The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 88: Madara smash!

In an instant, the latest drone developed by the Academy of Sciences was released by the members of the council.

 These drones are not as big and clumsy as the ones on our earth. Each one is only the size of a fly, and their shapes are made like all kinds of insects.

with no sound and its magical camera can map the 360-degree landscape.

 What’s more surprising is that these drones are extremely fast.

 In the blink of an eye, the drones had already flown far away.

 In the void in front of Qin Yi, the omnidirectional three-dimensional scene quickly emerged, constantly distorted, one by one pictures appeared and disappeared.

 This speed is very fast because the drones travelling to various places were checking and screening the Portal.

 To pull such a large army into Soul Society, there is no doubt that King Chengdui has established the Portal. This is also why Qin Yi launched an attack on Soul Society without hesitation.

 The Portal is the main way for the king to go to the worlds and all realms. At the same time, it was a way for other kings to attack their world.

 The war between the two kings is important, but the strategy of The portal was also crucial.

 Even, it can be said that the Portal is the main road of a country. Once an accident happens, the country will face the disaster of extinction.

 In Hueco Mundo, Qin Yi had already established a portal. This Portal can’t be found by the Kingdom, otherwise, something big could happen.

 In the north, Qin Yi sat in the town, and Yhwach stood in the Shinigami.

 There are four venerable who have already arrived on the battlefield at this time, leading a large-scale combat force, with indifferent eyes, sweeping up.


 Without hesitation, the four venerables directly roared and gave orders.

 Suddenly, the battle shouts shook the sky, and countless dense voices suddenly appeared.

 Yhwach’s pupils contracted, and without hesitation, he directly ordered his subordinates to attack.

Qin Yi was in the center; his eyes were indifferent and calm.

 Compared to other regions, his here is the most important in a certain way and will play a decisive role.

 The other Venerables quickly arrived on the battlefield one by one and gave orders to support the entire battlefield.

 Suddenly, the two sides maintained a balanced condition.

 “There are some strong ones!”

 Uchiha Madara looked down, looking at the Shinigami in front of the Utopia army with indifferent eyes.

 He could clearly feel the powerful aura in these people.

 These strong people of the same rank as them in the enemy country.

 “Let’s begin!”

 Faintly sighed, and Madara swooped down suddenly.

 As he rushed down, there was a figure from Utopia camp who roared suddenly, and soared up, drew his sword to welcome him.

 The speed of both sides was very fast, the front of their bodies cut off the airflow, and then collided together in the air.

 “Bang!” a heavy voice sounded, and a wave of air rolled out.

 Madara had already pulled out a Kunai from his waist, while the Venerable was brandishing his Zanpakuto, his eyes fierce.

 “I’m not familiar with this power yet, but it is really powerful!” The venerable grinned and waved the Zanpakuto again.

 Madara’s expression was indifferent, his eyes turned, and the three Tomoe Sharingan turned into Mangekyō Sharingan.

 “you’re not my opponent, go away!” In the calm words, there is a high look and contempt.

 The venerable was just excited about the power he had gained, but when he heard this evaluation in the next moment, he was raging.  

With a trembling of his Zanpakuto, he was about to release Shikai.  

 But at this moment, when his eyes were raised, he suddenly saw the man on the opposite side, and his eyes turned into Rinnegan.  

 ” Banshō Ten’in!” with an indifferent voice, and Madara raised his right hand.  An incomparably tyrannical force of attraction pulled in, causing Venerable Jian Guo’s body to be out of his own control, and even the Zanpakuto that was about to release Shikai stopped.

 Immediately after the next moment, Venerable Jian Guo had already arrived in front of Madara, face to face with his cold face.

 “You!”  Venerable Jian Guo just uttered a word, and his heart was shaking.

 Looking at the eyes in front of him, Venerable Jian Guo saw the endless indifference and loftiness. It was as if he was facing a god at the moment.  

 ” Shinra Tensei!”

He said, and Venerable Jian Guo immediately saw that his right hand was already three inches in front of his forehead.


 The void trembled at this moment. This tremor wrapped tens of thousands of people around, causing the atmosphere to shatter.

 The shock, repulsion, and violent force slammed on the forehead of Venerable Jian Guo.


 he was dizzy at this moment, and then his eyes turned white, and he quickly fell in the direction where the repulsive force was attacking.

 After a couple of seconds, Venerable Jian Guo was already bleeding, his head was slammed on the ground, splashing a large amount of dust and blood.

 “Your Honor!”

 Many Shinigami nearby reacted and ran over quickly. After seeing the appearance of this venerable, the pupils immediately shrank.

 At this moment, he had lost consciousness, his whole body was twitching unconsciously, and his face was like being smashed by a huge.

 In less than a minute that majestic man with black hair and red armour smashed a Venerable.

 For a while, the rest of the Nobles present narrowed their eyes, and their eyes became serious.

On the other side, the sky is where the whitebeard and his boys are.

 There were nine Noblesfighting here.

 At this moment, Whitebeard was facing two Nobles.

 “Hahaha, refreshing, a strong man in another world, makes the old man feel very excited!” He shouted loudly.

 His white mustache trembled, followed by his two hands clenched into fists, and then he slammed into both sides.

 “Kacha!” The space shattered, and the cracks spread rapidly, reaching nearly tens of thousands of meters, causing the atmosphere and the ground to crack again.

 The two Nobles who attacked him were directly hit by this shock.

 After the whole body was shaken, blood was oozing under the skin and flowing in the nostrils.

 “It’s a vibration!”

 “This old man, he can control the vibration and directly bombard my body with the frequency of the vibration!” The Venerable was terrified and shouted.

 After a couple of seconds, he felt suffocated and weak. his muscles, bones, and cells all over his body seemed to have been fractured apart by that punch, and he had lost his combat effectiveness.

 It is impossible to imagine that at the beginning of the battle, their combat effectiveness could not be compared with Qin State.

 This has simply subverted their positioning of themselves all the time!