The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 85: Qin’s Army!

“Yes!” The people on the scene were councilors. The military division composed of talents from the Three Kingdoms, Naruto, One Piece, and other worlds were observing the battle situation, making decisions one by one, and quickly giving orders.

In the council house, the people moved quickly and ran to the legions.

“The Titans legion, the order of the Council for war has been issued. Go to this world quickly, occupy the northwest and wipe out the Chiliu Army!”

“The Guilty Crown Legion, with Ouma Shuu as the leader, go to this world quickly, occupy the Oriental legion, and clear all the power of Utopia in this world!”

“The Legion of the Dragon Emperor, General Yang, go to this world and attack the southern Chiliu Army!”

” Akame Ga Kill Legion go to the world and attack the Western Legion.”

“The Legion of the Qin Dynasty, the Legion of the Three Kingdoms, follow orders, go to this world, occupy the northeast, and support the other armies!”

Orders were issued quickly, and the legion that heard the order immediately got up.

“Your Majesty’s Order!” The deafening response sounded, shaking the entire Hueco Mundo. In the next second, a large number of troops moved into the passage that had already been prepared by the Arrancars and entered the world of humans.

Under the large-scale battle, the troops launched by the state of Qin at this moment are nearly ten million, dense, and extremely terrible.

These tens of millions of troops are all elite who have been brought into the underworld in batches and have been transformed into hollows. Each one of them, even if they were not very strong in the past, has a strong power after being hollow.

In the desert of Hueco Mundo, a large number of people are going to Las Noches at the moment.

These people glanced at the Qin State Army, which was spreading over the entire Hueco Mundo, with shock and fear in their eyes.

“Is this the power under the king of the other world?”

“It’s terrible. So, it seems that he really has the strength to compete with King Chengdui! “

Yhwach’s eyes flashed and he said in a deep voice.

“There are too many strong people. We came all the way and saw nearly 30 million soldiers. They are all elites!”

“In this case, even if we are so strong, we can’t deal with this kind of numerous soldiers’ tactics!”

Behind him, a member of Sternritter solemnly said.

“What’s more, the leaders among these guys, are mighty!”

“I can’t imagine how there are so many strong people in their world!”

“Dreadful, horrific!”

they were talking to each other, shocked.

Naturally, they can’t understand that in the king’s world, the popularization of civilization means cultivating and strengthening the whole people. In this era, unless you are too lazy to practice or are not interested in it, you will become strong easily.

All the way through Hueco Mundo, toward Las Noches, Yhwach, and Other Wandenreich Quincy was silent all the way.

This time, they really had a long experience. When they saw a large number of Shinigami swarming into Soul Society, followed by the thirty-six dignitaries, Yhwach knew that they could not stay any longer.

The strong of Utopia is obviously different from the Shinigami. There are too many of them, and there are endless elites. In just one or two hours, dozens of people have sent signs of the Ice Palace. If it takes a long time, they will definitely be caught.

That would be troublesome!

Therefore, Yhwach chose to go to Hueco Mundo to meet Qin Yi and others.

But what they didn’t expect was that they saw such scenes that shocked them.

In the end, when they arrived at the forces of the world of Naruto and the army of One piece, their terrifying fighting power made Quincy stunned.

“80 million! Nearly 80 million troops in all! “

Yhwach said to himself.

“King Yhwach, Your Majesty has been waiting for you in Las Noches for a long time, please come in!”

Coyote Starrk was standing at the door, smiling and reaching out.

Yhwach nodded and stepped into the Palace.

After entering, his eyes shrank again.

Here, at the moment, there are many figures standing, and every one of them has a strength equivalent to a strong Captain, without Hollow power, If they released Hollow power He assumed that they will surpass it by levels.


Qin Yi saw Yhwach and shouted with a smile.

Immediately, the people in Las Noches all looked back and then made way for him to pass.

“King Of Hell, all the people under my leadership are here, next, how should we fight this war?”

Yhwach walked quickly to Qin Yi and asked in a deep voice.

“we will take the world of humans first, and then we all fight against Soul Society.”

Qin Yi didn’t hide it and said it directly.

“Of course, I have already sent troops to the human world. If they stick to the plan, the battle should have started now!”

Yhwach was startled: “So fast?”

“well, we will attack together and surprise Chengdui!”

Qin Yi said lightly.

Immediately afterward, his eyes condensed, and his cold light flashed.

“He wants to swallow up my world, but what he doesn’t know is that I think the same way!”

Yhwach was shocked. What he didn’t expect was that the two kings from different worlds had completely regarded their world as their arena and ignored the rest of the world.

“As for you of the Wandenreich, along with me, our goal is King Chengdui, that is, Soul Society!”

Qin Yi said, making Yhwach nod.

He suddenly felt a little excited at the moment, and his blood was boiling. It’s a unique feeling, but he understands it very well.

Such a large-scale war is even more shocking than his actions a thousand years ago.

The war to subvert the world! Spreading across three worlds, just thinking about it is enough to make your heart shake.

At the same time, in this world.


Akashi was sitting cross-legged on the ground, eyes closed, feeling a new power of Shinigami.

But at this moment, loud shouts came from near him.

“get ready!!”

“The enemy is coming from the sky, everyone gets ready for battle!”

The sound of one after another sounded, making Akashi frown and opened his eyes.

“What happened?”

He asked subconsciously, looking towards the sky.

However, immediately afterward, Akashi’s face changed rapidly.

“What’s this?”

In the air, black and red ripples appeared. After a couple of seconds, a large number of people in strange robes rushed out, holding spears or swords.

As soon as they appeared, their faces were ferocious, they roared in unison and swooped down.


Akashi reacted instantly.

“It’s Qin’s army!!”