The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 87: Attack!

 The atmosphere was trembling and buzzing violently, and a long, narrow, beam-like vibrating torrent suddenly appeared in the void in front of the Naginata. Between the rumblings, numerous fine cracks appeared in the sky.

 This rift widened extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had already arrived in front of the Utopia army who had charged up.


  Space split and the atmosphere suddenly broke at this moment. At this moment, the shinigami were shocked and confused.

 They found themselves unable to move as if they were imprisoned in the void.

 And the shinigami below, when they looked up at them, their pupils contracted, and there was a panic in their eyes.

 “the sky, the sky, cracked!” It was like a mirror shattered, a large area of the army of Utopia, in this mirror, as the mirror shattered, their bodies, everything, were torn apart.

In silence, Whitebeard cut the void with a strike.

 Followed by.


The violent tremor sounded, the atmosphere vibrated, the ground shattered, everything seems to be shaking. After a couple of seconds, the building collapsed, and countless cracks appeared on the ground of Soul Society, which made the unsteadily standing Shinigami fall down immediately, causing a racker.

 When everything calmed down, it was a minute or so past, and a large amount of dust rose and covered the sky.

 Utopia’s soldiers looked at the sky again, and their eyes were already flashing with fear and shock.

 That huge man caused such large-scale damage with a single strike, he turned this world upside down.

 at the same time.

 On the four sides of the sky in Soul Society, there were strong people of Qin standing out.

 ” Senpō , Tengai Shinsei!”

 Uchiha Madara sealed and said coldly, wearing armor.

 Soul Society suddenly fell into shadow.

 The Shinigamis raised their heads and were horrified to find that a huge object appeared, which covered almost one-eighth of Soul Society. What’s more terrifying was that as soon as this huge unidentified object appeared, it was falling quickly, bringing a violent gale.

 Immediately thereafter, the airflow changed, tearing to the sides and twisting.

“Meteorite!!! It’s a meteorite!!” After a couple of seconds, someone could not help but yell in horror after seeing the thing that fell.

 By this time, the sound caused by the meteorite was already extremely loud, shaking the air.

 Correspondingly, the ground vibrated violently, bursting out waves of air.

The flames suddenly burned, rose up around the meteorite, and then turned into a huge fireball.

 As time went by, the majestic sound became louder and louder, and the air friction made a sharp sound.

 Under the huge meteorite, the Shinigami shuddered and couldn’t escape.

 a couple of seconds later, the meteorite landed on everyone’s head, accompanied by a sound that vibrated Soul Society, splashing the dust into the sky.

 The impact of the meteorite directly shattered the ground, causing large craters and numerous cracks to spread.

 And the death toll of the Utopia army reached already four million!

 Enough to imagine, the size of this meteorite, as well as the terror of the power of this blow.

 As soon as the people of the state of Qin showed up, they launched a fatal attack on Utopia,  in Soul Society.

 Where King Chengdui was located.

 As soon as Shinigami’s words came out, everyone had already seen the change of the sky, followed by the terrible sound and vibration, which came into everyone’s ears and caused people’s faces to change.

 “Very well!!” Chengdui’s eyes were suddenly indifferent.

 His eyes were cold, and the killing intent in his eyes has not been concealed.

 First, this world, and then, directly attack Soul Society. The courage of his rival king at the moment was astonishing.

 “Dare to launch an attack on this king’s home court, it seems that you have a strong self-confidence!”

 squinted his eyes and said, Chengdui’s madness revealed.

 “Let’s see, you and I, who is stronger and who is more ruthless?” Suddenly, his eyes turned to the thirty-six Nobles present and the senior officials of Utopia.

 “Everyone, let’s go!”

 “Dare to attack us in our home, our country, let us show him our ruthless power!”

 The thirty-six Nobles faces were solemn, and all stood up.

 “For the king for Utopia!”

 Then they strode out of the door.

 From this moment on, a large number of troops began to rush out of the newly built huge gate, toward Soul Society, shouting.

 These armies, divided into thirty-six legions, are under the management of thirty-six dignitaries and represent the strength of their own world.

 In an instant, within Soul Society, the great battle started.

 There is only one king in the world! When two kings meet, the chance of getting along with each other is almost nonexistent!

 They are all rebellious and overbearing. How can they give in? Especially for King who has grown up, it is even beyond impossible!

 Only victory or defeat can determine their future!

 If the king wins, his world power will leap forward to a new level. If he fails, he will become the powerful soil of the enemy country and lose all the right to be an independent kingdom.

 Decisive battle, annexation! This is the rhythm of the Great Power War!

 the Thirty-six dignitaries attack, the Ziliu army attack, and countless team leaders lead their armies to attack.

 In Soul Society, Utopia was in full operation at this moment. Although they were caught unprepared, soon, the strong have all arrived, and formed a confrontation with the people of Qin.

 whitebeard was in charge of the One Piece army. In the west, Madara was in charge of Naruto’s army. from the south, there was the Arrancar army, the Shinigami army. In the north, Qin Yi stood at the center of the Council and the main army. the Councilors quickly give orders to command the whole army. In the front, Yhwach and the Wandenreich were waiting.

 The battlefield situation and distribution are clear at this moment.

 This war has already begun, and from the very beginning, it has entered the white-heat stage and made a real fire.

 “Send out drones and quickly find out where their gate is!”

 “I want to hit their hometown!”

 Qin Yi shouted with cold eyes.