my name.”

“gale sword hero, Yasuo!”

“This name will be remembered in your whole life!”

His words are sonorous, lazy, but have a powerful impact.


    Thirty-six Nobles were overwhelmed by his confidence.

    ” since I have agreed to what you want to do, then take me there!”

    “However, open the Seal in my body and unlock my power. I hope he won’t break his promise!” Yasuo said.

“The King never goes back on his word.”

    “Then, Mr. Yasuo please come with us!” the

    thirty-six Nobles said solemnly.

    In the face of the strongest man they have seen after experiencing countless worlds, they naturally respect the abnormality and are also cautiously guarded against sudden violent attacks at any time.

    Yasuo nodded, and he was surrounded by thirty-six nobles in the center, and then passed through the Portal together and disappeared.

    “Who the hell is that man?”

    “it’s unimaginable that the 36 nobles fear a man like this!” The citizens of Utopia were shocked.

But there was not much time for them to be shocked, because the front line was pressing for troops to enter the target area again.

“It seems that the front line is very strict. This time, it’s hard to imagine how fierce the war there is!”

“It’s said that at present, we are only on guard before the war, and the war has not started. Moreover, it seems that our opponent is also a king!”

    “King, then it’s a whole world, it’s really unimaginable!” The soldiers of Utopia talked and felt nervous.

In the world of the Shinigami, in Soul Society.

    Thirty-six Nobles came to this world through the Portal.

In an instant, the Shinigami Captain of Utopia came forward. In fact, he was a strong leader, but even so, he was still respectful.

    “Your Majesty is waiting for you, my lords!”

The Nobles nodded slightly: “Take us forward.”


    The Shinigami quickly responded, and then turned and left.

At the moment, Soul Society is not what it used to be. In the entire Seireitei and the Gotei 13 were gone, there were Shinigami all over the country. Even Rukongai has been forcibly transformed into the territory of Utopia.

    Hundreds of millions, the terrifying Shinigami armies, entered it on a large scale, firmly occupying the world.

    At this moment in the King’s office.

    “Soul Society is already mine, and this world has been occupied by my troops.”

    “In this way, my country controls two realms in this world, and on the opposite side, the Qin country has only occupied Hueco Mundo! “

“They are in a disadvantageous position now!”

   King Chengdui said coldly.

In front of him, there were some Shinigami from Soul Society, and most of the leaders of the army of Shinigami of Utopia, such as Zilin and Aizen.

    “Your Majesty, all the Lords are here!”

    At this moment, a Shinigami informed.

    Chengdui immediately condensed his eyes, looked out the door, and then smiled.

    “Let them in!”