The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 90: Face Off

Qin Yi ordered, and immediately, a fierce attack that was completely unexpected by Utopia came in instant.

 The Strongmen all over the country suddenly came out, and the army began to retreat steadily.

 The thirty-six Nobles are extremely powerful in the eyes of everyone in Utopia. But at this moment, they encountered an opponent that could beat some of them easily.

 They’ve been defeated in critical positions and many soldiers were falling!          

 When Chengdui walked halfway, the king had heard the news that made him angry.

 In any case, Wang did not expect that after a battle, it would be like this. He was very proud of the three armies, thirty-six Nobles.

 This made him doubt himself and the power of his country. The power of Qin seems to be beyond his imagination. This kind of strength is not the strength of the individual, but the strength that erupts after the integration of many powers into a whole strength.

 This kind of power is beyond his understanding.

 “My king, the army can’t stand it anymore, five of the Thirty-six Nobles have lost their combat effectiveness!”

 The news brought by the soldiers was very bad, which made the king’s face gloomy.

 “So fast, what’s going on at the front line?”

 “This, the enemy’s power, we have never seen, unheard of!” the soldier said bitterly.

Chengdui was puzzled, but he didn’t ask much. After a flash of his eyes, “Yasuo, you go to the front.”

“I want you to annihilate all the strong men of the enemy!”

 “After completing the task, I will give you freedom and personally send you home!”

 At the critical moment, Chengdui made a promise directly.

 The promise made by the king will not be broken. For example, although he is crazy and ruthless on the surface, he is a man of his word.

 “Is a leaf’s only purpose to fall?”

 Yasuo grasped the hilt of the sword, turned, and walked to the place where he came.

 “Remember your promise, otherwise, swear to death, I will defend my glory!”

 He said, and Yasuo had disappeared.

 Frontline Legion on the battlefield.


 As the drones whizzed, they dropped bombs or spewed out sub bombs when they reached the heads of Shinigami, causing huge heat waves and explosions, shooting countless Shinigami.

 Immediately afterward, there was another large sword wheel, covering it, killing the Shinigami instantly.

 Qin’s attack style is really strange, and it’s hard for people to understand. Because they are faced with a new type of strong people who still maintain their world characteristics under the integration of civilizations.

 Under such circumstances, when they are about to be familiar with a new fighting style, they change their style immediately.

 This unpredictable fighting style and method makes the simple and single army of Shinigami unable to react and forced to retreat.

 Qin army almost maintained this speed, striding forward, attacking in four directions, and gradually surrounding the army, so that they could not escape.

 This kind of time has been going on, and the Western army has almost been defeated all the way.

In the face of the earliest established Ninja civilization, the Naruto world was powerful, and it was at the forefront of the state of Qin. Under the leadership of Madara, who has been through many battles and has outstanding ability, he is like a sharp sword, piercing the whole army.

 Among the four directions, the Western Legion was the fastest.  

 “Advance! Dash in! Dash in!”   With a roar, the faces of Qin soldiers were covered with hollow masks.  

 Hollowfication, this method of multiplying combat power is a method that almost every soldier must learn.  

Uchiha Madara stood amid the crowd and moved forward.

 He was at the forefront, the strongest and most ruthless nail in the western legion.

 Along the way, Madara looked indifferent and looked a little bored.

 In his opinion, the strongest Noble rank among the enemies was nothing but a group of rookie chickens whose control power is rudimentary and who can’t even use their new power. After defeating three in a row, he was no longer interested.  

 At this moment, Madara moved forward slowly.

 Every Shinigami, who was close to him, rushed towards him, when he was about to touch him, he would be blown away by an invisible repulsion force.

 This force is very strong, and it will break people into pieces and fall dead instantly.

Suddenly, Madara stopped.

 His eyes slowly raised, and his dark eyes suddenly changed into Mangekyou Sharingan.

 “strong one? finally?”

 His eyes lit up slightly, and he looked forward.

 The dense army of Utopia was endless, and there is nothing special in it. However, Madara knew clearly at this moment that somewhere in front of him, there was a powerful figure coming quickly.

 has an inductive connection between the strong people I guess.

 A minute later, with a sword on his waist and long hair tied, a man appeared.

 “What’s your name!”

 Madara said, his eyes getting brighter and brighter.

 Finally, a Strong man!

 “just a wanderer. There’s no need to know my name.”

 In front of that man, slowly pulled out his sword.

 He walked out slowly and placed himself in the center of the most fierce battle between the two armies.

 Suddenly, Qin soldiers rushed towards him.

Yasuo almost stepped, his body seemed not to move at this moment, just a few distortions, leaving a residual shadow. Before the soldiers of the state of Qin reacted, he had already escaped from their attack range.

 This kind of skill, beyond everyone’s expectation, makes their pupils shrink.

 But Madara knew very well that the man in front of him was very strange!

 He looks fragile, and there is no surging power, and there is no strong aura, but he gave people a very dangerous atmosphere, which is creepy.

In the face of ordinary soldiers, he did not directly kill them, but easily dodged, or hit them where they were not killed, making them lose their mobility.

 Just a couple of seconds later, he stood in front of Madara.

 “I don’t know. Has the leader of the state of Qin ever seen the wind?”