The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 83: Disappear

the thirty-six dignitaries stepped into it one by one.

The office is very spacious, with long tables and chairs. There are many empty seats near the front row.

    Thirty-six dignitaries stepped into it one by one and sat down without hesitation.

Their eyes were indifferent. When they looked at king Chengdui, they were obviously not as afraid and awed as others. These people were the founding ministers who accompanied the king from the first world. They were not only powerful but also had the strength and qualification to make friends with the King.

When these people came in, the eyes of some Captain-level at the end of the office changed. They were full of respect and fear.

And Aizen, the Shinigamis of Soul Society who yielded, also watched the 36 Nobles carefully.

    “It’s a terrible world.”

    Aizen muttered in his heart, a bit solemn and under tremendous pressure.

he felt the extremely powerful aura of energy in the body of these thirty-six Nobles, which was no less than anyone present, even some people, had exceeded them. But he knew that these people had not yet come into contact with the world and transformed into Shinigami.

According to the previous special cases, if these people become Shinigami, their strength will be greatly improved.

    This is undoubtedly a terrifying answer, it is impossible to imagine how strong these people will be in the end!

With the contact with Chengdui, Aizen was awed and suspicious of the strength and scheming of the King, surprised by his identity, shocked by the majestic and terrifying world behind him recently, and now saw the vibration of the thirty- six dignitaries, which made him more and more careful. At the same time, he became more and more curious about their world.

    “What on earth is there in that world? How wide is the universe!”

    Whether it is the magic of Qin Yi’s subordinates or the terrifying military power of Chengdui, Aizen was more and aware of the wonderful world.

    He had never been a peaceful person, but he is willing to explore the unknown world and increase his knowledge.

    Moreover, he put down his identity, status, and seat in the last few rows in a low-key way, to avoid attracting attention.

On the contrary, Tōsen Kaname, the fool, actually sat in the front row.

     “A blind man is a blind man. He doesn’t know how to judge the situation. He is so arrogant that he thinks that with the strength of the captain, he can get a good position under King Chengdui?”

  Aizen glanced at him and thought.   

  Sure enough, the next moment, when the thirty-six dignitaries just sat down.

     “Who is this blind man? Dare to sit next to me?”

     One of the fierce-looking dignitaries asked coldly without looking at Tōsen Kaname.  

   King Chengdui’s eyes flashed and glared at Tōsen, his eyes showed a bright light, but he did not speak.    

 “I am a Captain from Soul Society, Tōsen Kaname I’ve just submitted to your majesty!”    Tōsen Kaname said indifferently, maintaining his dignity as a captain.

     “Captain who just surrendered?”

    The noble raised his eyebrows, and still did not look at Tōsen Kaname, but placed his hands on the table.

    He moved his head gently and found a comfortable posture, actually wanting to sleep.

    “When I want to sleep, I hate others by my side, so you.”

    ” disappear!”

    Tōsen Kaname was startled, his face suddenly changed: “You!”

    But when he focused on the other person, I found that this guy who opened his mouth full of murderous intent was fell asleep!

    “What do you mean?”

    Tōsen Kaname sneered.

    On the first seat, King Chengdui shook his head, looking at Tōsen Kaname’s eyes, he was already a dead person. The other thirty-five Venerables present here have different expressions, but none of them said anything. They were sitting in their own places.

    On the other hand, all the Officers at the end have the same expressions.

Aizen saw all this, his eyes narrowed.

    He faintly guessed that something big will happen next.

    Sure enough, just after a couple of seconds, Tosen, who was sitting upright and sneered, fell heavily on the table, his head smashed, and he made a loud thump.

    “is this?!”

    Then, with the snoring sound, Tōsen Kaname passed out!

Aizen was horrified and subconsciously clenched his fist.

    In the next second, he turned his gaze to look at Tōsen Kaname.

But at this moment, he saw that the other side’s body turned into a light smoke and spread out, and was inhaled into the nostrils by the venerable who lay on the table.


    Aizen was shocked and nervous, he couldn’t even understand the principle of this power.

    Is it magic? Or something else?

    he hadn’t seen it, so he couldn’t understand it at all!

    But there is no doubt that the strength of this Venerable is extremely terrifying. he was just sleeping, and the Captain-level Tōsen Kaname actually disappeared silently.

    “Don’t look at me, this guy was so rude to treat a Venerable like that!”

    The sleeping Venerable suddenly opened his eyes, staring at Aizen with a weird smile, and spoke.

    Aizen’s whole body shook, and then quickly said: “I’m sorry, Your Honor!”

    Then, he immediately turned his head and stared at the tabletop.

    He was very obedient and didn’t want to conflict with this venerable one.

    Sleeping Venerable’s eyes flashed strangely, but he didn’t say more.

    Instead, Chengdui, who was sitting in the first place, said.

    “Aizen captain, so polite, low-key, but didn’t know his power limit!”

    “I really want to see the limit of your power!”

    Aizen’s eyes shrank, smiling He said: “Your Majesty has honored me. Aizen is just an ordinary captain, so there is no limit.”


Chengdui gave a faint smile, took a deep look at Aizen, and said no more.

    The thirty-six Nobles all stared at Aizen, their eyes were sharp.

Their king’s words, let them all understand, this harmless guy man wearing glasses, actually should be the most ferocious beast!

Otherwise, their king would not bother to speak to people of different worlds.

    “My king, that man has arrived.”

    At this moment, one of the Nobles said in a solemn voice.

Aizen narrowed his eyes, hearing this, and was even more curious.

is there a stronger guy?


    Even Chengdui looked nervous, at this moment.

    “Where is he?” As soon as the words fell, a person stepped in with a sword in his waist, and an unruly, unrestrained.

    “I’m here!”

    “The guy who sealed me, you know.”

    “The road to destruction is shorter than you can imagine!”

    “You want me to be your sword.”

    “You are accelerating your demise!”

Chengdui’s pupils shrank.

    He remembered back then when he faced the first time!