The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 84: Plan

It was a total humiliation for King Chengdui!

    he entered that world and the first enemy he faced was the guy in front of him.

   In this battle, the kingdom lost a dozen Nobles, was defeated, and suffered heavy losses., by the hands of this person, a powerful person at the Noble level is as weak as an ordinary person to him. Even Chendgui was knocked to the ground after some basic skills.

    Then, pointed his sword at him.

   With dull eyes, he said indifferently.

    “I’ll give you a good time!” That kind of chilly horrible feeling of coldness swept through his body, making Chengdui feel that he was so close to death for the first time.

    He couldn’t understand the strength of the other party, what it was, or how could the gap between the two sides be so big.

For the first time, the king was terrified.

As for now, when he faced this person again, he got goosebumps all over.

It was not until he used his king’s talent to seal the Champion’s power body with the help of the other Nobles, that after a difficult battle they could imprison him. Until today, in the face of the great pressure Qin Yi gave him, he just decided to release this powerful and terrifying guy again.

Now, the two face to face again, King Chengdui was stunned for a moment and lost his overbearing and confident demeanor as he used to be.

However, this did not surprise the Nobles sitting around, as well as the high-level Officers who knew about Yasuo’s existence. Instead, they were ready and on guard.

“Who is this guy?”

    “Such a shock in Chengdui’s face and the expressions on the faces of these arrogant Nobles are abnormal.”

    Aizen thought.

“Besides, it seems that he doesn’t deal with the guys of Utopia!”

    He watched and observed it silently.

In this office, after Yasuo entered, it fell into a strange calm. The king didn’t talk, and no one did.

    Instead, Yasuo raised his eyebrows, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, and stepped in.

    “However, since I have promised you, I won’t make another move.”

    “After all, I’m a man of my word!”

    The King’s eyes flashed and his expression returned to normal.

“Sit down. I will do what I promise you.”

“But if you make trouble before that, don’t blame me for being rude!”

He regained his bearing and changed his attitude.

well after that battle, he has passed through several worlds, and his strength and the strength of the nobles have also increased.

Now, although he was afraid of the moment when the other party’s full strength bloomed, now he was just sealed, and there is nothing to be afraid of.


“Death is like the wind, always by my side, I am not afraid of death, what do you have to threaten me with?”

    “King of the worlds!”

    Yasuo strode to a chair and sat down with a smile, saying something that made everyone gloomy.

    Aizen’s pupils shrank when he heard this, He realized that this man was not a man from Utopia. Rather, like him, it should be a man from other worlds attacked by this king

    The universe is vast, and he did not expect to see different people from different worlds that soon.

“Freedom! I said, “I can set you free!”

“Take you back to your hometown! And leave it a safe place!”

    “It’s important to you, isn’t it, Yasuo?”

    Chengdui said.

    “Who do you want me to deal with?”

    Yasuo said.

It means a lot to him to go home, and just like Chengdui said, he still had his things to do.

    “a king of another world, and his army!” king Chengdui said in a deep tone.

When Yasuo heard this, his eyes were fixed and he gave the king a deep look.

He knew very well that even though the power of these kings was quite different from that of him, all kinds of miracles and the forces behind them were shocking and even strange.

    At the same moment, in Las Noches.

At the moment, the spacious main hall is already crowded with the Commanders of Qin.

    When all the strong gathered together at this moment, Qin Yi just realized that his country had a terrifying power.

    Uchiha Madara, Senju Hashirama, the Kages, many of them since they are almost Immortals now and many of the Geniuses through generations, Uchiha Itachi, Hatake Sakumo, Namikaze Minato, and others.

    After years of development in the world of One Piece, the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace, Luffy and his crew, Enel and others, and the Navy also gathered a large number of powerful men.

In the world of the immortal sword, Jiang Qing and others have also grown into mighty men.

    Besides, many Geniuses and masters have cultivated from other worlds.

    Starlight Level 5 has almost become the standard equipment for Qin’s strong citizens, and there are countless people. Even if they used to be just humans who came from the ordinary worlds, such as the world of Dragon Emperor and the world of Slam Dunk, they may already possess the power of Starlight level 4.

Under the huge base, the number of strong people born in the state of Qin also increased rapidly.

    It can be said that today’s Qin State has the basis for fighting a big battle.

Qin Yi was not only surprised by the fighting power of the state of Qin but also proud of it.

Back then, a broken city with a population of tens of thousands was almost destroyed. Up to now, it has grown into a Divine kingdom!

    Taking a deep breath, he glanced at Gandalf.

    ” Dean Gandalf, I have passed most of the information about this world to you.”

“How should we fight this war? Should the Council be able to put it on record? “

Gandalf said with a smile: “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the generals of the Three Kingdoms, the military, are all strong men who have experienced war for a long time!”

“There are Madara, Hashirama, the whitebeard, who fought in numerous wars.”

    “The Council has already put the war plan on record.”

    Qin Yi nodded: “This is the first large-scale war with a foreign country. Be cautious!”

“Of Course, At present, the Council has decided to issue war orders to the military headquarters.”

    “First of all, what we want to win is this world!”

    Gandalf narrowed his eyes.

    “This world?”

Qin Yi was stunned and then realized.

“At present, a large number of elite troops are stationed in Soul Society, but the Human world is guarded by Chiliu Army.”

“At this moment, it’s absolutely the best choice to send troops, swallow up the Chiliu army, and win this battle!”

    Gandalf said.

    ” do it, I set up the council to do such work!”

Qin Yi said with a smile.