The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 89: Strike First!

Growing up all the way, King Chengdui and his world experienced more than Qin Yi, and his experience was more profound.

 The strong men under his command were also warriors who have experienced many battles.

 However, one contact between the two sides led to this scene, which made the people of Utopia and the state of Qin confused.

 In fact, the reason is obvious.

 No matter how experienced, powerful and energetic Chengdui is. Compared with Qin Yi, he has a fatal shortcoming. He knows too little about the world! Unlike Qin Yi, his goal was very accurate from the beginning.

 He knows the plot, background, and even the geniuses of every world. His country has also given these talents the soil to grow up more.

 For example, in the world of Naruto Namikaze Minato, Itachi Uchiha, and others have all experienced hardships again and again. After learning, they have now grown into a star-level five.

 Another example is Jiang Qing, Li Xiaoyao, Lin Yueru, Zhao Linger, and others in the Xianjian world.

 Qin Yi clearly knows the protagonist of every world, he can dig out real talents.

 Chengdui on the other hand took a long way.

 He has experienced many worlds, but many of them are useless.

 Next, the battle continued.

 Qin Yi’s side was advancing almost quickly, Even if the Nobles joined, they still couldn’t stop the pace of Qin State.

 The trinity of military strategists, Qin Yi’s decision-making, and the strength of the army have long been the Legion of the state of Qin. They have plans, awareness, and strength. Even in the war, huge military formations were formed to exterminate the enemy.

 On the other hand, looking at Utopia, the method of warfare is too crude, with three Huge legions. Thirty-six Nobles with elite legions, so what? Who’s in command? What kind of war plan, plan, none!

 Under such circumstances, it is easy to win a normal war if they overwhelm them. However, in the face of such a well-planned, well-prepared, and elite army as the state of Qin.

 How should they fight?

 The situation of the war was beyond everyone’s expectations. The people of the state of Qin didn’t expect that the enemy country was so fragile, and Utopia didn’t expect that it would lose so fast.

 Large-scale wars are not a game of thrones. Chengdui has always been focusing on his position and power, rather than his Kingdom and its Institutions. As a result, he is seriously lacking in this aspect.

 In contrast to the state of Qin, Qin Yi developed administration and military and established the Council and Academy of Sciences. Even if the strength is not strong, the wisdom of people has the same high status.

 Such as Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu, Nara Clan, and so on. The Senate is a huge organization composed of these people with high intelligence, with very high status.

 They don’t go to the battlefield, they make decisions, and they can also lead the final direction of a war.

 Hell, sometimes, even Qin Yi had to listen to the proposal of the Council.

 Utopia’s army was retreating steadily, Chengdui was shocked!

 “Assholes, what are you doing? How can they defeat you? “

 Chengdui stood up abruptly and shouted loudly.

 “The enemy organization is very mobile. It seems that they are ready and calculated every step accurately.”

 “Moreover, the strength of the Qin army is no weaker than ours. It’s very difficult to deal with.”

 A Shinigami reported.  

 “Qin State!!”

 Chengdui’s eyes were cold, and he muttered.  

 The scale of this battle is huge, involving the Human world, and Soul Society. Two sides together, nearly 200 million soldiers were fighting.

At this moment, in Soul Society, only the southern and Northern legions have maintained their balance in the four directions. They have not been defeated, but they have not made contributions. Soldiers were constantly dying.

.  “it’s weird that the north area still doing good against that king!”  Chengdui flickered and began to think.  

 Compared with the other three sides, the northern Legion was very quiet. It’s no surprise that most of the southern legions were the strong ones in Hueco Mundo. But the northern Legion is a group of guys that he had never seen before. What’s more surprising is that the other side’s power seems to be very contrarian to the power of the Shinigami.

 After a while, Chengdui suddenly stood up.  

 ” Aizen, Yasuo.”  He said, calling out two names, his eyes sharp at this moment.  

 “Captain Chengdui,” Aizen replied with a smile.

 On the contrary, Yasuo only glanced up at him, then lowered his head and wiped his scabbard again.

 “You two come with me!”

 Chengdui said solemnly.

 Then he didn’t say much anymore, but took a stride out of this office and headed to the place where Central 46 was located. In the

 In the northern area, Qin Yi looked calm watching the three-dimensional recorded scene in front of him.

 The drones have been almost everywhere in Soul Society, but they didn’t notice any signs of the Portals.

 And in his headphone, the soldiers kept reporting good news, Qin Yi just nodded lightly.

 ” in the West, whitebeard has killed two Nobles, the army is advancing, and we have the absolute advantage!”

 “in the east Uchiha Madara defeated one Noble, and at this moment, he is fighting alone against the three Nobles, and we are striding forward and occupying Advantage!”

 Both legions doing well.

 But this did not surprise Qin Yi, why did he attack decisively and choose the opponent’s home?

 The reason is that the state of Qin has a considerable advantage under the comprehensive combat power. And his goal is not to fight, but to win the king’s world!

 In a world of different dimensions, he has absorbed a lot, but he didn’t annex a king’s world, apart from Li Yuan’s small world which is useless, and now there is a kingdom in front of him tempting him!

 “Give orders and attack with all your strength. I want to see what cards Chengdui has in the end?” 

“If so, let’s play!”

“If not, let him know the difference between us!”

 His eyes were cold, Qin Yi said and the king’s power was boiling.

 “Yes!” the soldier replied, and immediately stepped back.