The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 91: Try Hard

Madara was startled, and his face was puzzled. But after that, his pupils shrank.

 Under his gaze, Yasuo’s body began to twist.

fast! The speed of this guy has reached an unimaginable level. He quickly gathered his power and tried to find the trace of the enemy. But even Mangekyō Sharingan cannot catch up at this moment.

“Kenbunshoku Haki!”

 Even using observation Haki couldn’t help him, Madara was shocked, he still couldn’t find the other party’s location.

 “Divine sense!”

 The 360-degree divine sense scanned out, suddenly letting him see an afterimage.

At this time, Madara was surprised to find that the man had already arrived in front of him and he was hitting him with a sword.

 Weird! It’s weird!

 It’s clear that it’s coming from the front, but why couldn’t he find any signs?

 ” Shinra Tensei!” The

 As soon as he was near him, the repulsion force burst out immediately.

 However, Madara was even more shocked.

 The sword was easily cut through the expanding repulsion cover. The repulsion cover trembled, and Yasuo pushed it in the opposite direction with the edge of his sword.

 Unbelievable! It’s totally incredible.

 This fact was a little daunting.

 For many years, Shinra Tensei has never had such a problem.


 After a couple of seconds, the sword cut straight down, pressed the repulsion cover one centimetre in front of his forehead, stopped for a moment, and then blasted his whole body out.

 Madara couldn’t stand it. The power of this sword was unimaginable, and it blasted him out.

 After flying hundreds of meters in a row, Madara stopped steadily on the ground.

 When he raised his eyes, his face was already solemn.

 Just as Utopia’s Army couldn’t understand their power, Madara at this moment couldn’t understand the power of the man in front of him either.

 Obviously, no matter where you look from it, you can’t simply attack. Whether it’s evasion or attack, this man is at the top of the chain.

 “If you can take my sword and not die, you can take it as glory!”

Yasuo slashed down, without beheading Madara, and seemed to feel a little surprised, raised his head and said with a smile.

 Madara’s eyes were cold, and raised his hands suddenly, sealed, and then roared.

 ” Tengai Shinsei!”


The void shuddered, and suddenly there was a meteorite that covered the sky and the sun. It fell with a strong wind and roared toward Yasuo.

 The latter looked up and was surprised to see the meteorite.

 “It’s amazing, people from the outside world can even summon a meteorite! “

 he admired, and he leaped.


 A ray of light emerged from his body. At this moment, no one could see his figure clearly, but after the blink of an eye, his figure had appeared under the meteorite.

“Face the wind!”

 He waved his sword quickly.

 This man’s speed is too fast for everyone to react. But when he looked at the sky again, the man had already scabbarded his sword and was falling to the ground.

 At this time, the huge meteorite in the sky rumbled and shattered, it was divided into countless huge stones, then, it was divided into countless small stones, and then, it turned into dust in the sky.  

 As if a violent wind had blown through, his sword cut all the meteorites away. 

His figure fell to the ground, holding the sword in his right hand, walking slowly towards Madara.  

 “Any other tricks?”  

 “I’m interested in your skills!” Yasuo showed interest and said softly. 

 Madara’s pupils contracted, without saying a word, his hands were sealed again. 

 “Senpo, Meteor, fire sea!” In an instant, the sky suddenly turned red, People from the two armies looked up at the sky in shock.  

 There, red dots suddenly appeared, and immediately after the red dots quickly became larger, the temperature in the air rose and was rising at an extremely fast speed. The blink of an eye already caused the flames to burn in the sky.

 “That’s a meteorite!!”

 ” There are a lot of them!”

 Utopia’s shinigami pointed to the air in shock, and couldn’t help but retreat.

 “It’s really an interesting skill. You have the skill of those guys who call themselves gods!”

 “It’s just I’m much stronger than you!” Yasuo raised his head and sighed loudly.

 With one step, his figure disappeared again, then it shattered into countless paths, each of which appeared quickly to the west of the meteorite, and waved the sword.

 the flames erupted and brilliant blazes appeared.

 After a couple of seconds, the meteorites were gone, and the flames slowly dissipated. Madara’s Senjutsu was easily resolved in this way.

 “Anything else?” Yasuo fell to the ground and said lightly again.

 Madara’s eyes dazzled, and he inhaled suddenly: “Katon, Dragon Flame!”


 Four giant dragons of fire emerged from the void, and fell around Yasuo’s body, roaring towards it.

 “You’re really amusing, dude!” In the flames, Yasuo was looming, and the voice came out.

 But when the fire dragon all rushed to the center, he suddenly disappeared.

 “It’s the same again, his weird way of moving!”

 Madara’s pupils contracted, and he searched around.

 Within a millisecond, he shook his body and looked forward again.

 “Here again!” This time, the other party did not directly attack but appeared ten meters away from him.

 “nice reaction!” Yasuo held his sword, then waved it.

 “Steel Tempest!”

 Immediately, in front of Madara’s eyes, the breeze was blowing, and within an instant, the breeze turns into a gale, and the gale turns into a tornado, in the middle of the wind wrapped with infinite strength, the ground was rolling up, the wind is up to the sky for 100 meters, with a very fast speed to cut him.

 “Can’t escape!”

 Within ten meters, Madara couldn’t escape with such a slash.

 ” Shinra Tensei!” With a loud shout, Madara burst into endless repulsion, trying to counter the blow.

 Suddenly, the two collided, Madara’s pupils shrank and his expression changed dramatically.

 At the same time, above the northern sky.

 The clerks of the Council suddenly stared, and in the front of the stereo image, a huge portal immediately appeared.

 “Utopia portal is in room 46 in the center!!”