The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 86: No Country for Old Men!

Akashi was shocked, his expression changed dramatically.

 ” he chose to attack now!”

 Qin Yi’s decisiveness made Akashi and utopia’s army shocked, and completely unexpected.

 Originally, this is the time for both sides to actively prepare for the war and prepare for the final large-scale campaign. But the other side chose to begin it directly.

 This kind of decision made Akashi feel horrified and shocked by the simplicity of the state of Qin.

 “Prepare for battle! Attack! ” At the critical moment, there was no time for hesitation., Akashi pulled out the Zanpakuto from his waist and shouted.

 At the same time, every corner of the sky in all directions of this world is rippling and spreading. Cracks appear one by one. A large number of Qin soldiers rush out and dive down, burning the atmosphere of the battlefield instantly.

 In an instant, the first wave of fighters from the two countries had already met.

 “Hollow Transformation!”


 The next moment, the two extreme forces suddenly collide, the sparks of war, burning, blinking all over the corners of this world.

 The humans in this world were hiding in the building at this moment, looking at the sky in fear, outside the window.

 “What the hell is this?”

 roars were heard like thunder, uninterrupted, and there were explosions almost everywhere. Blood was splattering, spilling on the walls or the streets.

 corpses, like rain, fell quickly, falling onto the street, and smashing the ground.

 This is a scene like an apocalypse, which made countless civilians shudder and fear. Many people, hugging each other, shivering.

 They couldn’t imagine how this world suddenly became like this.

 “Boom!” With the continuous explosion, buildings burst and houses collapsed, and innocent civilians were directly killed by the continuous explosion.

 The war between the two countries has made countless people fear and wonder whether it is the end of the world.

 “Southwest, lock up!” “Northeast direction, charge hard and kill them!”

 “Don’t be merciful, kill them all!”

 “Charge! Charge all the way, don’t stop!” In the sky, the standing general of Qin State loudly ordered, his aura was soaring up.

 The world was in a mega-scale war!

 On the ground, gradually, blood gathered into rivers, emitting a strong smell.

 This blood was from both sides!

 The number of people on both sides is decreasing at an astonishing speed.

 This is a real fight. Two countries that are evenly matched are engaged in preliminary confrontations. Both sides were jealous and crazy, and would rather die than take a step back.

 A soldier of the state of Qin was stabbed in the body by two Shinigami, but his eyes were wide open, he roared and waved his spear fiercely.

 At the last moment, he cut off the head of one of them.

 A captain-level Shinigami of Utopia rushed all the way, beheading dozens of Qin fighters, followed by hundreds of soldiers rushing forward, amidst his anger, he gets stabbed by hundreds of spears and died.

 They represent the honor of their respective countries and bear the fate of a country.

   No one will give in, no one can give in!

“for Qin! ”  

 “Kill! Kill! Kill!”  Qin’s soldiers strode forward, arranging into a formation, roaring like thunder, iron boots shaking the earth.

  “For our king! For glory! ”  “Kill every enemy in front of you!” “

It doesn’t matter how many people die. It doesn’t matter how many lives are lost. This is war!

It is a moment when glory is the only thing that matters, and life becomes incredibly cheap at this moment!!

In the Soul Society.

 “My king, the Qin army attacked the world of humans!”

 “Qin State launched an attack, and now the Chiliu Army in this world is fighting the enemy to the death!”

The hurried voice shocked Chengdui, his pupils shrank and immediately said.

 “How’s the war going?”

“It’s very fierce, the people of Qin have terrible fighting power, and they are not afraid of death!”

“It is difficult for the Chiliu Army to defeat it!” The Shinigami said quickly.

Such words make everyone present look serious.


 Chengdui murmured.

 His eyes slowly sharpened, and the corners of his mouth reveals a bit of fierce.

 “It started a war so quickly. He is a decisive guy. I thought he would wait for a while.”

 “In that case, send troops immediately, support the human world, and wipe out their forces!”

 the Shinigami was about to turn around and pass the order.

 But at this moment, several figures came quickly.

 “My king, Soul Society is under attack, and their number is increasing!”

 Such information, let Chengdui’s pupil shrink, and the 36 dignitaries were stunned.

 Aizen thought.

 “hmm, The king of Qin’s character is terrible!”

 “All of a sudden, he directly led to full-scale war!”

 Under these circumstances, the king is not prepared for everything, and he has no plan!”

 Eastern position of Soul Society.

 Above the sky, ripples spread, followed by silhouettes stepping out.

 “Is that the kids of Utopia?”

 First one, wielding a naginata, tall, crescent-shaped white mustache, it was Edward Newgate Whitebeard!

 Behind him was the white beard Regiment. Beside them, ACE, Luffy, Shanks, Enel, Sengoku, Garp and others, stood in the air, looking down.

 They are observing this strange world, strange enemies.

 “Oh! It seems that the enemy’s reaction is also very keen, you see, they have already attacked!”

 Whitebeard smiled.

 On the ground below, a large shinigami army quickly gathered together and rushed towards them.

 Densely crowded figures float like locusts.

 But at this moment, Whitebeard and others have no fear at all.

“Let the old man hit the first strike in the new world!”

As soon as he said, he waved the huge Naginata, charging.

 The gale swept through.

 “Boom!” A halo appeared, ripples, wrapped in the Blade.

 Suddenly, the whitebeard roared and swung it toward the army.